‘If it ever gets bad enough here, we’ll move back to Sunset Valley.’

‘Cott, we just bought a house, a house that needs a lot of TLC, no one is gonna buy it in the current condition, we’re here for the long haul.  Stop living in the past.’  He picked a flower from the ground and handed it to her.

She smiled and sighed. ‘I’m sorry, just so instilled in my ways.’

‘Our parents ways.  Leave our past in the past, you can’t stop the hands of time.’

‘The fact you just quoted hair spray makes me love you even more.’ She jumped into his arms and kissed him.


It was going to be a long cold fall that would drift into a harsh bleak winter, that much she could tell from the snow already starting to fall. She had never liked the cold. There were already naked trees scattered throughout the town and it hadn’t even been a full week yet since the frost came in.

She figured Tyler would be packing and out in the next three or so days as he hated the weather more than she ever did, though she didn’t know why. He was a winter baby after-all and weren’t they supposed to flourish in the season they were born? That might’ve been some weird assumption everyone made or something she guessed. Made sense, too, because she was a winter baby right alongside him. 

She could distantly pick up his voice carrying over through the open windows, she really needed to close them, as he talked to the new girl he was on with. Lauren maybe? Leslie? She couldn’t remember. She didn’t mind much. Her fingers felt as much as her feelings did. 

She sighed as she stuffed them back into her pockets and walked back inside. Her fingers were stiff and numb from the cold. “Figures.”, she thought.  


Jupiter: “So Fenrir and I have been discussing about moving in together, but we won’t be able the bills of the house we want, so we would like another couple to live with us. And since you are my sister and dating my bf best friend, it would be the most fitting.
Nyx: “You serious? Jasper would do that?
Jupiter: “Well, he moves in anyway, but if you would come along he would be happier of course.

Title: “Love, I Have Wounds”

Summary: Tsuna was at peace when Irie fired the special bullet straight through the Vongola crest embroidered in his suit.

Disclaimer: We do not own KHR! nor do we own any of its characters.

Tsuna plants a kiss on Takeshi’s cheek. “See you in a bit.”

“Of course you will!” Takeshi hums as he wraps Tsuna in a hug.

Tsuna’s heart shatters just a bit when Takeshi lets go. Today is the day. The day the plan made with Irie even with Kyoya’s disproval and scowling. He knows it will work, so he pushes back the overwhelming amount of guilt to the very back of his soul.

Byakuran doesn’t need any more leverage. Not after all he’s done.

Not after he saw Reborn fading this morning. But Reborn saw something wrong in Tsuna too. He asked so many questions, and Tsuna told too many lies.

Not after Tsuyoshi. Tsuna can feel his heart squeeze from the pain Takeshi is going to go through again. He hates it. He hates this situation and what he’s been forced to do.

Not after he was forced to destroy the Vongola Rings. He still misses the warmth the sky ring had. The connection he felt with the others. He can never forget the sheer betrayal in the Varia and even his own guardian’s actions.

Not after Tsuna’s already betrayed so many of his own and himself to save the whole world. There was a solid month where only the kids had real conversations with him. The others, even Dino and Bianchi, felt too betrayed to speak to Tsuna. Even Takeshi, even his own fiancé would not speak to him. Even Reborn, who was his mentor and so important, ignored Tsuna. He had no other choice. There were no other options without everyone he loved dying. 

Tsuna knew his family understood why he did what he did, but he’s not so sure that they realized that the decisions always hurt him more than them. For they are his world, and their pain always intensified his own. But he had to stay strong, for them, for himself, for his poor Mukuro; for everyone. It was never really about saving the world. It was about saving those that he loved and their hearts and souls.

So Tsuna smiled at the man who took his fragile happiness away from him, from his family, to instead replace it with scars miles deep. Scars that came with trauma and pain, that could disconnect his whole family from him. But he’d walk down this path again and again in a heartbeat. He’d live through eternal pain if it meant sparing what was his. Even if Takeshi ended up with someone else, Tsuna would regret nothing because Takeshi would be alive and well and happy.

Tsuna was at peace when Irie fired the special bullet straight through the Vongola crest embroidered in his suit. 

I love you Takeshi. Forever and always.

Yamamoto’s heart pounds in his chest, his breathing quick but controlled. Greens and browns blur at the edge of his vision. His legs move quicker than they ever have, crushing fallen leaves and weeds, his gaze set on the clearing of trees with the glossy black coffin in the center.

He feels his throat constrict when he sees familiar brown hair and slim shoulders, heart thumping painfully at the nostalgia. He feels a phantom kiss on his cheek, sees ghosts of fond memories. Of happy smiles and joyful laughs, loving hugs and romantic kisses.

He quickens his pace, ducking under low branches from the tall trees, watching his boss’s black suit crinkle as he stands up.

“Tsuna,” his voice is rough and scratchy, breaking into barely a whisper. He stops at the edge of the clearing, vision blurring as Tsuna turns to look at him, his gaze flashing orange.

Yamamoto takes a shaky breath, shoulders rising in time, and he swallows a lump that forms in his throat. Tsuna’s brown eyes are shining with unshed tears, his smile too wide, too desperate. He opens his mouth to speak, but no sound comes out. No explanation, no apology, no loving words would be enough.

Tears form at the corner of Tsuna’s eyes, and seeing his fiancé on the verge of tears breaks something inside him. His dam of emotions floods his body, weighing him down.

Yamamoto clenches his hands into fists as the tears fall from his own eyes fall, creating wet streaks down his face. He lifts a hand to his mouth and falls, knees barely registering the pain of crashing against hard dirt.

Frantic footsteps echo in his ears, and then warm arms wrap around him, hands gripping his back. He hears Tsuna sniffle, feels hot tears fall onto his neck as he buries his face in the crook. Yamamoto lets out a croaky sob, wrapping his arms around Tsuna’s torso, clawing his fingers into the dark suit fabric.

They’re both shaking, crying messes, and Yamamoto laughs at the bitter-sweetness.

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