A few random things that make me not scared of whatever Worick might be planning:

He’s always been shown as a Twilight sympathizer, both currently as well as in flashbacks, from both his own and the perspective of others; to the point that he’s been drawn to tears about not knowing what to do to stop all the bullshit from happening

He’s already told us his terms for when he’d be satisfied enough to stop: “All the other guys have to die first.”

He is especially pissed off at Monroe’s betrayal, as well as Miles because of keeping such things from them that have caused this much shit

After 22 years in the sex trade, he is a master actor/manipulator if it means a favorable outcome

Chad said it best that because of his mind/memory, Worick can cause basically the downfall of anyone he so chose if he got close enough to them. And he’s now trying to get close to Corsica

All he has to do is be in the same room with the Destroyers to know every detail about each of them

He didn’t have to leave that money and note warning Alex to leave

Despite his words following the murder of his family, he’s always shown to be bothered/upset whenever Nicolas pushes himself too damn far

Some of his most genuine-looking smiles have been around times he thought he had helped Nicolas in some way

So yeah XDD I just wanted to put these up for my fellow Gangsta. trash because of how sad Kohske’s update was for us, and always remember, in every mafia and mafia-based story…no one betrays the family, and lives