I made a little vidya tut after seeing @heavensims’ post about wishing there were non-CC shutters for windows wider than 1 tile, which got me thinking about ways to achieve a similar effect, and subsequently came up with this.

It’s pretty tedious and they’ll still be visible when the walls are down, but if you don’t mind either of those things then yay, non-CC shutters for you!


I have no Idea why TSR hasn’t been showcasing my Conversions in Featured Creations anymore, but for the people wondering why Sintiklia doesn’t convert her hairs anymore.. I am doing them! I messaged Sintiklia asking her if I should do it for her from now on since she doesn’t wanna bother with TS3 anymore and she said yes, I have her full support on this. Since TSR doesn’t seem to support me as much this is more of a signalboost to people thinking Sintiklia’s Hairs aren’t available in TS3 anymore. 

Feel free to Reblog this so other people will know too. Sintiklia didn’t abandon TS3, she is trusting me to do it for her! :D I just have less of a following and not the full support from TSR so people might not see.

friendly notice that the next 19 days of my queue is sims 3! i’m finally finishing generation 4 of my legacy, but if you don’t want to see my ts3 stuff feel free to block the tags ‘gloom lepacy’ or ‘ts3′


Looks great. Love it.

Oh!Thank you!嬉しい(*´∀`)


hello! may i know where you got their uniform?

samezuka school uniform wip~♪
But,can not be made well(´;ω;`)

ゆみさんへ、ハイキュー!!超良質な漫画で、アニメもとても良かったので機会があったら是非~>< 登場人物どれも魅力的なの!


I’ve been in Bridgeport for about a month, I ran away from that hell hole everyone calls home. I’m your typical 17 year old girl aside from living on my own, drugs, sex, and basically the way I choose to live. The way I choose to live is Free.

It was a typical Friday night hook-up with Trevon nothing special just a way for me to get cheaper drinks.

Knocking on my door occurred, Trevon was sleeping and as usual I was laying there emotionless. I walk down the stairs, open the door, and find myself being smudged against the wall by Cameron.

C-Cameron I-

I came back for you Pharrah, I should’ve came with you-

Cameron you left me, I-

The next moment I’m being swept of the ground, to the counter he lay me and kissed me like he’d actually meant it. I wasn’t going to stop what I had been wishing for.

Hello everyone!

I have 660 simpoints left on TS3 Store, and as I am not planning to spend them, I decided I could just give them away! I don’t know if it’s a lot of points or not, I just got them for free from TS3 World Adventures (yeah they are old! lol)

How? Easy: Send me a fanmail message (yes, fanmail, regular messages will be ignored) telling me a little about your favorite part of the sims games (any feature from base game to any EP or store item) and what do you want from the Store and why you want it.
Just make sure that the item you want costs less than 660 simpoints or I won’t be able to buy it! It can be premium content, clothes, hairs, whatever you want.

You have time until August 17th (tomorrow) and be sure you have a Sims3 account so I can give you the item from your wishlist.

Happy simming! ♥