Maintain a low profile.

A coalition security force member scans for enemy in search of a Haqqani leader in Tsamkani district, Paktiya province, Afghanistan. The operation resulted in the detention of the Haqqani leader and three other extremists. The Haqqani leader had operational control over improvised explosive device operations in multiple districts throughout Paktiya and Khost provinces. As the security forces approached the Haqqani leader’s suspected location, extremists opened fire on the Afghan and coalition troops. After positively identifying the lethal threat, the security force engaged the enemies and killed one of them.

(Photo by Pfc. Codie Mendenhall, 17 APR 2013.)

[I have stumbled, albeit rarely, upon some of the strangest helmet embellishments. One was a ANSF with a pirate skull and crossbones airbrushed on his helmet. This…I’m not real certain what this is supposed to resemble or represent, but it looks rather intriguing and unique. -R]