His arms went around Kieran automatically, hands settling themselves where they had always settled, at Kieran’s belt. He felt Kieran inhale sharply. He wanted to drop his head to Kieran’s shoulder. He wanted to put his hands over Kieran’s and lace their fingers together. He wanted to feel what he had felt living among the Hunt, that with Kieran he was safe, with Kieran he had someone who would never leave him.


This was hard to draw considering how much Ford trusts Dipper. The man who literally said “trust no one” finally opens up to someone he sees as a friend. Then this. This would hurt him so much.

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 6 : Pykon

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 5 : Reaper

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 4 : Changeling

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 3 : Fury

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 2 : Chosen (2)

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Episode 1 : Pilot

On the run from the relentless Reaper, Amberle, Wil and Eretria take shelter in Pykon, a snowy Elvin outpost that houses a grisly secret. Meanwhile, Ander and Slanter make a devastating discovery about the Dagda Mor’s forces.


“What you said before,” she asked. “That Jace Herondale loves Clarissa Fairchild more than anyone you’ve ever known except someone — you never finished the sentence. Who was it?”
“I was going to say you and me and Will,” he said. “But — that’s rather a strange thing to say, isn’t it?”
“Not strange at all. Exactly right. Ever and always, exactly right.


→ Amberle, wait. Are you okay?
← Well, I nearly died for the privilege of going on the quest to save the Four Lands, I don’t know where I’m headed but I suspect it’ll be some place full of demons, so no, Wil, I’m not okay.


I am Theresa Gray, daughter of a Greater Demon and Elizabeth Gray, who was born Adele Starkweather, one of your kind. I was the wife of William Herondale, who was the head of the London Institute, and I was the mother of James Herondale and Lucie Blackthorn. Will and I raised our Shadowhunter children to protect mundanes, to live by the Laws of Clave and Covenant, and to keep to the Accords. Once, I lived among the Shadowhunters. Once I might almost have seemed like a person to you.