Ooooh I think this came out super cool! Little known fact about me is that I love all things paranormal/urban legend(not creepypastas, but actual local lore) so I wanted to replicate all those low-quality nighttime photos in sims! So yes, the poor quality is on purpose. ;D Unusual concept for sims I suppose, but it was a lot of fun! 

Inspiration photos: One | Two


I haven’t been in my game much lately because I’ve been busy and/or feeling poopy, but I felt like building something, so I built this. It’s a teeny-tiny cabin for Integral, the integrated neighborhood. No one’s actually “earned” a real house yet, but when they do start to do so, the first “wave” of houses will be bitty cabins like this. It has two bedrooms, a tiny living/kitchen/dining area….and an outhouse. :) And a screen porch. It has electricity, at least, but…Rustic, my friends. Rustic.