Not everyone does Maxis match.
Not everyone does alpha.
Not everyone writes legacies/stories.
Not everyone does gameplay pics.
Not everyone does modeling pics.
Not everyone does white sims.
Not everyone does poc sims.
Not everyone makes cc.
Not everyone downloads cc.
Not everyone makes anime sims.
Not everyone has HQ pics.
Not everyone plays Ts4.
Not everyone plays Ts3.
Not everyone plays Ts2.
Not everyone plays Ts1.
Not everyone thinks “this is just a game”.
Not everyone looks to the game as therapy.
Not everyone is of a certain age.
Not everyone roleplays.

Basically, it’s your Simblr, your game, you do what you want to do. Not what everyone else does or what they say you should do. Just do you.


GrandeLama Mansard Ceiling - for TS3

Tired of all those unused and empty areas just under your roof?
What a waste of space and money…
But, now, the wait is over: all you need is… a fence!
Transform those awful, useless spaces into a real, useful, warm and comfortable mansard, with GrandeLama Mansard Ceiling, for just 5 simoleons!
Place it as described in the pictures, and start your new life in your new, beautiful, fully functional mansard. ;-)

Cloned from a base game fence.
To be used with default sloping roof only.
It is almost invisible from above, for better gaming.
It doesn’t interfere anyway with the gameplay.

>>> download at Thesimsresource (sims3pack)

Numai - The Princess

Numai is part of the Namuh tribe in the Manknah region. Legends tell of their creators descending from the stars. They found refuge in the hills and valleys of the Umantic Mountain range where they started to build their village. They are known as The Healers. Specializing in crystal energy and vibrational frequencies. Numai has a very uncommon gift of reading minds and altering people’s intentions.