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Barrett & Kimberly


Pauline Winston for @blurrypxls‘s Perry Goth MMBC

Pauline was born to be a star, and she has no problem letting everyone around her know it. Some may say she’s arrogant, but she prefers the term confident. After a couple hit singles (she can sing a few lines from ‘Pretty Plumbbob’ if you don’t remember) and quite a few scandals along the way (she’s banned from ever performing in Bridgeport, but who even cares about that town right?), Pauline has found herself alone without anyone to turn to. Maybe a special someone will come along and open up that heart of gold inside her?

  • Only CC is hair, skin, eyes, and makeup (lips & eyeliner).
  • Traits are Star Quality, Dramatic, Virtuoso, Perfectionist, & Diva. Feel free to change any of these if you need to!
  • Hope you enjoy her! ^o^ Thanks again for letting me join. if you need anything else just let me know!

Private download (until she gets murdered or reaches the end of the MMBC)

Directly across the way at the library, Cornelia was minding her own business.

Suddenly she broke out a hamburger.

… just like that.

A very…. VERY spoiled hamburger.  I thought she was gonna eat it and already geared up my forehead for pre-facepalming.

I mean flies… green shit… the whole works coming off that very unfortunate foodstuff.  

I literally thought she was gonna hork that down while sitting on a toilet, I’m not even kidding.  YES there are perfectly good library chairs, but she’s a sim.  xD

Turns out she must have had it in her inventory all this time, it spoiled, and she finally saw an outlet to get rid of it….. by washing it in the women’s lavatory sink?

… well, whatever, I guess.  >_>;

I’m sorry I doubted you, dearest.

She’s a Neat sim.  I’m actually unsure if she would stoop to eating food that far gone unless user-directed, tbh.  xD


Rest assured, when that man gets back home this is going to end in violent carnality.

You don’t get to watch.  You’re not even invited slightly.


Before I forget, I’m moving his trip to France to a five-post-a-day queue, running from 10 to 6 EDT.  Reason being is that it’s boring af to watch someone in a WA location.  Where is the lie?