While you are putting the final touches on your schedule for San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), you’d be all kinds of crazy to miss the Cartoon Hangover: Bee and PuppyCat and Friends panel slated for Thursday, July 24, 5:30-6:30p! The panel will feature Natasha Allegri, creator of Cartoon Hangover‘s Bee and PuppyCat, which is the most successful crowdfunded animated series ever, as well as the cast and crew, including Ally Rachel (voice of Bee), Kent Osborne (voice of Deckard), Efrain Farias (art director), Becky Dreistadt (character designer), Frank Gibson (writer & voice of Wallace), Madeleine Flores (writer), Hans Tseng (designer), and moderated by Frederator VP/Development, Eric Homan.

Wait - there’s Much More!

The Cartoon Hangover: Bee and PuppyCat and Friends panel will also showcase Cartoon Hangover’s new short Manly, which premieres next week, and a discussion with its creators Jesse Moynihan and Justin Moynihan.

But that’s not all folks!

The voice of Bravest Warriors Catbug, Sam Lavagnino, will be signing autographs Friday, July 25 at 10a and again at 1p at Viz Media’s Booth (#2813 on the main show floor).

An episode of Cartoon Hangover’s  Bravest Warriors, directed by Breehn Burns, creator of Dr. Tran and director of Bravest Warriors, will be one of 35 films screened as part of the Sick & Twisted Gauntlet of Animation live voting festival on Friday, July 25 at 9:30p (room 6BCF).

Breehn Burns will also sign autographs at the Spike and Mike booth (#1536) on Saturday, July 26, 2-3:30p.

Check the SDCC schedule for updated information, including signings for Natasha Allegri.

Have fun everyone - and do’t forget to tell us what/who you saw and what you got!




A ringing in his ears woke him up from his drug induced slumber. Sweat dripping off his forhead as he sat up from his living room couch. The ringing was there again, louder, more distinct. It seemed almost angry with him.

Needles, and razors, and specks of leftover powder cluttered his coffee table. The word addiction not even beginning to cover what mess he had made of his life. He wanted more. And more. And more. Until he actually needed it to keep the withdraw shakes at bay. The ringing, oh god, where is it coming from?

He snapped himself out of his hazy daydream, realizing his phone was going off. Ringing and ringing and ringing. He didn’t want to answer it. Knowing who would be on the other side of the line. Knowing that he missed work today. Knowing that if he uttered a single word to his superior, he would know how much of a drugged up mess he became.

The voicemail finally answered his prayers, and it beeped at him to let him know Tseng left a message. Deleting it without bothering to listen, he went through the texts that were waiting in his inbox. Rude. Rude. Elena. Rude. Tseng. Removing them one by one.

He didn’t care. He just wanted to be left alone. Wanted to rot in his apartment with narcotics in his bloodstream. Taking out a cigarette and lighting it between his lips, he dumped out a lonely pill he had stashed away inside the pack.

It was a ritual to him at this point. Crush the pill. Line out the pill. Snort the pill. It tasted like stale dirt and he smiled as the effects took over his mind.

A new text popped up on his phone, and he read it. Nothing more scared the shit out of him than that lonely little text. Embarassed. Disappointed. Angry. He didn’t know how to feel, or what to feel at this point, but he knew he couldn’t fake his way out of it this time.

“I’m coming by. You better be home,” was all Tseng wrote.

He nodded off before remembering to lock his door.

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21. What is more important than money? Freedom. Without even having to think about it twice.

14. What is your guilty pleasure? Guilt is a concept which is rather foreign to me, but okay, here is one thing that I usually don’t brag about : I like listening to Enka music a lot when nobody’s around.

4. Are there any traits you dislike in others? Narrow mindedness. People judging others because of the way they live.

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I like to confuse people 8)


I used to work at an Aged Care facility and it went into receivership, the woman running the company was misappropriating funds into one of her other companies and yeaaaahhh. Lots of drama happened. After it closed none of us thought we’d get our entitlements (holiday leave/long service), payment in lieu of notice (we weren’t told the place was shutting down until the last possible moment) and redundancy (we weren’t fired, the place was shutting down so obviously workers were no longer needed).

These are massive payments considering the years some of the workers had put into the place. But 6 months later we’re actually getting them!

Hard to explain the stresses of that time: working for a whole month without being paid, never being told the truth until someone comes to tell us the place is closing, moving elderly residents to other facilities when none of them wanted to leave. It felt like a kick in the teeth and I think you’ll understand why after all that had happened no one thought we’d get paid out, especially with it taking so long.


Christmas is completely different for me now SOMEONE POUR ME A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE STAT