william beckett int. 29.3.15

okay so this is the transcript for the interview that bill and i had before the birmingham show and i ask him about tour life and his EPs and the 16 candles video, there’s also some extremely mild GoT spoilers at the end so keep that in mind!! also this is written informally as i only need the audio file for my portfolio

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Another careless, drunken night resulted in Evelyn and Taylor tangling their limbs together underneath the cotton sheets—this time on his bed. She awoke to find his arm firmly clasped around her waist, limiting her range of motion as she raised her hand to rub the sleep out of her eyes. She grumbled, lifting to run a hand through her tangled hair (undoubtedly from his fingers lacing through the strands), partially out of the pounding in her head and the fact that he had a death grip on her, “Taylor, wake up.”