ts4 wedding


Oasis Springs Wedding Venue NoCC

Download on The Gallery at Origin ID: Heckstress17

This is Villa Love, a Mediterranean inspired wedding venue for your sims living in Oasis Springs. It features an outdoor ceremony space overlooking the water, and an upstairs reception hall. There’s also a large kitchen downstairs for caterers to prepare meals, and a photo studio in the basement to capture moments of the special day! Set as a lounge so hopefully all sims arrive in formal wear.



Woodland Wedding Venue

Was having sooo much fun building this woodland/barn wedding venue! I was going for a magical and romantic vibe (it is for weddings after all).

Ps. yup, that’s a lot candles.

  • Generic Lot
  • 1 bathroom
  • Built on a 40x30 lot
  • Built in Windenburg
  • I’ve used a little bit from every pack!
  • The only CC used is the Rustic Romance Stuff Pack by @plumbobteasociety [xx]!
  • Use bb.moveobjects on when placed
  • Download it from the gallery. ID is AvelineSims!

Please don’t reupload it! Other than that you can do whatever the heck you want with it!

Should you be interested in watching the speed build, you can find it here:


Demi and Bob’s Wedding Part 2/9

“I never thought someone as weird as me will ever find someone as understanding, as loving as you. I love you, I love you so much words can’t describe. Thank you for being part of my life and giving me such a wonderful family and a place to call home. You’re the light in my darkness, I will always stay by your side, cherish you, be loyal to you and always love you, each day more and more until it’s time to say goodbye.” 

                                                                               - Demi 

Estrella Gowns

Hey Guys! I bring you the Estrella Gowns! They’re obviously made from the cute blouse from the Jungle Adventure pack! There are as you can see two versions: with sleeves and without. Should be 15 swatches ;) (Should also be bgc)



(Edit: There might be 20-something swatches. I literally have no idea)