ts ent do you know how much i love you but i hate you at the same time

so let's talk about girl groups.

I’ve been noticing a lot lately-large amounts of hate towards female k-pop groups. And most of it is ridiculous. I’ve spot lighted a couple of female who get too much hate (Hyorin, Ailee, Hyuna, Goo Hara) a time or two before, and as comebacks keep happening, the feeling of misogyny in the K-Pop fandom just gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

So let’s get some things straight.

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  • TS Ent: You bored?
  • Me: No-
  • TS Ent: Here have some of Himchan
  • Me: Thank you, but-
  • TS Ent: Did I mention we're gonna produce a new album for B.A.P again?
  • Me: That's generous of you but-
  • TS ent: Oh I almost forgot the new variety show, here, watch the preview
  • Me: Wow that's really nice but you see-
  • TS Ent: While you're at it, here are some selcas from other members
  • Me: But-
  • TS Ent: Enjoy dying
  • Me: Okay.