A Personal Hero

I know I’m hardly the first person to say this, but Spoony is a personal hero of mine, for a lot of reasons.  He’s part of the reason why I keep trying when it comes to my irregular videos and live streams, and more regular writing.

At the same time, though, watching his stuff makes me self-conscious about my own, and I start to think that my best stuff will never be as good as his worst, and it makes me doubt how badly I want to keep working at it.


Sorry this blog hasn’t been as active as I’ve wanted it to be. A few RL things got in the way. But since the other Sister Sites have been having success with Theme Weeks, I’ve decided to do them here. 

Of course I had to change some things around, but here are the weeks.

9/29- 10/5 First Spoony Experiment Video

10/6-10/12 Favorite Character

10/13- 10/19 Favorite TSE Review

10/20- 10/26 Favorite Counter Monkey

10/27-11/2 Scariest TSE Moment

11/3- 11/9 Favorite Sketch 

11/10-11/16 Favorite Crossover

11/17-11/23 Favorite Vlog

11/24- 11/30 Most Heartwarming Moment

I’ve been a fan of Noah’s since his “Phantasmagoria!” days and I honestly dig everything he’s done. He was the first internet reviewer that I got into and without him I wouldn’t have heard of Brad Jones or Lewis Lovhaug. 

The Counter Monkey series has been great for me as someone who hasn’t been RPing their whole lives and only got into it once I got to college. I understand that sometimes things can delay his projects and stuff (he’s always had an issue with sticking to schedules hahaha) but I still enjoy all his work. While I do miss his Let’s Plays and hope he does more in the future, I still very much dig his Black Hole continuation. 

Also, it’s great when he and Miles review things in Vlogs, Oreo is adorable, and he and April are a very cute couple. It’s great to see him so happy after the bad times. It’s like he has a whole new lease on life- and bitching about goofy stuff.

Part of me hopes that Noah and April will look for a place to live in the Twin Cities so that there can be more Spoony Experiment/Atop the Fourth Wall crossovers.


I think they’re trying to find a place in Illinois from what I’ve gathered but I could be wrong. Still, Minnesota isn’t too far away.