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do you ship real people ships ?

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hahahahahaha wat do you mean

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i don’t know what you’re talking about 

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i don’t ship this stuff that’s ridiculous

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why would you think that

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I was checking reblogs of my art and someone reblogged my J2M thing and said “cute but…” and I wonderd “but what?”. So I clicked on the blog, scrolled a bit and found out they reblog asks and stuff of the “we must support J2, even when they have to play hetero and do the ‘bearding’ thing because Hollywood forces them to” and now I understand. 

Sorry that Jared wasn’t smooching Jensen I suppose? *lol* I have no problem with fantasizing about J2 smooching and I enjoy some tinhatting for fun (*gasp* did Misha and Jensen have a break up and that was why they were kind of off at that one convention how many years ago etc), but when you’re serious about it I find it invasive.

Sure, if you’re serious about it but never make any demands on the actors and are just quietly rooting for them to profess their undying romantic love to each other, that’s fine with me. (Not that anyone needs my approval or permission. I’m just thinking out loud.) But I condemn how demanding some people are, trying to force their view of J2 on the actors, hate on their wives and kids and get mortally offended when J2 don’t do what they’re “supposed” to do, maybe even spend time with other friends outside of J2. I don’t know in what kind of world fan behavior like that is justified. (It does kind of remind me of German football ‘fans’ who riot and punish whoever they can when their teams don’t perform like they want them to.)

If you tinhat to yourself because it makes you happy, then totally go for it. If you become a bully because of it, then you absolutely don’t care one lick about how your faves are feeling. You only care about yourself.

(Steffi has random thoughts and overshares once again.)


This jumped into my head overnight a few days ago. Set after 3.5. May not match up with the implications of the latest tweets.

“Aw, my room! My old digs!” Shitty declares as Lardo pulls him by the cuff of his sleeve through the doorway. “I’m gonna cry. Good to see you, old mattress. Hallo, old desk–”

“Shits.” He glances at Lardo and promptly loses the feeling of nostalgia. She is leveling him with a death glare. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“Did what?”

She gestures in a vague direction that probably means downstairs. “Got all up in Jack’s face.”

“Look,” Shitty starts, “he’s been–”

She rolls her eyes. “Shouting girlfriend at him. Jeez.”

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So I am jumping on the bandwagon mega late but there is nothing new there! 2016 has been a tough year for me, hence not being very active but things are looking up now and I’m looking forward to what 2017 has to hold. You are all awesome and I wish you all of the luck for the new year! Thank you so much for putting up with me, I love each and every one of you. Here is just a few of the people that made this year bearable by there incredible fics,breathtaking graphics and edit and just their amazing, sparkling personalities. I am so sorry if I have missed you but if I follow you I do love you <3

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Happy New Year everyone <3

im not looking at this i refuse to you cant make me

Award show follow spree

Hey! I get super bored watching award shows (when Taylor isn’t on), and so I want my dash to be full.

Reblog this if you’re a 90%+ TS blog and I’ll check out your blog and likely follow.

Must be following me too please (feariess).

Also, I’ll be studying at the same time so it may take me a while to get to everyone, but I promise I will!

idk like it seems as if parse was trying to anticipate jack’s next move as if he still knew his playing style as well as he used to when they played together, but instead jack was. zooming outta there (learn a few things from bitty, huh?) and it just goes to further display how jack has essentially moved on and parse is still stuck in the past

he actually looked a bit shocked? and bodily flinging himself at snowy and the net,.. that was a desperate move? idk just an observation

isn’t he just the cutest? okay i wanted to do this for you guys!


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The Growing Season - Chapter 3 - jaradel, tiptoe39
By Organization for Transformative Works

The farmers market AU by jaradel and tiptoe39 is now on AO3, with a new chapter!

(Read it from the beginning)

Chapter 3: Dinner by Candlelight

by tiptoe39

Bitty parks his car in the space around back and kicks the door shut. Cooler slung over one shoulder, arms laden with grocery bags, he stumbles around the corner and navigates nearly blind to the door of the bakery. He slams his hip against the door, and it falls open to the sound of jingling bells.

“Welcome– oh, hi, Bitty!” Somehow Chowder can tell it’s him even through the forest of bags. Either that or Bitty’s the only one who shoves his body into the door on a regular basis. “Why didn’t you come in through the back?”

“Because the back requires hands,” Bitty says as he eases his way behind the counter and back through the kitchens, “and I’ve got none to spare.” He does, however, need hands to open the door to his apartment, so he drops all the bags with a clutter of ker-thunks when he reaches the top of the stairs and fumbles for his key.

“Do you need help?” Chowder calls up from the bottom of the staircase.

“You man your post, soldier,” Bitty calls down. “I’ll be right back.”

“Yes, sir!” Chowder salutes him and returns to the counter.

Bitty gets to work putting away the groceries. Fennel, zucchini, carrots and celery stalks; little button mushrooms and broccoli florets; greens and dressing for salad; spices and sauces; two bottles of red wine. When everything’s arranged, vegetables packed into the already-stuffed refrigerator and spices and wine arranged on the counter, Bitty turns his attention to the cooler.

Jack gave him an accounting of the meat packed within, and Bitty was full of ideas as he walked down the aisles of the grocery store, picking up enough fixings to make any number of recipes. But by now he’s pretty sure he knows what he wants to prepare tonight. He’s thinking of the tenderloin, soaked in a red wine marinade and cooked medium rare. Jack seems like a steak man.

Read more at AO3 —>

HELLOOO!! I finally hit my goal and decided to do a tumblr awards as a way to thank anyone that has followed me and stuck around…you guys deserve a lifetime supply of pizza. 

p.s. I’ll be bobbyfinstok once season 4 of teen wolf starts again

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Yes, it’s that time of the month again. Welcome to the November round of The Dean Winchester Graphic Challenge! Totally didn’t reuse an old network graphic what are you talking about guys


To begin:

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  • To join the challenge you need to have at least one example of your work on your blog already.

What next?

  • After the reblogging period is over I will pair everyone who entered up with a partner of equal skill level.
  • You will get an ask telling you your graphic partner’s url, a prompt, and a deadline to post your graphic.
  • Make your graphic based on the prompt; use your imagination and have fun! You can include other characters from the show too, as long as Dean is included.
  • Post your graphic before November 30th. If you can’t get your graphic designed by then or have an outlying circumstance that prevents you, send me a message and we will work it out.
  • Tag your edit with “deangraphicschallenge” and “your partner’s url” in the first five tags.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted unless you message me with the circumstance. Posting the graphic on time is part of the challenge!
  • If your graphic doesn’t show up in the tag make sure to send the graphic challenge blog a message with the link to your work.

What happens to the graphic?

  • All posts will be reblogged to the official challenge blog [probably attached with me freaking out in the tags over how good it is let’s be honest here.]
  • Once you’ve posted your graphic and see it on the challenge blog, you’re done! Good job!
  • Also this is a challenge to expand our skills and have fun. There are no winners or losers.

Got all of that? Good! Then get reblogging, and feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions.