You know when somebody criticizes you or says something behind your back- those words that they said about you, it’s like you feel like those words are written all over your face, all over you. And then those words start to become echoes in your own mind. And then there’s a real risk that those words can become a part of how you see yourself. - Taylor Swift

i think the symbolism of the snake is more about taylor reclaiming her identity rather than engaging in petty drama. she purged her social media accounts (like a snake sheds its skin for a new beginning/rebirth) and she’s fighting back against the narrative that was built up against her last year. i don’t think the snake is meant to be a giant middle finger to the kimye situation specifically. i think this is taylor’s empowerment coming back full force, much like in her “you don’t like who i am? watch me be who i am even more” mantra she expressed throughout the 1989 era. 

you want to call me a snake? fine, i’m a snake. watch me strike.

taylor swift. she has been harrased, threatened, bullied by the whole internet for so long. she has been getting called ‘snake’ and ‘liar’for over a year now. she has been made fun of because of her body, and because someone harrased her. she became a meme, the taylor swift will sue you meme. everywhere, everytime. they didn’t let her take a breath, even thought she was on a break and had said nothing for months. her reputation had been destroyed by people who just wanted to take advantage of her fame and influence, trying to take her down. but taylor is ready to come back. she is ready to act up. taylor alison swift has risen from the dead to reclaim her reputation again. welcome to the sixth album, reputation.


                                    You make me so happy it turns back to sad
                                      There’s nothing I hate more than what I can’t have
                                    —Taylor Swift, Gorgeous

                                          So here are wallpapers that you can have :)

Credits to @timeerasingyou for the cats.