Malac'ra is my oldest Dragonborn on the PS3 (seen here remade on the PC) and most accomplished, well-rounded, highest-leveled character to date. She began her career as a thief and an assassin, eventually building her strength until she could become a lithe, stealthy warrior. She can take on foes of any size without fear with her swords, or silently fell her prey with a well-aimed arrow from a distance.

She dual-wields the scimitars Bloodscythe and Soulrender and wears a full set of Dragonscale armor. Also among her favorite weapons is a Dragonbone Bow. She forges all her own gear (where applicable, of course).

After many travels, Malac'ra finds herself at the top of the ranks of all of Skyrim’s guilds. She once even impersonated a mage just to gain access to Labyrinthian and the dragon priest mask hidden inside. She also finds herself among the top ranks of the Imperial Legion. She currently lives with her housecarl and bard in a homestead in Falkreath after a falling out with her wife.

She is the oldest among her siblings (Do'khar, Ri'jhad, and Madijah), and she is usually in charge. Malac'ra is calm and collected, but can be cold and calculating. She thinks little of those she must kill to make a living, and has no qualms about theft. Unlike her twisted little sister Madijah, she finds little joy in killing; Malac'ra believes it is merely business as usual. Over time she has become more callous and detached because of her violent life in Skyrim.


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