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When I saw that @literallywhothe was offering her sims for editing, of course I chose Rex, my favorite sim in the whole wide world.  From the moment I first laid eyes on him, I was in awe of his impeccable makeup.  Rex, I can only aspire to be as chic as you one day!

Apologies for the lack of a submission roundup post last month; personal life got in the mod’s way!

With everyone excited for (or dreading) the impending launch of TS4, combined with summertime, submissions have been coming along more slowly; there’s very little left to do - if we all make that one last push, there’s a chance of Tumbleton being released within two months! Please consider taking up one of the last available lots, or - if you already claimed some - finishing your assignment.

Think of it that way: many people won’t be able to, or want, to buy TS4 when it comes out - but having a new, densely populated, beautifully built world to play with might be an alternative for those of us who are sticking to TS2!

Summerset - the commercial beach district.

Plumbob City - the bustling city center.

Crystal Hills - the residential district.

Swynbridge - the rural, farmhouse, one-with-the-nature part of the city.







Coming soon! If you’d like to donate a participation prize, shoot us a message; any help would be appreciated!


LGR - The Sims 4 Review (video)

LGR’s review is up and I know it’s a review that a lot of Simmers have been waiting for. 

The loading screens, limited maps that are surrounded by deco and places you can’t go have not resolved the performance issues – which is the reason we were led to believe these restrictions existed. [12:51]

“I’m already having performance issues after about 30 hours playing the same saved game.  Seeing some stuttering, longer load times and general glitchyness so these restrictions are just disappointing all around.” [15:07]

And while there’s fun to be had with The Sims 4 the price is steep for what’s available at launch. 

“It’s not an awful game and it’s not even close to being as bad as it could be.  I am having fun playing this game.  Thank goodness it’s not another EA tragedy à la SimCity 2013 or Battlefield 4.  But a game not being a total waste of time does not by any means result in it being worth a full $60 or more.” [17:06]

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News | TS4 Reviews

How to fix your TS4 game when it won’t launch

Yesterday I was having major problems with this and saw a lot of other people were too, thankfully tinysimmer came to my rescue with a solution so I thought I’d make a published article for anyone who may be having problems

So the problem was whenever I started TS4 it would get stuck like this and eventually crash:

Save yourself some trouble and DO NOT delete all game folders or try to reinstall, simply follow these steps:

This method works for digital copies

Step 1: Launch origin

Step 2: Right click your game and select game properties

Step 3: Click the box that says “disable origin in game” THEN PRESS OK

Step 4: Launch TS4 again and it should work now! Hope this helped anyone!


The Sims 4 Get to Work: Official Launch Trailer