Underground Life

  • 20x30 lot’s size
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
Please, do backup before installing the house! IT IS CC HEAVY!!!
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Beneath The Waves; Part 11}

The chitter-chatter of humans, clunking glasses and steel-drum music fill Isla Pardiso’s top Tiki bar. A waitresses pair of unusually pale legs perform a wonky strut in orange heels which causes many to stare. This isn’t any mortal waitress, this is an ex-mermaid.              
         Narcissa’s walking may be a little salty but the secret siren has improved at moving around on land so much that she can almost run now. Having known a tail for your entire life and suddenly changing environments so drastically surely changes things up a bit with a pair of legs… And 80s heels to make It all harder. The dryness of land and breathing in the air is second nature to her now. 
        Narcissa work uniform makes her feel important to the humans; a tropical dress patterned with palm tree’s and pink flowers and a dark yellow apron to suite the Tiki bar’s tropical theme. Her boss, Patrica made her wear It but she loves It like her shell comb. She’s been working in this tiki bar for three months now although she’s been on land for nearly a year and a half and hasn’t returned to the sea much to see Nadine or her father, Neptune. At least her other sister, Neradith had sense to move to land too. she see’s Neradith at times and they go out to explore the land world. She often wanders how her father and Nadine are doing still in the ocean especially with the Amazonian war that’s happened so recently… But Narcissa remembers why she left the sea in the first place;  life as a mermaid was boring… It was lonely and extremely depressing to endlessly swim into the dark and gloomy depths.
        Working on land in this lively Tiki bar has been an incredible experience for Narcissa. Never has she seen so many happy faces!! So much fast movement, life and energy! The humans fascinate her with their objects they call ‘phones’ and the way they interact with each other. She loves serving meals and drinks and bringing joy and drunkenness to mortals, even If she has to be careful of getting herself wet.
        She understands so much about the human world now; like speaking, the magic of fire and It’s heat, clever machines, television and movies, money, make-up, socialising, dancing, social-media, landscapes, cars, electricity, fashion and all these wonderful things she could never do underwater. Her favourite discovery was a hot drink! Narcissa nearly lost her mind when she tried a cup of hot coco, a big change to cold salty kelp, oysters and highly un-tasty sailors! She still has much to learn but never wants to return to the ocean that’s for sure. If any liquid of any kind even touches her skin she’ll turn straight back into a mermaid and fall right to the floor. That’s why she thinks being a mermaid is more of a curse than a blessing. 
        She still has much to learn but never wants to return to the ocean that’s for sure.
            Narcissa’s currently on her way to collect an abandoned cocktail.

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“Hey, what are these? He contacted you again, didn’t he?”
“He’s trying to tell me something…”
“Carrie! We talked about it. Son of a bitch is a psycho!”
“Exactly. And he’s still out there. He killed six women, one of them is a sixteen years old girl! We can’t just sit and wait till he kills someone else. I know what I’m doing.”
“I don’t think you do. Look at yourself. When was the last time you slept?”
“You really think I care about sleep right now?”
“He’s messing with you. Boyd is dangerous. How the hell are we supposed to find him when you’re hiding the evidence?”
“I’m not hiding anything! I show these letters to Doyle, he takes me off the case, more innocent women die.”
“You’re out of your mind! You do realize he can be after you?”
“I can handle myself.”
“You’re being obsessive.”
“I’m doing my job! C'mon, get the hell out. If I want to hear another lecture, I’ll make sure to call Fred.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
“This is my house.”
“Look, I get it. I’m on your side, but right now I want you to go take a goddamn shower and get some sleep. I’ll take the letters to the lab and see if Spence can find anything. Don’t give Doyle another reason to suspend you.”
“Fine. But I’m not working with that wall street chick, alright?”
“Doyle said…”
“I don’t care what he said. Talk to him.”
“I’ll try…”