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Looks like some of JRO’s neighbours are really committed to cosplay. :P

I had forgotten I’d put these guys here, but maybe I’ll play them through to have some children. They’d make good potential friends for the JRO kids. This town is full of sims I’ve made for various things, including several other JROs. I noticed the other day that Johnny had met one of the other Ripps. Luckily he didn’t want to befriend him, because that could get a little weird.

im always seeing people on the Sims 2 Soundtrack videos going “omg nostalgiaaaa 😭😭😭” “brb crying i wish i could play this game again” and im just like….hello…ultimate collection…the complete collection on games4theworld and other torrent sites like trust me EA doesnt fuckin care anymore and if youre PAYING for Sims 2 in this day and age then

youre doing it wrong

quit cryin on the BOBOBOOBOBOB song the game is literally out there for you to obtain for free guys come on

32 Photos Everyone Who’s Addicted To “The Sims” Will Totally Get

1. When your mum forces you to “go outside and enjoy your summer holidays”.

2. When something important is going on IRL but you’re in the middle of getting your Sim to achieve their goals.

3. When bae’s sick of hearing you talk about your Sims legacy family.

More at: http://www.buzzfeed.com/stephanieanderson/sims-are-life#.waGA5nAOE


Remember this? :) I was discussing video making skills (or lack thereof) with W and remembered this classic storytelling outtake of mine.