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I’ve started to really take pride in being strong,
In terms of being happy I’ve never been closer.” [x]

“It feels amazing seeing the song [Our Song] do so well because I wrote it in ninth grade - for my ninth grade talent show - about this guy I was dating and we didn’t have a song, and it was such an innocent way to write a song, not expecting it to be on an album, not expecting it to do anything except be in a talent show. Having it go on the album and then seeing as it became peoples’ favorite was the most exciting and gratifying thing, just to see that, you know, I wrote this song  and now people are singing it in their cars.

It’s the fastest moving song that we’ve ever put out, I mean, it was top ten at like eight weeks… so I’m freaking out. I’m so excited.” - Pre-CMAs with Mike Straka, 2007 [x]


“We’re starting to shoot the video for ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever;’ and I’m first because, clearly I don’t demand late enough call times. So Zayn’s asleep somewhere in London I imagine, under some kind of silk duvet.” [x]