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Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6];Part 268}
                   — Witch Stock —

Deedee flipped her long black hair equipped with purple tipped hair extensions. She almost twirled in vainity but amanged to contain her excitment as she approached the all new Charmed Ones.
Deedee: “ [Happy] Guys!”

The new charmed ones turned on their heels to face her. All three of them seemed to almost be glimmering in an unseen magical light. Look at all of you! I can see the resemblence now, it’s meant to be! You’ve truly been charmed again! ”
Bianca and Beverley seemed to be embracing the moment:

Bianca: “ Mother was right, your are our sister for sure! I just don’t get why she’d hide that kind of secret from us for so many years… I know she died and all but she could’ve dropped us a line from the Underworld.”
Beverley: “ THE UNDERWORLD!! That place really exists!? ”
Bianca: “ [eye roll] Hunny, you’ve got so much to learn… [looks at Beatrice] What’s up with you? ”
Beatrice: “ I hate to be miserable at a time like this. I know we’re charmed again, I’m happy I really am, it’s great but… Honestly something doesn’t feel right. I don’t know if it’s the new power we’ve just summoned or something else… I feel a haggering chill again. ”
Deedee: “ — Uh oh! Not this room temperature paranormal crisis again! You heated the room up with a spell like twenty minutes ago. Also… I feel fine…” Deedee looked at the crackling fire place and then back at Beatrice.
Beverley: “ Hm, y’know I don’t feel a cold chill…”
Beatrice: “ Your not an experienced witch my darling. In fact I don’t think your safe here right now. ”
Bianca: “ Wait a pumpkin, Beatrice, your right… Something feels totally weird right now but this isn’t like before! This feels like that time we were in the Moonlight Falls witch trials. ”
Beverley: “ What!? You were in the witch trials!!? But that’s impossible that happened like decades ago. ”
Beatrice: “ Yes, the 1600s. I was hanged actually. Enough of this! We’ll have time to tell you our curses another time my dear. Right now I feel a true curse coming on… I’m going to scan the room for Night’s Black Agents. ”
Beverley: “ Huh? Nights what now what? ”

 Hag: “ There she is… The future relative of MARY SIBLEY. Beverley! ”

Pose Pack: Aeroplane Poses

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Same sim, two versions. I realize they’re almost identical outside of their styling, but I can’t decide which one I hate less so I’m posting them both. She’s an old character from my story that I’m sure no one remembers, lol, but once I finish updating her face I will work on a Pixel Rust scene or two. :)


Workplace corners.

The two top pictures are from Troian’s reading corner in her bedroom. The bottom is her current office which is basically just the upstairs hallway.
She’s still fixing up the house, such as the two upstairs bedrooms besides the master bedroom, her office and her dining room.