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-whispers- Even after ten years of marriage, Derek still blushes and gets flustered whenever Stiles treats Derek like he's the best thing in the world and deserves to be treasured. (Which happens almost daily)

Ways in which Stiles Stilinski, after ten years of marriage, still shows one Derek Hale that he’s the best thing in the world and deserves to be treasured:

  1. Belly rubs (it’s gotten to the point where Derek doesn’t even have to be in his wolf form to feel good when this happens)
  2. Making a three hour drive to Derek’s favourite patisserie in order to get Derek’s favourite hybrid baked good: the dookie. A cookie/ doughnut heavenly combo which Stiles, like the dutiful husband he is, only takes one bite out of during the entire ride home
  3. Massages in the bath
  4. Bookmarking Derek’s page in the book he was reading when he nods off mid-sentence and carefully placing it beside him
  5. Lying around the house naked, quoting random history facts because Derek is a history nerd loser who gets off on Stiles’ ability to remember things like, “did you know ancient Egyptian women enjoyed legal and economical equality with men? Socially, things still sucked, but, you know, go ancient legal systems.”
  6.  Going off on angry rants when someone deliberately objectifies Derek even though it’s clear Derek is uncomfortable: “and while we’re on the topic, Deborah, I suggest you take an anatomy class because the last time I checked a person’s eyes are not on their ass. Did you fail high school or something?” 
  7. Getting up early every Christmas day and dedicating three very meaningful hours to Derek’s birthday. Sometimes this means three hours of very tender sex, sometimes it means giving Derek a head massage while they watch a movie or Derek reads the new book Stiles always gets him for his birthday, without fail
  8. Briefly squeezing Derek’s shoulder after an argument to let Derek know he isn’t going anywhere and that he still loves him, even if he is fucking pissed at him
  9. Still calling or texting Derek randomly during the day to tell him something funny that just happened or that he misses him
  10. Only going to Derek when his head gets too loud, too much. Trusting Derek with that.

Imagine Stiles and Derek fall asleep when spooning on the couch.

Derek wakes to a loud crash and finds Stiles on the floor, holding his head in his hands and withering in pain. Derek pounces, quickly checking Stiles for injuries before pulling him back up onto the couch and holding him close, taking his pain and talking to him softly until he settles.
“What happened?” Derek asks.
“I tried to roll over to cuddle you and I fell of the chair,” Stiles mumbled.
Derek gently pulls Stiles’ hands away, noticing the red mark on his forehead that’s very quickly turning to a bruise. He pulls Stiles close, nestling him against his chest and soothing him back to sleep.

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Imagine Stiles and Derek feverishly making out on the couch in the loft and Scott keeps calling them because of an emergency in Beacon Hills. After the fifth time he calls, Derek answers, pulling away from Stiles to speak. But Stiles doesn’t stop, he starts kissing and nipping at Derek’s throat, making it really hard for him to talk to Scott.

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So, I'm sitting here trying to do some crafts and my dog keeps coming up and distracting me and wanting to play ball or cuddle.. So, imagine here with me (since it keeps playing in my head).. Stiles trying to make something or just busy working and Derek in full wolf shift just trying to get his attention because "Come on Stiles! You've been working all morning! Look how cute I am and you could totally be paying me attention instead of all that stuff." and then Derek just falling on his stuff.

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This is a wholesome and amusing image and I shall cherish it always. 

I love this even more with the thought Derek is just….so fucking bad at telling Stiles he wants attention….and he knows Stiles can’t resist him when he’s on his back, begging for belly rubs (”if you tell anyone I like this….” “yeah yeah, throat, teeth, I know the drill”) but at the end of the day Derek is just Derek and if sitting on Stiles’ paperwork is how he’s got to play it, he’s going to sit on that paperwork. He’s still every bit of the asshole Stiles fell in love with, after all. It wouldn’t do not to play dirty. 

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sterek number 5 please and thank you

send me a # for a sterek drabble!

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Derek watches the pair sitting at the next lunch table, the scowl on his face growing more and more deeper with each passing second.

Erica looks back and forth between Derek and the lunch table for several moments before she utters. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Derek whips his head towards Erica, his scowl shifting as he glares at his best friend.

“You are jealous.” Erica repeats, this time as a statement.

Shaking his head, he turns his eyes back to the couple briefly, before turning back to his lunch. He knew that denying it was useless, Erica had always been able to tell when he was lying.

“I heard he doesn’t even like her like that anymore.” Erica says a few moments later. “Isaac heard from Scott that Stiles had given up on her. Maybe they are friends now.”

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Anonymous said: Stiles left BH but hes coming back because everyone is, i think its a hoilday, i cant remember much but i think its post season 3a but now their in college. And the only definite thing I remember is that scott was a massive horn ball, after he cheated on kira she left him and he sleeps around alot, goes on tinder, i think isaac was stuck in a car w/ him and said he smell like vagina and cum comingback from the airport

@rsobriquet says this fic matches up with a lot of the parameters, looks like a contender!  -Emmy

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I’ve Missed You for 29 Years by SleepDepraved 

(26,361 I Mature I Complete)   *sterek, scott/isaac, peter/sheriff

Stiles was 18 when he was sucked into a parallel universe.He is 29 when he makes it back home.

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(I'm the anon with the Rise of the Guardians thing) I WOULD SO PAY TO SEE DEREK IN AN EPIC BATTLE WITH SANTA-FREAKING-CLAUS AND THE SANDMAN HELPING HIM BEAT PITCH UP. Maybe Stiles would see Derek at first and be freaked out but then all of a sudden Derek is whisked up into the air with snow in his hair as the werewolf laughs in glee for the first time in many years. ((I also am a firm believer that when Derek tries to muffle his laughter he giggles like a schoolgirl))

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Someone remake Rise of the Guardians with the Teen Wolf cast. I am a patient person. I can wait. 

Imagine Stiles and Derek each dreaming up these wild fantasies of what they thought their first kiss would be: a blistering passionate mess of relieved sexual tension. But when it came down to it, they were both so scared and so pensive that their first kiss was the most passive, tender kiss: perfect.

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Hey guys! Do you know any Sterek, Dexter AU fics??? I started binge watching Dexter and now it's all I can think about! I couldn't find anything on AO3 :(

Yuuuss! Literally watching it right now. I’ve seen the whole thing more than once. - Anastasia

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I’m in Love with a NutJob. by whyamIalwaysLoislane (Whyamialwaysloislane)

(2/? I 2,095 I Mature)

In which Stiles is the Nutjob and Derek’s the crazy dude in love with the Beacon Hills Butcher.

What is his life even?

Moon Over Miami by milkyway

(4/? I 7,284 I Mature)

When Stiles and Derek take a trip down to Florida, Derek decides to reconnect with his long-lost cousins Debra and Dexter Morgan in Miami. Dexter is back from an eight year absence, just as a serial killer known as “The Storyteller” starts committing a string of horrific murders across the city. As Derek and Debra catch up, she faces the difficult decision whether to let Derek in on her brother’s secret, as it becomes increasingly clear that this is no mortal murderer…

Requiem for the Living by Curlee_Cue

(2/7 I 12,611 I Explicit)

Stiles knows his predilections aren’t what most would call normal. He realizes it the first time he dismembers a daddy long legs – meticulously plucking each of its legs just to see how frantically the remaining limbs writhe – and looks up to find Claudia staring at him, slack jawed and beautiful.

But he loves the gasps and terrified glances she shoots him every time she catches him – burning a trapped squirrel or squeezing a frog till his fat little thumbs pierce clear through its bloated belly. He loves the beautiful pallor and flared nostrils that decorate her face, so easy, so instantaneous. He loves it so much, Stiles wonders what pleasure she might bring him for killing something human.

All The Better by van_helsa124

(8/8 I 14,142 I Mature)

Stiles has a problem that he hasn’t really told anyone else about. Well, he would if he could have, but there really is no correct way to out yourself as a serial killer without getting locked up…

I kid you not. My final essay for my English class is to argue why the main character in a movie we watched is gay. Literally, that is the prompt.
My professor is making me write an essay on gay subtext. MY ESSAY IS FOR ME TO RANT ABOUT WHAT I RANT ABOUT ON TUMBLR ON A DAILY BASIS. My professor thought she was challenging us? Bitch I analyze homoerotic subtext in my sleep.

  • Person B: Quick! I need you to act like you're in love with me!
  • Person A: What?
  • Person B: I just saw this asshole from work, that still doesn't believe I'm in a relationship, coming this way, so... act like you're madly in love with me!
  • Person A: ... but I AM madly in love with you, though I'm starting to reconsider it
  • Person B: *whining* But I need you to really show it! I know! Get on one knee and propose to me!
  • Person A: I literally just asked you to marry me last week
  • Person B: And? Do it again!
  • Person A: You're unbelievable
  • Person B: I know, so propose to me again before I ask someone else to do it