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Simlish ‘Retro’ Destination Posters for Sims 3

I know that others have done travel/ destination pictures before and I am in no way trying to copy them- this is just part of my experimentation in creating Simlish posters and also: Hey, did you know that I love retro?!?!

The mesh is EA base game, vastly improved by the gorgeous @baufive 💜

There are 20 of them in total. Feel free to take into TSR workshop to delete the ones you don’t want from the collection (because they aren’t perfect, I know- sorry!)

This is a zipped folder with both package and Sim3pack. I hope you like them. Please let me know if you have any problems.

TOU: Please don’t re-upload or claim as your own, thank you!💜

20 Retro Destination Posters (SFS) DOWNLOAD HERE


EA’s Table Knife Resized 50% Smaller 

This knife holder has nice mesh, but it is supposed to be kitchen knife holder, right? Based on its description by EA. Knife holder from EP Ambitions is too big…. Just look at how big the knives are. Did EA forget to resize? I resized the object so it looks reasonable if it’s compared with the size of human hand.  


Default Replacement (EP Ambitions REQUIRED!) 
Non-Default Replacement (Base Game compatible, for anyone who doesn’t own EP Ambitions)  (Decor > Miscellaneous, price: $20, title: Sword Holster - Home Edition) 


More retro paintings for your Sims 3 game, this time Pin-Ups by Gil Elvgren. This collection has 15 paintings and are §12, enabled for all rooms. I hope you like them!

The mesh is EA’s Detention Hall Poster, which has been vastly improved thanks to the skill and kindness of the wonderful @baufive  ❤

Sim3Pack and Package file (SimFileShare): DOWNLOAD

*Please don’t claim as your own, upload elsewhere or use the mesh without asking first- thank you*