Hello Carol Corp!

As promised, I have before you, a mug of our leader, Carol Danvers.

The quote ended up being the star quote, but I have horrible handwriting so I hope you can see it.

Kree Star on the front, duh.

This is my first time painting a mug, and the first time in a LONG time of me painting… but all in all, it turned out well.  It’s got the colors, it has the shape, the quote is readable, and it looks amazing.

I  missed a bit on the inside of the handle, and the color varies, the finish isn’t smooth, and the gold line isn’t exactly halfway and the red vs blue is uneven…  (Sorry tsarinajissa I couldn’t find the tape and I was short on time and it was getting expensive)

But you know what? I did it.  I’ve joined the DIY’s of the Carol Corp. And I LOVE this mug.  It will make me smile. 

Thank you. Carol Corp.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

tsarinajissa replied to your photo “I MADE IT TO MORDOR AND CAST my paper copy of THE ONE RING INTO THE…”

CONGRATULATIONS! … But I’m a little worried here: did you *really* destroy the ring, or did you keep it for your own, your PRECIOUS. There doesn’t seem to be strong evidence like a lost finger to suggest it really was destroyed, so I’m worried ;)

It was totally destroyed. I would never have NOT destroyed the ring and kept it for my own… my precious…  That would have completely negated the entire point of the journey….