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#like….okay. okay. this is one of my absolute favorite scenes out of the entire film #i’ve posted about this before but GOD zack taylor bravely confesses his love in this little moment between the four of them and it just. #it breaks my heart. because for starters it’s so in character? zack taylor is canonically impulsive and reckless and risk-taking. #he doesn’t always think things through. he acts first and thinks later. it’s part of the whole parkour persona he’s got going on. #so of course in this moment (when he’s feeling anguish/desperation about losing billy) he realizes and says aloud what he’s thinking #“billy probably did die for us. i would too if i could.” just…he just says it. you hear a little hesitation in ludi’s delivery (SO GOOD) #but he just flat out tells them he would trade his life for theirs after knowing them what. ten days? god. zack has fallen so hard. #jason mightve been the one to deliver the sad speech about wanting to trade places with him but it’s zack who steals the show imo #imagine loving someone so much that you’d trade your life for theirs? THEN MULTIPLY THAT BY FOUR #that’s what zack does. he drops the ‘i love you’ bomb. “there are a million different ways to say i love you. you just have to listen.” #I CANT GET OVER THIS LIKE I CANNOT EVER GET OVER THIS zack who had NO ONE BUT HIS MOM two weeks before #is now prepared to give up everything in order to keep these people he loves (l o v e s) safe.


When they learn about other Dark Sides and Thomas asks if there are more. Everyone look at him with serious and sad faces, because tHEY KNOW. And Virgil says “You already know him.” Thomas still doesn’t have a clue, so they try to tell him, but they can’t, cause Thomas doesn’t want to believe that Virgil is originally a Dark Side.

It would make sense if he was. I mean the way he was interacting with Deceit, it was clear they know each other well. Plus, I don’t think the “Aren’t we friends” comment was in character. It really WAS Deceit talking to Virgil. They used to work together. Look how upset Virge looked when they mentioned the Dark Sides. It’s like a chapter he left behind that comes back to him.

Another thing. They said that Deceit has a power of hiding things from Thomas. What if he hid Virgil? That’s why he appeared later. And his mean persona was also a lie. Virgil stated that it makes people keep their guard up. It was his job to be a bad guy, but the others helped him change. He said it himself that working on the issues with them made him realise that he overdoes it. They literally helped him find his inner light and made him believe that his imperfections don’t mean he’s bad.

The appearence of the Dark Sides could open so many arcs for Virgil. Maybe they will try to get him back and convince him that the other don’t really care for him. That he would always be an outcast. That he is different. That he will always be a Dark Side and appear suddenly insted of slowly slide in.

I’m so thankful for this great adventure. @thatsthat24 you, Joan and Talyn are really making an awesome job. Please don’t overwork yourselves, remember that we love you and we are all looking forward to new episodes!

first color palette drawing complete! @sterrenschijnsel i hope you enjoy! thanks so much for sending in an ask!

request: “Virgil + Cherry Soda”


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Patton: Hey, Kiddo. I came to check in on you-

Virgil: Thanks for checking in, I’m still a piece of garbage.

Deceit: Why you always lyin?

Roman: You have no room to talk, Deceit!

Logan: This is why I don’t leave my room..

Virgil: I tried, I failed, I’m going to sleep-

Patton: I will physically fight, each and every one of you.

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I was paired with the lovely @thesocialbookwormishere (who is a saint! She was so patient with me!), go check her writing out! Her attention to details is amazing and I’m just aaaaaa! I was so lucky to have her as a partner!

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listen to me, okay

there is an anime called hunter x hunter, and it spends 500 episodes making you fall in love with these fucking characters. killua is damaged and morally ambiguous and so fucking starved for affection, and then he meets gon who just like radiates goodness and is all about Doing The Right Thing, and gon instantly takes to killua, and killua’s just like Me? I… Me? You’re talking about me? because gon’s the most beautiful person he’s ever met and he cannot believe he’s even worthy of being anywhere near him, nevermind of having his affection. but slowly by slowly killua starts to realise that gon really does want him around, and you get to see this amazing friendship and partnership blossom. and they just LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. and then, after all of that, the fucking CHIMERA ANT ARC HAPPENS AND I HOPE YOU DIDN’T ENJOY HAPPINESS BECAUSE ALL THERE IS FROM NOW ON IS PAIN. 

…and then, after taking that beautiful thing and ripping it in half, the author puts the series on a HIATUS, FROM WHICH IT MIGHT NEVER RETURN.


dešimt - A story told in ten 100-word parts, each sealed with a kiss. Set immediately post-fall. Written for the @hannibalcreative #ItsStillBeautiful event.


Will’s hands and knees dug into the shivering earth. He couldn’t feel it, far past the point of frozen numb.


In a panic, Will’s head whipped around in the blue-black night, the ache in his bones singing as he turned back toward the water. Hannibal’s limp form, suspended in a moonbeam, was floating just out of his reach. Will dove in, frantic, his last bits of strength eking out to pull Hannibal ashore.

They collapsed half submerged in lapping waves. Will curled around Hannibal like seafoam to a cliff’s face, lips grazing his cheek as the world turned dark.


Consciousness came to Will in light and shadow, the room a choking fog. His body felt like stone, surfacing before sinking to the bottom.

Lighter than air he moved— no, was carried, floating from one room to the next. He opened his eyes a sliver. The light in the new room was dim. He fell until he hit the water— no, he was lowered gently until submerged.

A tub, of course. Hannibal sponging at his skin. He reached out blind and caught Hannibal’s hand, brought it to his lips. A weakened kiss pressed into the center of the devil’s palm.

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