even the version of me that you made up was a better person than you were

all the vile, horrible things you drew about me (where i was weirdly sexualized, domineering and controlling my fiancée like a dog, spitting and screaming at you while you ‘defended’ my partner and covered her ears- you even drew me dead, in the same shirt i was wearing when we met, mutilated. really?) the pictures meant to demean me and my relationship because of your petty jealousy, are now nothing more than small friendly reminders that i’m not like that. i’m not the person you tried to turn me into, despite demonizing me (publicly and privately) for years.

for months on end, i had your vicious drawings rubbed in my face, and i couldn’t do anything to fight back because you had already done so much damage. i was too scared to stand up for myself and my relationship after you tore away all possible support from under my feet. we all made mistakes during those years, but it’s hard to believe that the things you posted with 'I’ll kill you’ 'I hate her’ 'Die’ were about anyone but me and everything you thought i did wrong.

despite how much you wanted me to fail, i’m happy, and i’m getting through life without you. here i am, still living, creating, and loving myself, my fiancée, and my friends. my biggest revenge! haha

this is something i’ve wanted to talk about openly about for a long time, but it’s hard recovering from someone who tried so hard to tear you down, who got so much pleasure from hurting you for so long; but it’s funny– they had to lie and deceive others to try and get them away from me, and all they had to do was be themselves to be seen for what they were :^3


oh oop i finished painting over this old sketch a while back n never posted it…. it was lots of fun!!!! i haven’t done anything complex like this 4 a little bit so it was great to put a lot of detail into the background :9c

my ocs tsero and domeniq in the beginning of their story ;)))) who of course both start out naked. good


a lil sequence of tsero like. going into battle mode B) i love this particular story of mine a lot, ITS A SHAME IT DOESN’T BELONG TO A BETTER STORYTELLER

just a note tho i’d rather ppl not use my ocs for things before at least asking me, ty!