tsa shooting

Woah, what? Anyone have more info on this photo from the LAX Airport shooting? closer pic

Why is a bloody TSA worker walking, smiling and raising his hand? I’m not a medical expert but wouldn’t he be in an ambulance instead of parading around with some cops. The October LAX Airport LAPD shooting drill and the mannequin they were wheeling around and now this photo…

TSA officers are not armed. I repeat, the people who check for weapons and explosives are completely unarmed. Newscasters need to stop suggesting TSA officers could have done jack shit to stop a gunman blowing through the checkpoint.

It is a point I brought up CONSTANTLY when I worked for the agency. The beginning of the security checkpoint is exposed and makes for a literal target zone in large airports. Enclose the checkpoint the way most customs checkpoints are enclosed and cut down on the likelihood of someone being able to walk in off the curb and start shooting.

Watch on whatwouldthomasjeffersondo.tumblr.com

So CBS played this footage of what really appears to be a mannequin being wheeled away and claimed it as live footage of the shooting at LAX…

It could be footage of the drill that was held a month prior of the same exact scenario that played out, but why film it and what are the chances of accidentally playing that footage instead of the real live footage? Add this to the list of drills that have gone live