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I have this sneaking suspicion there’s some sort of gardener related glitch on this lot…… LOL

(one left on their own and I dismissed the other two so hopefully that was the end of it. I have a mod that makes plants not need to be watered and I believe also makes shrubs not need to be trimmed, so I only really need a gardener for the leaves in the fall)

32 Photos Everyone Who’s Addicted To “The Sims” Will Totally Get

1. When your mum forces you to “go outside and enjoy your summer holidays”.

2. When something important is going on IRL but you’re in the middle of getting your Sim to achieve their goals.

3. When bae’s sick of hearing you talk about your Sims legacy family.

More at: http://www.buzzfeed.com/stephanieanderson/sims-are-life#.waGA5nAOE

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When me and my friend were like 8, we played ts2 a lot. And one day we were playing with this family and it was time for the butler to leave so he left with the family's baby. The baby never appeared again. We were so shocked and amused, funniest sims memorie everrr. (felt like telling u this as u were talking about ts2 and stuff :) )

Omg that’s so funny 😂 honestly ts2 was my entire childhood my friend and I would play it every single day and our parents would get so mad because we never would do anything else 😂