“Here are 3 previously unreleased tracks written roughly around 2006-2012. These are all tracks written with Taiwan in mind…Musically speaking these are all b-sides that never made the cut on "night city”, “badlands”, double feature" etc, but after a recent visit to Taiwan rekindled the idea of this forgotten, outdated “imaginary homeland” as I got deeper into reading on the topic of Diaspora. As a result, I decided to self-release this compilation of music on the last 2014 Asia tour as a CDR in hopes of connecting with the listeners from Asia, and Taiwan especially.

Tracks like “neon gods & funeral strippers” and “廟街” were previously released on Clandestine Records and Spacebridge (Russia tour tape). But they are all apart of this collection that sprung from childhood memories, folklores (about the haunted Xinhai tunnel) and fictional characters in “廟街” that were a tribute to teenage delinquents in 80’s/90’s Taiwan/Hong Kong blockbuster gangster films that I grew up watching. Damn those movies were good… 

Dedicated to the lost memories of youth and Taiwan. 

Sincerely, Alex Zhang Hungtai

May 22, 2014 - Lisbon, Portugal.“


Jumping Filmmakers photographed by Alex Majoli 

Gus Van Sant, Wim Winders, Aki Kaurismaki

Wong Kar Wai, Tsai Ming-Liang, Takeshi Kitano

Tim Burton, Manoel de Oliviera, Olivier Assayas

Ken Loach, David Cronenberg, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu

Cristian Mungiu, The Dardenne Brothers, Theodoros Angelopoulos

Pedro Almodovar, Souleymane Cisse & Quentin Tarantino