Tessa and Scott fanfic - Border crossing/Elope story

Scott slowed the velocity of the car as they were reaching the small line of cars that was ahead of them. He then turned to Tessa and smiled. “Nervous?” He asked, raising his eyebrows, as she looked up to him.

“Kind of. We’ll get used to it soon I guess.” She hesitated a bit towards the end of the sentence and he took one of his hands to her knee and squeezed it slightly, trying to be encouraging and making sure she felt comfortable. “It’ll be fine, okay? We’re together.”

Tessa grinned and covered his hand with hers as they moved forwards in the line, getting closer to crossing the border. It was going to be easy, they had already crossed it with their parents before and it shouldn’t be so different. Besides she had the permission note to show anyone who might ask questions.

She let go of his hand and pulled her hair away from her face and stared at Scott because, knowing he was there, made her feel much more comfortable, protected. He reminded her of home and that was all she needed right then.

When they finally were stopped and the policeman approached their car, Tessa took a deep breathe and let Scott speak for both of them.

“Where are you going, sir?”
“Canton, Michigan.”
“What for, if I may ask?”
“Training, we compete in ice dancing.”

Scott sounded so confident, yet the police officer didn’t seem to be convinced.

“How old are you two?”
“She’s 16 and I’m 18.”
The man gave them a look before opening his mouth again. “You sure you aren’t going to Las Vegas to get married there? Because if you are, the recommendation is that you turn around and go back because if you don’t and try to go to Vegas and elope, you’ll end up having to face some real bad consequences and you don’t want that.”

Tessa looked away and took a hand to her face as she inhaled deeply again. Why did everyone have to think they were dating! They did, yes, but that was like 10 years ago and they were best friends now, but that was it.
She felt Scott’s eyes on her and she wondered if they were ever going to be more than friends. She knew all her friends talked about how hot he was and what they’d do if they were in her place. She knew it, in fact she did consider him hot, and it felt nice to hug him and be close to him, but did they really look like a couple?

Scott couldn’t stop looking at her, so beautiful and looking all nervous. Why did everyone think they were dating? He didn’t know, they were just friends who happened to share an incredibly special bond but, surely, they weren’t romantically involved. She was a gorgeous girl, yes, and he did acknowledge how pretty she was but that was it. When his friends talked about Tessa, he just ignored them because that was it, right?

Of course, Tessa reacted first and handed Scott her parent’s note and he quickly gave it to the police officer who read it through and then glared at them for a few more minutes before giving Tessa the note back. “You can proceed.” He mentioned as he stepped back.

Scott started the car and as they drove away from the border, he decided to speak. “Next time we should say we’re already married and see the officer stare at us really confused.”
Tessa laughed instantly and squeezed the hand he had held out for her. She did feel at home when it was them against the world.

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perf, thank you! Here's another one :) Klaine, AU where they are penpals

Blaine looks down at the envelope in his hands, excitement bubbling in his gut at the sight of Kurt’s familiar handwriting. It’s been such a long time since he last got a letter from Kurt, but the wait between each letter makes it all the more exciting.

He’s so eager to read what Kurt has written that his fingers fumble with the envelope, losing grip of it a few times before he finally gets it open, but once it is open, he pulls the letter out and unfolds it with no finesse, biting his lip to stop himself from grinning.

Kurt’s letter contains stories of his childhood, of the mother that’s no longer around and the father that works so hard to raise a good kid, stories of singing and friendship, and of the glee club that sticks by him through everything.

It’s signed with Love, Kurt, and when Blaine finishes the letter, he reads it again, and again, over and over until the words start to blur together. He loves having a penpal more than anything else in the world.

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Kurtbastian, Pride Week :)

Sebastian slung his arm over Kurt’s shoulders, pulling him close and pressing a sloppy kiss to his cheek. Their chests are bare, painted in rainbows and phrases like taken by him and sucks his cock daily, with arrows pointing towards each other. 

“I still can’t believe you made me come to the queer parade,” Sebastian grumbles, even as he forces a grin and waves at people he recognised.

Kurt just smirks, glancing over at him knowingly and draping an arm around his waist. “Please, you love it.”

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matthew morrison/darren criss in a sex factory

If you asked Darren how he ended up standing in a factory next to Matthew Morrison with scary-looking dildos of various sizes and colours passing him on a conveyor belt, he honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you.

This entire day has been a blur for him, and he’s pretty sure his brain stopped functioning properly as soon as he stepped inside the building and realised where he was.

And if you asked Darren why his knees buckled when Matt leaned over and asked him whether or not he thought the toy in his hands would fit inside him, well, he’d dig his own grave before he admitted that.