Hi guys! :D i was having exams since last week and i barely touch my pc, and now the exam is over. 

so i just want show this little thing that i made yesterday cause i was bored. i’m not good at meshing and texturing, so sorry if it looks very bad and weird. :) and i use @lumialoversims body mesh for this.

i’ll be back making my unfinished kylie’s hair and try to finish it ASAP.

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Students getting threatened for wearing Kaepernick jerseys.

Just proving the point every time they do this. Stay strong! #Love it! 


“At the end of the day, I know what I’m doing is right and I’m doing it for the right reasons, so whatever the reaction or backlash or any of those things are, I feel comfortable with because I know what I’m doing is right.” ~  Colin Kaepernick

It is a scary thing that an image of a gun being pointed at a human being by another human being is sold and worn by anyone…  

His actions have done more to expose the true scope of racism in this country than any poll, study, or scholarly article ever could. Go to the comments section of any article or post concerning his protest and they are filled with people falling all over themselves to spew their hate. It is as sad a time for America.