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Geoff and his fatherlyness. Like Reader did something or is going to do something really stupid, and he's being really protective.

“You shouldn’t be doing that you know,” Geoff called meekly over to you. Across the room, you were stood on top of a rolling chair with a baseball bat, eagerly awaiting to hit a piñata dangling from a rod Gavin held extended up to you. It was a stupid game that you were fully aware to be stupid, but it was too fun not to partake in it. Gavin was your friend, and you did stupid shit like that all the time. Geoff for whatever reason just didn’t seem to be as calm about you doing it today as he normally was.

“You’re on a rolling chair,” he explained, pointing as if it were the most obvious issue in the world to the wheels below you. “Also, Gavin, you and I both know that as soon as {Y/N} whacks the hell out of that thing, which we all know they will, it is going to fall and hit you smack dab in the face. Honestly guys, are you trying to kill yourselves? I can’t be that bad of a boss to work for.”

You giggled, dropping the bat to get down and follow Geoff’s orders. “You’re not a bad boss, but you’re definitely some kind of dad.” 

“I am not being a dad to you two,” Geoff yelled in his defense. Gavin chuckled alongside you, also backing down. 

“Whatever you say Dad,” he replied, sending you a wink. It only made you laugh more, infuriating Geoff.

Fuck you guys,” Geoff grumbled, “I’ll let you just fall on the ground then. Break your neck, assholes.”

You locked eyes with Gavin. In perfect harmony, you both turned to Geoff and gave the two words that made Geoff’s patience snap, and his voice go high in frustration.

Okay, Dad.”

Hey Guys

So what up, uh I haven’t written in a long time and I’m gonna be writing again but I want to like start doing my layouts differently.

For those who want tsf or short fics I’ll just write it as the answer. Basically how I do it now

For those who want a long fic, I’ll copy and paste the question or screenshot it. So I can write the fic on a new post and actually give the fic a name, word count warnings, etc.

What do you guys think?

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can I get some cute fluff w Ryan that involves like. him playing with the readers hair while their watching tv or something thanks

“Jimmy Fallon is amazing.”

Twirling a strand of your hair into a perfect curl beside you, Ryan hummed and acknowledged you from behind his book. Nightly, it became common that you would watch TV while Ryan read a book and played with your hair. When the two of you would grow tired, he would pick you up and carry you up to bed, where you would tuck yourself in and wait for Ryan to join before cuddling up to him and finally succumbing to sleep. Tonight was no different of a night, and Ryan could tell the moment you began speaking about Jimmy Fallon’s talent, you were on your way out.

“He’s just so cool,” you told him, yawning loudly. Ryan smiled, dropping your now curled hair in order to flip the page in his novel.

“What’s so cool about him, dear?”

“I mean the dude can sing,” you continued, holding your arm out dramatically at the TV to prove your point. “He’s hilarious as hell. I love him.”

Setting his book to the side, Ryan cast his gaze down to you and waited until you noticed him to speak. “Do you love him more than me?”

You laughed sleepily. “Noooo, silly! I could never love him more than you. He doesn’t give good hugs like you, or kiss like you, or talk to me all the time like you, or tuck me in at night like you. Don’t you ever think he or someone could be better. Because they can’t.”

“He also isn’t a pro at hair twirling like I am.”

You giggled and rubbed Ryan’s arm, kissing it softly. “Damn straight. Now, take me to bed. He also isn’t keeping me awake tonight, and I want some cuddles.”

Ryan grinned. “Gladly.”

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Tsf of James morning sex?

The constant roll of his hips against your rear had finally woken you, making you very aware of the erection sliding between your cheeks; James was already awake and wanting you.

“James,” you moaned as he began to turn your body to face him, eager to get started. “It’s so early.”

“I’m sorry, darling,” he whispered as he positioned his face between your legs. “I promise I’ll put you back to sleep right after… If you’re a good girl.”

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Hi! Would you be able to write some Miles fluffy sin? I've hit another Miles craze...<3 You!

Welcome to Miles hell lol <3 love you too fam!

“You’re really cute,” Miles said between pressing kisses to your abdomen amongst your giggles. “Every time I kiss you here…laughter. It’s adorable.”

You blushed, turning your face into your pillow to hide your reaction from him. “I’m ticklish there, Miles. I-I can’t help it!”

Miles kissed you more. He watched your little squirms, your quirky laughter with every kiss, and loved it. Everything about you in this most vulnerable state made him fall more in love with you. It made him want to never do anything more. 

That’s when his lips traveled a bit further, below the waist. You squirmed again, only this time without a giggle to accompany it. Miles approved of the noise that replaced it much more, and rewarded it with a few kisses to your inner thigh.

“That noise was cute too,” he whispered, just loud enough for you to hear. “And you know what? Maybe a little sexy. I wonder…I wonder if it’s as easy to bring back as your giggles if I pay you a bit more attention there.”

You shivered. However Miles planned to do get this sought after information, you were eager, and very willing, to help him find out.

Imagine Kit getting you pregnant...

request:  Can you do a pre asylum kit imagine where you and him have been trying for a baby for ages and you finally get pregnant??

Originally posted by satanic-beauty

Happy tears falls through your cheeks as the doctor gives you and Kit the news. You are pregnant. All that nausea now is making sense, and you couldn’t be happier.

“We finally got it, Kit!” You both smile dumbly, both of you with teared eyes as you hug each other tightly. “After three years trying, we will finally have our little seed.” 

“ I never felt so happy in all my life,” Kit dry some of his tears and kiss your lips, caressing your belly. “Now you’ll have two kids to take care of, mommy.”

Imagine Your First Kiss w/ Jimmy...

request: you are so sweet and appreciative and you should know we love you!!! maybe we could have a tsf of the first time jimmy kisses the reader?

a/n: i love you all so much, thank you


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“So anyway, I’m so excited to see the film because the novel was absolutely captivating-”  You ramble on, Jimmy smiles wide, he loves it when you get enthusiastic.

Jimmy cuts you off, smashing his lips against yours and dipping you with his strong arms, leaving you in a daze.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that”

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Tsf of Kit morning sex?

“Good morning, little spoon,” he whispered when you finally woke, his hair a mess from the previous night.

“Good morning,” you smiled, pushing closer against him and then getting surprised at the stiff pressure against your rear.

“Sorry, baby,” Kit groaned, dry humping against you despite his embarrassment, but you quickly threw your hips back in return, making him sure enough to continue.

Imagine Kyle being fixed and Madison being pissed off...

request: oh yeah how about post death Kyle (but after fiona “fixes” him" and Madison is being annoying and jealous

Originally posted by witchcrafts

“Oh look, your little lap dog can talk now, call the fucking presses,”  Madison rolls her eyes at you and tosses her cigarette on the ground, stomping it out as if to make a point.

Holding a little tighter to Kyle’s rough hand you say, “You’re just mad because he picked me, your giant ego can’t comprehend that you are just a mean bitch.”

For a moment you think you see real hurt register on her face, but it’s quickly replaced with an evil sneer, “Go to hell.”

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tsf on taking a romantic (later turning to smut) bath with james?

James had ended up moving his hand from your spine to your neck, lathering the soap on your skin but lowering down your chest.

Soon he had wrapped his arm around you so that he could pull you closer, his erection pressed against your lower back; the water splashed against the sides of the tub as his hands wandered.

“May I?” he asked as he rocked his hips against your rear, his breath hot on your neck. 

Welcome To The Family - TSF

A/N: no timelines, no canon. Bruce and Clark are getting married I guess. I don’t know what this is but it’s based on that amazing and wonderful Superman #10 cover.


As soon as the announcement was made, Dick bursts into cheers. Cass clapped, Steph and Kara high-fived, and Jason snorted, “Well about damn time.”

They didn’t see Tim and Conner’s reactions. They didn’t really care either.

Instead, as Dick and the girls demanded to see the rings, and Jason exclaimed that this situation called for alcohol, Damian and Jon could only look at each other.

“So. Does this mean your dad is gonna be my dad?” Jon asked. “And my dad is going to be your dad?”

“I…” Damian frowned, tried to think. “I guess.”

“And…you’re gonna be my brother?”

Damian’s frown deepened. He shrugged.

“Hm.” Jon looked back towards their fathers, who were kissing, again. “So what do you think?”

“I think…” Damian looked down, and Jon knew his friend well enough to know it was in embarrassment. “Well, I mean, I suppose…there are worse people out there, who I could be forced to call my brother.”

Jon looked back at him, blinked, then broke into a gap-toothed grin.

“Yeah.” He smirked, reaching out and locking Damian into a headlock as he rubbed his fist again Damian’s hair. Damian struggled for a moment before giving up to the noogie with a groan. “You’re not so bad to be called brother either, bird brain.”

Damian, surprisingly, just laughed.

Imagine sharing Kit with Grace...

request:  Could I request a tsf of reader & grace bertrand being somewhat best friends in the asylum and agreeing to share kit as they both fall in love with him please?<3 I love you and your blog, keep up the good work! xx

a/n: That’s so nice from you <3 It means a lot to me that you appreciate my blog, and I’d love to talk to you <3

Originally posted by grace--bertrand

You and Grace have been arguing for almost fifteen minutes about who was going to get that Kit guy. When you had it all, you gestured “stop” with your hand and a smirk played on your lips.

“I have a better idea,” Grace holds an intrigued expression and you approaches her even more, so you can whisper in her ear. “What if we shared him? I wouldn’t mind being in a threesome with you, actually, I find you fucking hot, Grace.” Grace blushes lightly and you rested your back against the chair again. Her emberessement quickly broke into a grin.

“(Y/N), you are such a filthy little slut..” She chuckles and kisses your lips. “I’m afraid that Kit will have to accept that you are mainly mine..”

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May I super pretty please have a TSF of Dandy eager to have sex but trying to slow himself down to comfort his virgin bride on their wedding night? <3 <3 <3

He held fistfulls of your dress, the lace crumpled in his sweaty palms as he slammed his hips against your rear. 

Dandy grunted progressively louder but with each mewl from you, he knew he had to be gentle and comforting like a gentleman should.  

Though every inch of his being wanted to drive into you until he released, he slowed down enough to make you moan his name in gratitude, however, he mentally promised himself he would take you again later. 

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Can I have some Jon fluff where he cuddles the reader and also sketches her or takes candid photos or does a periscope/Facebook live where reader keeps giggling and hiding her face and just altogether being adorable and lovely?

“Hello Facebook,” Jon said proudly, earning a giggle from you shortly after. “I’m here with a little friend of mine named {Y/N]. You may see her next to me, trying not to let me cuddle her-”

“Stop that,” you teased. You squealed as he pulled you closer, smothering you in a sloppy, silly kiss. He nuzzled your cheek before turning to grab his camera. 

“I’ve decided that today is a camera day, and I just got this new lens-”

The camera clicks, making you jump in surprise. “Did you…take a pic already?”

“Candid pics babe,” Jon said with a wink. “Don’t worry, we look cute together.”

“You’re such a nerd,” you said with a shake of your head. Going in for a kiss, Jon chuckled and gazed at the comments. 

“I say we save that for the end of this stream,” he spoke, “because if not, we might just kill our entire audience from cuteness.”

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153 with Madison I love these cute little fic-lets they are so adorable!!!

Thanks so much! I love writing them <3

153. “I’m flirting with you.”

You rubbed you’re hand up and down James’ arm for what seemed like the millionth time, your subtle flirting techniques obviously not landing. You could feel his muscles tense under your touch as you spoke up.

“You know I’m flirting with you, right?” You couldn’t help but laugh at the absolute shock that flashed across his face. With all the touching and giggling and subtle compliments you could have swore you were being obvious.

“I uh.. I-You, like me back?” James managed to stutter out, you could feel him ease into the touch of your hand that was still resting on his arm. You rolled your eyes and smiled, leaning in to give him a gentle kiss on the lips.

“For someone so smart, you’re really dense.” You said before leaning back in for another kiss.

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May I request a cuddly fluffy Adam Kovic x Reader?

You giggled to yourself as you watched Adam descend the stairs in a cat kigurumi you had gotten him, loving every moment of the fact he was trying to hide how pleased he was with it.

The catch was it matched your pink one, making you grin further as you tugged him on to the sofa and instantly cuddled into his side, pleased with yourself.

“God you’re so pleased…I love it.” Adam commented, a smile forming on his lips towards the end and wrapped you up in his embrace, kissing your temple.