TS - #010
The Craft

Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars?

- Nora Roberts

A police officer stops a young and nerdy nervous college student whose parents would kill him if he got another ticket. Instead of taking the ticket however the cop has another idea. 

As he’s asking the nerd for licence and registration, he mutters incantations upon holding it and as soon as the college student takes his licence back, the runes emerge with magic and pleasure spreads throughout his body. He begins to buff up, growing muscular and becomes the perfect jock to join his college frat.

A man just out of a job is now unemployed and looking for work. During the job interview he shows no real signs like he’ll get the job of a waiter with his lack of experience, but the owner of the restaurant feels sympathy for him and comes up with a way for him to take on the man. 

The questions are laced with hypnotic and transformative commands that slowly let the ageing man relive his youth. Only this time as a tall slim subservient waiter stuck in a suit and ready to serve all your needs, and perhaps persuade those of you who stare into his eyes a little too longer to join as a subservient waiter yourself. 

Craft was once a type of magic that was discovered shortly before The Dark Ages and those who discovered it were soon able to wield it and came to be known as The Craftsmen. Back then Craft was nothing like what is displayed together, people only carried iotas of the magic itself and could only display a type of prowess in “crafting” certain things around them whether it’s time, light, nature, fire, and so on. It was mostly used to help in construction, hence the title “Craftsmen”.  

Their time has long since passed and only The Craftsman could wield the magic of Craft and instead of only controlling some of it, he controls all of the existing Craft in the universe, giving him control over all aspects of reality, time, space and most importantly, people.

It is now mostly used to transform people whether through a cop becoming a redneck or inadvertently, such as a newly transformed jock cursing their professor to become their coach.

However, ever since The Bug came about through a cheap pirated version of SwapCraft, an app which allows users to transform themselves, suddenly was out of control and caused what iotas of Craft embedded within the app to leak out of almost every smartphone which was soon infected with this bug through emails, odd links, and so on from everything and anything on the internet.

It has been a month since these events transcended and now Craft has made a comeback, The Craftsman had created new Craft, since his powers gave him control over everything it also gave him control over Craft itself and he had the ability to create more of it, rather than give whatever amount he possessed away. 

This new Craft has now touched every person who is over eighteen and has unlocked a tirade of events to change the world. No longer are people constrained, this new magic has been unlocked by people and is now being used all over the world for all sorts of purposes.

It has taken a month for The Craftsman to wipe The Bug from existence and secure the app. But he has made one thing clear, the new Craft is here to stay. There are already mutterings about wizards (those who learn about Craft by being taught by others and thorough study) and sorcerers (those who primarily learn from experience). 

New laws and ways for this type of magic are being created and the world is changing. This type of Craft allows anyone (so long as they are eighteen or above) to control almost anything they wish, it only takes time, practice, devotion, it is a skill to be harnessed, but even it has its limits.

With this new power, people who are able to wield it (mostly all men) use it for transformation but there are strict rulings of this. No transformation can last longer than a week, even the seemingly already most skilled magic users can’t break this barrier. As well as this, the usage of Craft itself can be a burden on the mind and body and so it can only sometimes be used sparingly as a way to prevent people from going overboard with too much transformation too quickly.

But people are still using this for their own transformations and purposes, unlawful use of it however has been thwarted by The Craftsman and many other mythological agents who can wield the power including Satyrs, the Gods themselves, or even other allies such as Midas, Orion The Hunter or Chiron.

One can only predict how much things are going to change whether that’s the world itself or the people who inhabit it, a lot of the times literally. 

Wizards: People who are taught magic/learn it from study, great breadth of magic but takes time to grow strong 

Sorcerers: People who learn magic from experience, mostly magic that is powerful but harder to tame/control 

Magician: People who use magic through hypnosis and illusion, usually reliant on touch and trickery 

Technomancer: People who use/channel magic through electronic technology 

Enchanter: People who use magic through enchantments, anything from coins to bracelets can channel magic, usually limited in spells and the power of magic but can provide powerful magic in the nick of time 

Mythics: Mythical creatures who channel their own magic, usually quite powerful and almost everlasting


Dauer’s Porsche 962 ‘GT’ car - Le Mans 1994 winner.

Last run for the C cars - Toyota TS010 at Le Mans in 1994.

Peugeot 3.5 litre 905B in the rain at Le Mans

Mazda win at Le Mans, 1991

Aston Martin AMR1 at Le Mans, 1989

Toyota’s Group C car at Le Mans, 1988

1987 Le Mans Jaguar

Nissan at Le Mans, 1990

Sauber-Mercedes C8 first run at Silverstone in 1986

TWR Jaguar XJR6 takes first victory at Silverstone, 1986