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300(+) Are Controlled with Fear

I kept debating about doing one of these. But I am humbled by the amount of wonderful writers that are around me. When I came to Tumblr 7 months ago I never would have guessed I’d be where I am now. I have an army of followers that have flourished my character progression in ways I could only dream. I’ve been rping for a long time, it is in my blood and this community has been nothing but a Godsend when it comes to quality writing.

To everyone that follows me, THANK YOU. You have been the driving force that keeps my fingers typing along the keyboard. Rufus is one complex character and he’s been swimming in my blood since ‘06. My love for him has only grown deeper within the last 7 months and you have helped me with that immensely.

To those that I never interacted yet, I still see you and appreciate you all the same. You follow me for a reason and all I can say is I’m grateful.


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