tse tse fly


Sleeping sickness is a slow killer. National borders are not recognized by the tsetse fly; the parasite criss-crosses the forest and will happily migrate with either flies or humans and continue to infect new people and new areas.

MSF has significantly reduced the number of sleeping sickness cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo through a mobile screening and treatment unit. Barrie Rooney, a laboratory scientist in DRC, talks about our work and the bold challenge MSF has taken on of eliminating the threat from this parasite: Read more.


Reports are still coming in but here are the facts we’ve verified at FIJMU:

  • Welcome to Nightvale has cancelled.
  • The game room only has one video game system and one television.
  • The two are not connected.
  • Under 500 people showed up.
  • The hotel does not have wi-fi.
  • People playing in the ball pit have complained of itching.
  • The $17,000 raised at the last minute has been spent on cocaine.
  • Nash Grier is filling in for Welcome to Nightvale.
  • Former supporters are protesting and picketing the entrance.
  • Two cosplayers have died of boredom, several other hospitalized.
  • Nash Grier has been shot.
  • Two more Nash Griers have grown back in his place, and they’re terrorizing the game room.
  • People who played in the ball pit have reported growing new appendages.
  • There are now four Nash Griers. Participants have been asked to stop shooting them but more and more keep coming.
  • George Lucas has cancelled.
  • Water quality is low, more itching is reported.
  • Germany has defeated Brazil 7-1.
  • Those complaining of itching are now quarantined.
  • The quarantine zone does not have wi-fi.
  • Reports of theft are at a record high for the USA since the Great Thieving of 1807.
  • The MRA table has been burned to the ground, there are smouldering fedoras everywhere.
  • The band “The Smouldering Fedoras” has cancelled.
  • Welcome to Nightvale has been caught in bad weather exiting the convention.
  • The “Dash” in DashCon has been stolen.
  • There are now over 128 Nash Griers stampeding in the game room.
  • The itching has become a burning. Heat upon Heat. But the Gom Jabbar is at our necks we cannot withdraw!
  • Jessica Alba has cancelled.
  • The ball pit was apparently filled with the eggs of the giant tse-tse fly.
  • A horde of Griers is now fighting the hatched giant flies.
  • Yet the convention is still boring as watching paint dry.
  • The drying paint has cancelled.
  • The convention has been declared the best in tumblr history.

More news as it comes. And now the weather.


  • Welcome to Nightvale is now suing FIJMU.

Fighting Neglected Disease Sleeping Sickness in South Sudan

Sleeping sickness has been a major health problem in South Sudan for the last century. Transmitted by the tse tse fly, it can be fatal if left untreated. Over a ten-week period, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) mobile teams based in Kajo Keji traveled to remote villages where patients have little access to medical care, screening over 37,000 people for the disease and providing treatment to 

bewitched starters
  • I think you're just noticing it for the first time.
  • Just because you chose to be a cow doesn't mean you have to be a stupid one
  • You see, everything turns out for the best.
  • I know why you don't want to let me in there.
  • I'd certainly call them a bizarre committee.
  • That was no lady, that was my mother-in-law!
  • I'm leaving you.
  • I'm going home to mother.
  • What do you mean "going home to mother"? Your mother's always here.
  • Personally, I think she should see a plastic surgeon.
  • Believe me honey, I don't feel bad. As a matter of fact, I feel great.
  • Oh, pardon me.
  • A satisfactory explanation?! You're kidding!
  • I trust you implicitly, in spite of my doubts
  • Suppose you explain to me what gives your mother the right to bug my telephone calls.
  • Happy sweetheart?
  • Let's see. I've got a beautiful wife. Lovely daughter. Comfortable home. Good job. I guess I'm reasonably happy.
  • I would be ecstatically happy if you were an orphan!
  • Another remark like that and I'll be a widow.
  • I thought you and mother were getting along rather well lately. You were almost on speaking terms.
  • Fortunately for you, I don't offend easily.
  • I don't believe it. In our living room, in person, sits Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • You're the only living human being who can say he's had Napoleon Bonaparte as a guest in his house. It's ironic.
  • Is this one of those things that's called a problem?
  • This is one of those things that's called a catastrophe.
  • You have all the charm of a tse-tse fly.
  • I think he's dynamite.
  • Have you ever heard of the syndrome peculiar to mortal men? The seven year itch? Seven years marriage and it's off with the old and on with the new.
  • That's a pretty squirrely couple
  • Are you challenging me?
  • Children need love and understanding. Without it, they sometimes become overly aggressive and turn into bullies.
  • Why is it that I feel like the fox thats been cornered by the chicken!?


Richard Lee Fulgham
“Invisible praise” Yustas has the trickster genius of an Andy Warhol and the nerve of a Tse Tse fly. He laughs but he bites too. I wish I knew him — he’s the on top nonartist of todayland. Funny thing, though — I already have several invisible paintings hanging on my wall. I gaze at them for hours and hours.
Paul Jasini done ‘em perhaps, eh Yustas? Anyway, you get four stars for genius from me.
Astonishing and extraordinary approach to this absurd word — and I am the philosopher of the absurd now that Camus is worm food.“

James writes: “I become more curios about Jaisini after re-reading your work and decided to search the Internet to see what I came up with…”