May 12, 2014 (miss me?)

I haven’t written because I have forgotten how. Each time I tried to sit down to write, I realized I was one day closer to ending the journal, the blog, the semester, the experience. I’d like to state it once, very clearly, I am not okay with this.

I have been living in Wales for 4 months now, have traveled to Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, Dublin, Kilkenny, London, Bath, Edinburgh, and various places in Wales itself (such as Cardiff, St. Davids, Whitesands Bay, Llanelli, Kidwelly, Tenby…).

I knew long before high school graduation that I wanted to leave Eden. I also knew that going two hours away to HWS was not far enough. I knew I loved the UK and I knew I loved traveling. I knew I needed to go somewhere people didn’t recognize me. These were my truths. 

What are my truths now?

I know that Eden will always feel like home, even from across the globe, even if I don’t want it to. I know that anywhere can feel like home, too, if I let it. I know that hostels in Rome aren’t just for people under the age of 30 (or 40…). I know that Welsh is not only a vibrant language, but one that is rising back to popularity faster than Disney’s “Frozen.” I know that traveling is exhausting. I know that people everywhere will recognize me; not by name, but by culture – by understanding. 

I know that with each sunset, my heart breaks because it means another day has ended here. 

From Wales, with love