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Cis-Swap Challenge: Isaac Santiago Taveras –> Isis Sancia Taveras

Hello ^_^; I was tagged in the Cis-Swap challenge by @simerse, @boxofsims, and @lyrea. There might have been others too, but I took so long to do this that I’ve lost the tags in my activity feed *hides in shame*

Fhfdjkfks anyway I decided to cis-swap Isaac! I call her Isis, hehe, and damn she’s a stunner! Anywayyyyy, thank you for tagging me you wonderful people you!! *GROUP HUG* <3333333333

I’m pretty sure most people who wanted to do this have already done so, but just in case, I tag @slytherinpixels, @winterspixels, @doka-chan, and @nisukiye to do this challenge, though of course if you’ve already done it or don’t care to do so no problem! *slips back into the hell of grad school* >.<

More photos will be up later or tomorrow on Tabitha’s blog, but I just have to share this cute photo from Max and Aiden’s Birthday party today, with all their little sweet friends. Thanks to everyone who joined !!!

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“It’s just one of those days. They always seem to forget that mommy has to deal with demon children in the daycare 24/7. This is nothing, lol.

On a more serious note… These two can be a handful sometimes, but they’re never too much to handle. Even when it’s more than I can bare on some days, God seems to calm their wild spirits that very moment to give me rest…”