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Cathedral, Covington, Kentucky - Swooping View by William McLaughlin


DAY 3: Confession or First Date

im a day late but !! not sure what this is,, might be a silent confession or something  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

OK but there was definitely a little while after they got to the cabin and before the goons showed up, right? - before Sam went through the trap door and Dean went outside, ten minutes where Sam put the first aid box down on the table and crossed the room in two steps and they’ve gotten into such bone-deep sync, dead together and then suddenly alive, moving almost wordless through the forest, they’re fighting as far into the fucking drift as you can go 

and so when Sam crosses the room Dean just turns into him and runs a hand up the back of his neck and pulls him down so they’re breathing against each other’s mouths, pressed up close and shifting against each other’s bodies, centres of gravity falling in endless imbalance, and then Sam wrinkles his nose up and shifts back on his heels and Dean pulls a wry kind of smile, hitches his head to the side, says ‘later’ and Sam breathes ‘yeah’ and they get into position 

A few things about that scene in tonight’s Vikings, now that I’ve had a bit of time to gather my thoughts:

  • It had been bothering me all season long that Ragnar’s obviously very genuine baptism at the end of season 3 had been all but forgotten. But now it all makes sense. It’s not about Christian or Pagan. It’s not about Odin or Jesus or Heaven or Valhalla. For Ragnar it is simply a matter of faith. And what was Athelstan if not the embodiment of faith in Ragnar’s eyes? Ragnar’s faith absolutely died with Athelstan.
  • Literally once he survived Paris and went on living back home, it was as a faithless man. It’s not that he doesn’t want to see Athelstan in his Heaven once more. It’s that he has lost the ability to allow himself to believe such a place could even exist.
  • “Athelstan was a man of God.” “And he still died.” Ragnar has lost so many people, and his belief in Gods or an afterlife has never hinged on death. For him death was not a defeat, only a new beginning. Athelstan’s death well and truly stripped him of his faith to the core.
  • So what is he left with if not an eternity in the afterlife with his beloved? Well, seeing the only piece of Athelstan left on this Earth in the form of his only son certainly seemed to bring Ragnar more joy than anything has since the last time he gazed upon Athelstan’s living face.
  • Like I just genuinely feel that seeing Alfred was an essential thing for him before his death. To know some part of Athelstan will go on living. That is a victory for Ragnar in itself.
  • Anyway I do think it’s rlly interesting that they had Ecbert pose the question of which afterlife Athelstan landed in upon his death. I, like Ragnar, have little faith left at this point, but wouldn’t it be lovely if they give us some sign that the two of them will be reunited on the other side after all…
  • Also props to Michael Hirst for at least acknowledging that Ragnar’s downfall and wish for death did indeed spring from Athelstan’s death. In every way that counts, they died together. Ragnar could never get past the burden of such a loss, and everything since then has been in the hopes of ending it all.

Ugh I dunno. I’m beyond caring what people think of my opinions obviously so I’m gonna post this anyway!! Weeee.

My biggest issue with this “spoiler” is that they continue to show how they really feel about the fandom.

Neal, a statutory rapist who sent the main character to jail is celebrated and given a nod with a giant disgusting picture and more dialogue about what a big ole hero he was.

The character the fans love and were hoping for a good storyline for and a romantic whatever number meeting apparently can’t function on his own and gets to assume the role of court jester again. Falling on marbles, getting knocked out or thrown into whatever to put him out of commission, etc etc.

It all very much reeks of them mocking the love the fans have for this character and this couple.

There’s subverting expectations and then there is out right mean spirited trolling and this feels to me like the latter.

They know realistically what people who are diehard fans of the couple wanted to see, a romantic meeting and confirmation that they really would find each other no matter what and be in love no matter what. So they opted to conceive a “boozer” whose appearance is so shocking they can’t even show him in promos combined with veiled “It’s my favorite meeting ever!” comments to put the fans in one frame of mind so the “reveal” is even more ridiculous.

This isn’t a matter of expectations or them not doing what I wanted, I’m far beyond that at this point too, it’s more that they are going so far in the other direction seemingly as a jab to fans, for their own amusement at the expense of those who were invested in the character.

I’m just not sure how I’m supposed to take a character and a story seriously when the creators seem to be more writing for pettiness and shock value rather than real character dynamics and realistic motivations.

We saw what Killian was like after his return from Neverland prior to meeting Emma. He was driven, motivated, breaking into the Queen’s castle, teaming up with Cora, using chemistry to derive dreamshade concentration poisons etc.

Whatever. It just seems like really shitty behavior from two grown men who are resentful that the character and the couple are more popular and valued than all the pointless one off stories they shove in and the Evil Queen they love so much.

Natasha Romanoff listening to Trish Walker’s radio talk through her headphones as she is plotting an escape route on a blue print for her next mission

Melinda May visiting Peggy Carter once in a while to check and see how her original S.O is holding up, and sometimes spending the evenings recalling good memories with another (when Peggy is able)

Daisy Johnson looking through old SHIELD files and finding a fact file on Angie Martinelli, and smiling happily as she reads and learns about the heroics she did in order to help Peggy Carter in times of need back in the day

Jessica jones sitting with her feet on her desk lazily, with a beer in hand, as she watches an old news report on her laptop, showing Lady Sif easily taking on some street thugs with no effort at all and smirking in approval

Wanda Maximoff and Sharon Carter both grieving over the loss of a family member, but supporting each other when they can and eventually helping one another train to utilise more of their skills

Claire Temple helping an injured Bobbi Morse at the hospital, sighing softly with a small smile on her face as she realises she’s making a special career out of helping and aiding superheros 

Karen Page texting Jane Foster in delight when she hears about her old high school friend winning a nobel prize

Jemma Simmons adoring Helen Cho and the brilliant work that she accomplishes, and is always gushing about her when she has the chance



So, well, wow?? I have no idea what to say————— This really means a lot to me; you peeps mean a lot to me. Thank you, all 1600+ of you, so much for being here! I’d like to thank each and every one of you that had decided to stick by this blog for the past few years, and all of you that has joined in during this adventure. Thank you for being here, thank you for being absolutely wonderful and making this experience a very enjoyable one, and thank you for essentially making this blog what it is right now and for helping it grow. Looker was my first attempt at roleplaying in the tumblr community, and when I started the blog I was terrified. Terrified that I wouldn’t find any writing parters and friends, terrified that I’d do something wrong, and terrified over the sheer fact that I was booting up this blog. But here we are, a few years later, and that gut feeling I had back in the day was proven to be completely wrong. I’ve been fortunate to meet so many amazing people and gone through wonderful experiences with all of you. You’ve inspired me and helped me grow; both as a writer and as a person. For all of you, I hope to grow as a writer and roleplayer to keep you entertained! I’m so grateful that I’ve had the chance to contribute something to this community, together with so many amazing writer. Thank you guys for being around, I wish you all the best and love all of you.

I’m 500 % that I’ve managed to forget some absolutely amazing blogs in this list, and by no means is this list exclusive. I adore absolutely every single one of you, and seeing you around is a blessing.
Thank you for being you, and for sticking around!

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HEI HEI HEI !   Wowie ,   I don’t know where to    start    tbh !  It’s been such a blast being on this muse until now tbh   &    I    actually     feel    @ home    here.  LAUGHS !  Shinichi as a character to explore gave me so damn much ,    showed me that you’ll never stop learning  &    changing  and  that there’s always a truth behind everything.      I  mean ,    I   actually ..     enjoy being here so much that I forgot what it feels like to feel pressured to do drafts quickly etc.   This never happened here                     Sure ,    I hated it when it took me long but not because of anxiety or pressure I’ve imagined.  It was because I were too damn tired after work LAUGHS.   Anyway ,    thank you fam for following my slow ass and reading my shitposts and keeping up with my general persona.     That  means  a  lot      &    I feel really accepted.     KISS   KISS !    

                             &       BIAS UNDER CUT.       ART CRED.    

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