ts3 skintone

Keith: What’s wrong, dear?

Jena: Keith, I’m starting getting seriously concerned about Tobias. I feel like he’s losing interest in life since Nate went away. It was a huge blow for him.

Keith: He’ll get over it. I mean, it’s hard. They’ve been together since they were little, and he’s not ready for a change. But eventually he’ll accept this.

Jena: That’s the problem, honey. He’s refusing to. We should really do something about that. Maybe… I don’t know, I’ve just had a thought how we can drag him out of here but I’m sure it’s impossible, especially now.

Keith: Tell me. I’ll do everything for our son.


My name is Sibyl Rue Duchess and I am a genie. I recently earned by freedom from the enslavement and servitude that my people have been under for millenniums. I have lived 105 years, but this human world only recognizes me as 16. I have no family. No friends. No home. No money. But I am determined to make something of myself and make Duchess a family name that means something.

As I mentioned before The Duchess Rainbowcy will be a Rags to Riches challenge. So I will be going for as many generations as necessary to reach either the goal of having a house with the value of $500,000 (doesn’t that seem to easy though?? If so, I might make it $1,000,000) or reaching a networth of 9.5 million.

In addition, this will be a Perfect Genetics Challenge with the criteria of a) genie b) spouse’s hair c) heir’s skintone

I’m definitely near finishing my goal of making Ephemera’s new lovely Fresh Skin more vibrant and blended with the Blueberry Pie skintone’s nose.

I’ll release it eventually, but there’s no set date or idea when, since I have yet to blend the bodies together, and there’s a slight blue tinge beneath the eyes, that I just noticed. I may want to fix that.

I think I am going to darken the left one a little to make room for a slightly lighter one. I only plan on doing 4 darker tones so I am making them as versatile as possible. I see no need in tiny incremental changes that may not be noticeable to everyone and that clog up the skin colour section of CAS.

So here we go, my first foray into the underbelly of the fullbuild package files and skin colours. I learnt a lot about the game doing this, and how it is very different for TS3.