People of South Wales - any help would do, bedding, that extra shampoo bottle you bought because it was disgustingly cheap, cushions, hoodies, jeans, tops, literally anything that is still in decent condition. Would mean a lot to someone who has nothing. Message me on fb if you can help. #swansea #cardiff #swanseamet #tsdsu #swanseauni


Just epic! #Tsdsu open mic best night of the year! #tune
#guitar #music #songs (at Trinity St. David Student Union)

The Painting of the Welfare Office (Part 1)

Today is the day that me and my housemates (all loyal students) undertook the effort of painting my office.

Now, to show the true genius of this, this little square is roughly the colour the walls used to be.

This, my dears, is the paint we used today

So, we painted the front office (me and my three helpers)

Paul was on general wall duty, and standing-on-chairs-ness.

Coat was on high-up and ‘dangerous and difficult’ placements.

and Lucy was on the down-low and fiddly bits.

Together, they painted hard…


lost their marbles…

… and for some reason, their shirts.

all in all, Coat, Paul and Lucy spent all of today helping me transform the office!

So, feel free to marvel at the fluorescent blue office next term.

Next up in the painting madness… THE BACK WELFARE OFFICE! (aka the Night Time room).

it’s been a good day folks, no more hospital-green walls. huzzar!


Lots of planning at the moment. Getting my welfare team details sorted (have an extensive list of applicants! almost too many!)

Ordered 600 glow-in-the-dark Night Time wrist bands.

Got this picture of them before they get put into production (estimated arrival date is the 22nd of august - heres hoping)


pretty much getting everything in order, now. going to try and tackle the back office as much as possible before september so it’s habitable for the night time service.

Also, last random photo, my door now matches the welfare part of the website!

it’s really quite lucky that green is my favourite colour…

I’ll keep you guys posted!

Proposed CSA Changes

The Students’ Union is proposing a new Clubs, Societies & Associations (hereafter referred to as ‘CSA’) Constitution to take effect for the start of the 2012/2013 Academic Year, in order to provide members with a better, safer and legal Student Activities service. A General Meeting therefore will be called when members return at the start of the new term.

Please could members take the time to have a look at the old CSA Constitution, and also the new one - this change will be discussed and voted upon in the new academic year. 

You can see the documents below.



Update by Jo Fisher TSDSU CSA Coordinator.

Substance Abuse! (The dangers of) / Welfare Team!

Today I had a meeting with the lovely Steph from Cyswllt Contact

There’s going to be some awesome training available to volunteers, as well as some helping hands for our Alcohol Awareness campaign! goody!

I highly recommend you clickidy clack that link if your interested in helping someone with a drug problem, or if you just want someone to talk to about those types of issues - they’re here to help!

Also, check out THE WELFARE TEAM! we need volunteers! it’s a good cause, it’s going to be lots of fun!

PRODUCTIVE DAY OR WHAT?! I need a cold coca-cola and ice, me thinks!

TSD Art Society

Do you have a creative itch that doesn’t isn’t getting scratched as TSD? TSDSU is working on start an Art Society and we need members to sign up. There’s lots if exciting ideas already being planned and we need your help! If you’re interested in picking up a paint brush, making a statue or even changing the way your campus looks please contact me on j.fisher@tsd.ac.uk



The Freshers ents has been announced! Personally, I cannot wait to rock the DJ booth on the first night back. Me and Mattias will definitely be up for requests, just pop on up. last time we did this we played a large amount of The Lonely Island because of this approach!

We’ve got loads of events going on, I’ll be training my welfare team, the two fayre’s are going to be MASSIVE and full of freebees and info, not the mention the MASSIVE general meeting we have planned. all in all… we’re bursting at the seams, really.

So I’ve been trying to make sure my office is actually ready for all of this insanity. there’s been a lot of recycling, re-using and re-organising of everything in the two offices.

the new Night Time room is almost complete. more importantly, it’s clean! which is amazing. I haven’t seen the back room that clean since I’ve been studying here!

Everything is in a state of prepared panic. All the painting is getting finished up, all the student services and admin stuff are moving to the new cantebury building, we finally have the vending machines put in place… it’s crazy!

There’s another open day this coming saturday, I’ll be donning student ambassador-ness with running around giving campus tours. Genuinely, I've too busy to update tumblr!

Oh! and I forgot the welfare Team T shirts getting sorted!

Aaand the fresher bags…

okay. I’m done. Stuff is happening! Be seeing you all VERY soon! LET’S MAKE IT HUGE!


Lots going on at the moment!

me and Emma have been hard at work in regards to campaign planning - should be some interesting times ahead.

as it looks currently, our main three campaigns are ‘Alcohol Awareness’ 'Know Your Union’ and 'Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance aka SHAG week’

so we’re organising whats going on with the day to day of said campaigns, as well as possible smaller campaigns. I’m in talks with a local charity for the possibility of a small campaign about substance abuse, as well as getting some training for our Night Time volunteers. more on that later.

essentially, everything seems to be moving along. I’m also contacting someone about designing a new logo for the Night Time service. stay tuned!

Explore - Third Sector Internships


Here is our Explore Internships Placement catalogue Click here. I am also attaching an application form and an equal opportunity form.


Why do an Internship?

“This was exactly what I was looking for! I worked on a specific project where I could apply my skills and make a difference” Tom, Gwalia


“I would recommend an internship to anyone who is currently studying, there are endless positives! It allows you to develop your skills, increases employability, demonstrates a level of dedication and willingness to succeed and provides you with a platform for establishing new contacts” Hannah, Alzheimer’s Society

If you have any questions regarding the Internship Programme, please get in touch with us.


Many Thanks



Fabulous February

Well Lampeter! We’ve got events coming out of our ears this month!

Make sure you check out the Skills & Employability Fayre on February 14th. Check out the event page where there’s updates of new stall bookings daily. Why not tell us who you’d like to see there?

During the event Trinity Saint David will be launching the new Trinity +Award! :D

You’ll also be able to meet TSDSU's Environmental & Sustainability Office (Rosie Scannell) who is the driving force for Lampeter's Go Green Week events from 11th - 17th Feb Lets go green Lampeter!

February Feels Fabulous! 

An Invite!! TSDSU Skills & Employability Fayre : Lampeter

TSDSU invites you to its first Skills & Employability Fayre in Lampeter; where local voluntary organisations will be advertising volunteering projects which you can sign-up for.

You will also get to meet a number of the TSDSU volunteers and find out what they have been doing for you and how you can get involved!!

Conformations have already been received from: Cardigan Castle, GoWales, Ty Hafan and RAY Ceredigion.

Union Stalls will include: Union Elections & Democracy, CSA, Welfare Team, Student Trusties and Night Time.

University Stalls will include: Trinity +Award and Careers Service

Date: Thursday 14th February
Time: 10am – 2pm (1pm: official launch of the new Trinity +Award!)
Venue: Lloyd Thomas Dining Room
Free Entry.

Does your CSA use the Victoria Hall in Lampeter? Then this post is for you!

As several of TSDSU CSA have been involved with the Victoria Hall in Lampeter. The directors would like to extend this invitation to students who would like to attend. 

Dear friend.

You are invited to the first AGM of Transition Lambed Development Trust (TLDT) at 730pm on the 31st January 2013 in the Victoria Hall, Bryn Road, Lampeter.

TLDT is the legal entity formed out of Transition Llambed to pursue the development of the Victoria Hall as a base for Transition activities, education and engaging in a meaningful way with the broader Lampeter community.

The Annual Report will be printed in the February edition of the ‘Grapevine’ which will be available in and around Lampeter from the 25th January. Copies will be also available at the AGM.

The Trust is looking for help and support in making the hall more successful and relevant to Transition Llambed and the people of Lampeter. This includes things like marketing, pursuing funding for green energies, energy auditing, organising regular ‘Recycling’ type events at the Peoples’ Market, bookkeeping, caretaking, building management.

This is an opportunity to hear what has been done, what we intend to do, ask questions and perhaps get more involved with this exciting project.

TLDT Directors.

The final round of CSA grant applications is now open!

Did you know that TSDSU offers its Clubs, Societies and Activities a chance to apply for grant funding?

The first of the two rounds of funding opened in April 2012, with successful applicants receiving their grants during the first week of Freshers’.

Now that the first term of the academic year is over and we’re all excited about Christmas presents!! TSDSU has opened the second and final round for 2012/13; for student-led activities to apply for funding for events or items which can help to develop their activities. 

Trinity Saint David Students’ Union (TSDSU) Clubs, Societies & Activities (CSA) Grant funds are only available for fully affiliated TSDSU CSA’s.

If your CSA is not affiliated to TSDSU you will need to submit an application to the CSA Council and all relevant documents to the CSA Coordinator.

You can find the ratification details and application forms at http://www.tsdsu.co.uk/content/882383/

You can find the application form on the TSDSU webpage under Activities > Documents > CSA Grants or follow this link: http://www.tsdsu.co.uk/content/882383/

Submission deadline: 12pm Friday 18th January 2013