https://www.etsy.com/listing/163945632/sock-yarn-magic-yarn-ball-mini are live in the Etys store now and I’ll be giving away 5 of them!

The rules are simple; All you have to do to enter is reblog this post AND tag it Tselliotwashere (This makes it easier for me to track) THEN, once you receive your ball, please put up some photos on tumblr (Not required, but I’d appreciate it)

What is a magic yarn ball? A ball of yarn with treasures hidden inside! Anything from cable needles to stitch markers to needle caps are wrapped up. These balls are sock minis, perfect for the bee keepers quilt, and include 5+ items.

Contest ends 10/5/2013


Look what finally got here! I had to go to the post office and pay for the postage (in the lovely 31F cold at eight in the morning, ack) but my magic yarn ball from TSElliotWasHere has arrived! The purple packaging was a surprise, and the note was a nice touch — there’s a business card that I forgot to photograph as well.

The yarn itself is nice, what appears to be a variegated ply spun together with a much thinner white one. Not sure what I’m going to make out of it — maybe a bookmark? I’m excited to so I can see what that little blue thing sticking out the side actually is (tentacle?!)

MYB Update

has anyone received theirs yet? I’ve received 2 messages that they’re not there yet.They were shipped last Monday (After I finally received everyone’s addresses.) Our post office is notoriously slow (we live in the Middle of no where) but it’s odd no one’s received theirs yet. If you still haven’t gotten them by Friday I’ll ship out a new batch from the office in the next county.