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I'd love to see some modern wesper headcanons 😉

oh my god Y E S

- jesper loves making playlists for wylan even though their taste in music is very different (wylan is more into instrumentals and jesper likes catchy, upbeat pop songs that may or may not have some hidden innuendo)
- he also gives them cute titles like “you better work wy!!” which is a car playlist to get wylan going in the morning or “let’s get it wy-on” which ofc is a sexy playlist and wylan gets extremely flustered everytime he sees it (either in one of his work folders or his ipod)
- while we’re on that topic, jesper LOVES to push wylan’s buttons and see him get 150% shades of bright pink
- wylan may be hella rich and everything but i’m ready to bet anything they still live in a small cozy flat and order takeout and drink root beer and cheap wine bc they know the true meaning of money and wy would NEVER let it go to his head like that
- jesper has THE BEST fashion sense… i’m talking reece king realness
- wylan takes after his adoptive father, kaz brekker, and runs his biological trashbag of a father’s, jojo van evil, business like a mothereffin BOSS (which he is but i mean like a pro)
- i have this very vivid image of them playing games on jesper’s playstation
- wylan’s a sore loser and jesper adores his pout more than anything in the entire world bc it makes him look so young and sweet and delicious and he loves to plant kisses on every pissed off wrinkle so in a nutshell wylan may not have won the game but his consolation prize is considerable and paid in full
- wylan used to be shy but now he struts in nothing but jesper’s baggy tshirts and smirks when he sees that flush creep up his gorgeous bf’s neck
- sometimes, when jesper’s gambling addiction gets really bad, wylan takes out a deck of cards his mother painted for him a few years ago - a different crow on the back of each card - and they play until sunrise while jesper’s playlists blast on volume in the background
- jesper orders a dozen of those corny couple tshirts and it starts off as an inside joke between them but people at wylan’s company swear they’ve seen him come to work in a tshirt that says JESPER FAHEY IS MY BOYFRIEND at least twice
- wylan may not be able to read but he LOVES to learn and explore new worlds so audible is the #1 app on his phone
- he listens to books EVERYWHERE  - on the train, in his car, while he makes his coffee in the morning
- sometimes, if the book is really really good and catches jesper’s fancy, he would either record himself reading it and upload the mp3 to wylan’s phone or just read it to him live which is even more fun bc he gets to hear wylan gasp and laugh at certain scenes
- and it makes his heart melt and wylan reddens again when he sees how jesper’s eyes shine for him but it’s okay bc they’re both secretly mushy and /not secretly/ super mega hella in love with each other
- wylan sings to jesper when he’s sick (or loads his favourite movies into one massive netflix playlist so he can entertain himself while he’s at work)
- they probably (definitely) get a dog. or two. or a dozen. wylan’s wary of cats bc some of them are a bit too independent and distant but then he finds a stray cat and immediately takes it in
- like he doesn’t even think about it, he just scoops up the poor rascal and takes it home for a bath and a nice meal… and next thing you know, wylan’s filling out pet passports and health cards
- jesper sends flowers to wylan’s mother every week in case her son is too busy and pays her visits (even on his own) every friday
- he reads her the same stories he reads to wylan at home so sometimes he comes back smiling and says to wylan “your mom recommends it too”
- for all of jesper’s endless, tireless flirting, they really like to just cuddle and lie pressed against each other for HOURS
- every once in a while wylan would unbutton his business shirtTM if it gets too hot in the office and there’d be a constellation of hickeys