Playing the Greenman household in Riverblossom hills made me realise I needed a transparent maxis match plantsim default that still made the sims green with the vines but didn’t make dark skinned sims paler. It uses Leh’s unreleased skinblend textures and Pooklet’s plantsim default alpha so the credit goes to those two, I just slapped the alpha on Leh’s textures. :3

DOWNLOAD <- Make sure you only have one plantsim default.

Credits: Pooklet, Leh.

Is it just me that misses the wants system of Sims 3, or even better, the system in Sims 2? Like the ‘whims’ in Sims 4 are just so naff, I hardly ever take notice of them because they’re always so random and irrelevant. I miss them regularly rolling real wants for things related to their personalities, like wanting a boy or girl, getting married, moving in with a sim, achieving a particular goal etc. And fears were very cool too. Likes and dislikes, turn ons and turn offs. Hmm. I do need to dabble in the other iterations again, but I do love all of them for different reasons.


Once Xander aged up to a teenager, the bedroom arrangements really weren’t working. It’s a three bedroom house with parents and three kids - I wanted Xander to have his own room, but I didn’t want to combine Whitney and Emily’s because I liked the individual decor of each of their rooms. And there was no room to add another room in the house. AND I didn’t want to move them out.

So I got really creative and decided to do something with all the land they have - instead of a bedroom, Xander gets a shed-room! I’m thinking like they bought something similar to a tiny-home but just for his room. Just the sort of thing an independent teenage boy might want if he could have it.

Decorated to reflect his music hobby too of course.


The 21-years old girl knew she shouldn’t have hidden from responsibility and the truth but all she wanted was peace. It was the easier way, but was it right? And the problem was, would she ever achieve that without her beloved Mike next to her? Caliente-Bachelor heard her elderly husband’s wailing. She was able to do that though she didn’t want to. Even if a part of her soul wanted her to follow his steps and run after him, she couldn’t. She sat on her bed instead, only sighing with misery. Nonetheless, despite everything, the old man definitely wasn’t the only one to suffer after that cold and sorrowful conversation.

Dina (to herself, whispers sadly): “Michael…I’m sorry…but I had to…”

little PREVIEW of something I’m working on.

The working title was ‘Ajay attempts storytelling’, but it has now been dubbed ‘Pleasantly Ever After’. It’s set in Pleasantview 25 years after the start of sims2.

You can take a guess at who these folks are ;)

and I am partly posting this now to encourage myself to keep working on this because we all know what I am like with projects. x.x