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A morning ride.

Rue riding Buck Buck Goose, Jane aka Plain Jane Marshmallow Brain riding Weebiscuit, Céilí riding Al Capony, Band-Aid riding Himself the Elf, Rafe aka Dorkbutt riding Majisteed, Ellery riding Acorn aka Fatty Lumpkins.

The names are Céilí’s and Band-Aid’s. They’re mean.


a very happy fucking 18th BIRTHDAY to my forever girl, my gemini twin (literally), my moonchild, my meshi <3 i love you to the stars and back my mooshi, all our complaining about senior year, machine gun kelly being our husband, and even chatting about our day and calling each other every name in the book. now you go out there and party it up in oregon ok, and enjoy your time out of oklahoma you butt cuz’ hell knows i would. love you ya lil’ punk



since briley’s too pregnant to get dolled up for hallow’s eve and waddle around town and get loads of candy (like her n’ weston n’ dacey n’ ian were gonna do) she just gonna eat all this stuff and cry hand it out to all da’ kiddosssss

Wonderful straw hat with flowers for girls in the Country style. Perfect for summer sunny day.
At hats 2 variants flowers - with daisies and dandelions. 2 zones recoat parts - itself hats and ribbon.
Download at :



he’s so bossy, he makes me dance  ♪ ♫♪