ts ent

bap gets one song at mama? ok cool but i want a dope ass intro i want a edit mixture of all their top songs put together i want flashing lights/fireworks/confetti  a marching band live orchestra i want the works for the boys let them go out with a bang.. 

  • Beauty standars issues/ body insecurities
  • personality disorders  
  • mental illness
  • schyzophrenia/hallucinations
  • suicidal thoughts
  • eating disorders
  • social issues/political issues
  • emotionless crowd and word.

I was really touched by the mv, and I was in tears quick maybe because I consider myself touched by one (or three) of these issues. Plus the fact they used an all non-korean cast impressed me.

I’m glad Youngguk is back and the fact that he has problems too just make it deeper… It amazes me how far they’ve come from and how grown up men they are now (will Junhong ever stop growing, don’t think so).

I don’t think I’ll survive the concert

So glad to be a fan of this group



Artist: Bang Yongguk (of B.A.P)

Release date: 170705


Record label: TS Entertainment

Korean Company - CUBE & TS

Everyone talks about the ‘BIG 3’ companies in South Korea (SM, YG & JYP)

SM have given us groups such as Shinhwa, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, Girls Generation, f(x) and EXO.

YG have given us groups like 1TYM, BigBang, 2NE1, WINNER and iKON.

JYP have given us Rain Bi, 2PM, GOT7 and Wonder Girls.

But what about CUBE Entertainment & TS Entertainment?

CUBE have given us Beast, 4Minute, BTOB, CLC and Pentagon.

TS have given us Untouchable, SECRET, B.A.P, Sonamoo and TRCNG.

I think CUBE & TS would make up the 'BIG 5’ companies in Korea, cause they’ve put together some amazing groups with great songs.

Of course every company has their bad & good points. But CUBE & TS should be given fair due next to SM, YG & JYP.

Getting into a Heated Argument With Them: B.A.P



Gukkie would need a bit of time to cool himself down before realizing that he was the one who did the wrong. After that, he would scroll through all of the mutual friends that you two had, trying to find out your whereabouts so he could properly apologise, not just through a text.


Normally, I don’t consider HimChan to be very hot-headed. He would put a lot of thought into what right words to say to not make the situation worse as it is. If the argument actually came to a point where you had to run-away from home then I don’t believe he’d see what he has done and it would take a lot of smaller conflicts with his members to get him back on the right track.


DaeHyun is probably the one person that blows up really fast for no reason at all. He would not feel the argument escalating until he felt his hand going up, seeing red as you cowered away from him before your own hands. As you saw no more threat you instantly tried to leave, but he never let you as he embraced you in his arms and apologized over and over again for not treating you the right way; for being stupid. He promised you the world right then and there.


It’s not that he meant to make the argument escalate, but you simply had a hard week and his stupid little sass-filled questions and nags annoyed you to no end, making you explode all of a sudden. He didn’t take you seriously when you left, but it was becoming worrying when you didn’t come back that night.  He would call you numerous of times and text you a billion and one of instances just to get a hold of you.


JongUp is a sweet man that really hates arguments. He’s a pacifist so usually, he would simply give up in any impending argument that might happen. Therefore, the arguments that you two shared were less. However, when they did happen, they were on a scale of catastrophe and so the both of you agreed that after such an argument you would simply give each-other some time alone to get the stress off.


He’s a baby, why would you even have an argument with him in the first place? He wouldn’t know how to deal with your sudden absence and would probably go crazy of worry for your well-being. Who knew where you were and what you were doing? Thoughts of you getting into an accident would flood his mind and it would be up to his hyungs to actually ask of you to finally come back, because their dongsaeng is going mental.