ts3 uni


Tobias: Are you kidding me? Following me all the way to the party without being noticed? It’s called stalking! And it’s giving me creeps!

Lennon: Chill, I’m a party guy! All I wanted was to help you out as you’re my new friend. Just trust me, if you’re seen around me you’ll have a better chance to be liked by people.

Tobias: I’m not your friend, and you’re a loser. Go away.

Lennon: As you wish, Toby.

Tobias: YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID? You ruined the last living chance of me warming up to you by calling me that.


Bear goes to Uni

*conversation had through gritted teeth while waving steadily.

Adair: How long do you think she’ll last?

Sabeena: I give it two weeks tops.

Adair: Sabi I’m shocked! You have no faith in Bear. I give it a week.

Sabeena: You’re working that bear-pak Bear!

Bear: Thank you-uu. Bye-eee!

Sabeena: Bye Sweetie. I love you!  (*nudges Adair* tell her you love her)

Adair: Wha..?? Good luck! Be a good…uh bear.