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can you please talk about those protections to curtail executive power I'm really, really scared and could use the reassurance thank you


  • Reverse any Supreme Court decision 
    • This includes Obergefell v. Hodges, which made same-sex marriage a constitutional right; Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which reaffirmed a woman’s right to choose first articulated in Roe v. Wade, another Supreme Court case. Grutter v. Bollinger, which instituted affirmative action, the entire body of Civil Rights case law, plus anything related to due process, including the right of minors to due process, your right to an attorney, Miranda rights, inadmissible evidence, etc.
    • (Even if Trump appoints the worst possible SC nominee, they still can’t reverse any of these decisions without a really significant case coming before the Court with new facts, and then they have to write an opinion stating how this case is different than that other case…it’s unlikely to happen.)
  • Write law or repeal any existing law
    • While traditionally, presidents have exerted influence on the legislative agenda (see, Obama’s role in advancing and promoting the Affordable Care Act) they cannot actually write or pass legislation. Bills, joint resolutions, concurrent resolutions, and simple resolutions must be introduced in the House by a Representative.
    • Presidents cannot strike down law. Only Congress can repeal laws, and only the Supreme Court can strike them down as unconstitutional.
    • Presidential influence is just that—influence.
    • (And if—for example—you are hated by 95% of the party you joined last week, and burned all your goddamn bridges by insulting them at various points in your campaign…..they’re unlikely to partner with you in crafting legislation.)
  • Make any law or declaration that infringes in any way on the rights of the states
    • So in the US, most of the rights are reserved to the states. You name it, it’s a state-run power. Criminal procedure and law? States. Medicare and Medicaid? States. The definition of marriage? States. Insurance, health departments, housing, unemployment benefits, public education, all these are state programs. And the president cannot infringe on those powers given to the states.
    • (This is why down-ticket voting is so important, because Mike Pence as governor of Indiana had 800x the power he’s going to have as VP.)
  • Declare war.
    • This one is the most complicated, because with the advent of our “conflicts” in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. there has been a significant shift in the articulation of the war doctrine, and it is one of the least restricted of the president’s “restricted” powers. But, despite all that, a president still has no power to declare war.
  • Unilaterally appoint heads of administrative departments
  • Unilaterally make treaties with foreign nations

Essentially, while presidents have a lot of power, it’s mostly unofficial—they can’t make sweeping laws, they can’t overturn existing rights, the most they can do is refuse to enforce them (which is absolutely a threat! and a problem!) but we aren’t electing de facto royalty here.

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what do u hate about twenty one pilots


ok first of all the band/fanbase seems VERY elitist when it comes to ~not being like those OTHER UNINTELLIGENT rappers~ (see: drake, nicki, travie etc)

u notice a theme there lmao (not to mention lane boy is racist af)

another thing is that the fanbase goes on and on and ON about how ~the CLIQUE IS SO ACCEPTING  WE LOVE EVERYONE~ but will defend a LITERAL TRANSPHOBE over listening to ACTUAL trans ppls complaints

yet ANOTHER elitist esque thing is how the band is like “if u abbreviate our band w NUMBERS and dont TYPE IT OUT u dont ~get our band~” like????????

 ok first of all WHAT is the POINT of abbreviations  exactly???? convenience. and they want u to Not do That

second of all there may be people who find it physically easier to process the post when the abbreviation is  typed out in numbers  (be it dyslexia or not being native to english ) and they want u to Not Do That

third of all???? like… let ppl fuckin abbreviate ur fuckin bands title however the FUCK they want FUCK OFF

ok final gripe i have and its just i dont like their music lmao

7.8/10 too much deep not enough Fun

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re: your post on Christians being killed and the 'bias' against reporting it: it's not an anti-Christian bias, it's a bias against black and brown people, specifically in non-western countries. there are so many mass-killings that we never hear about because they're in countries that are predominantly non-white. it's not because they're Christian, it's because they're not white. when the church in Charleston had a mass shooting that received plenty of coverage.

I agree with you, anon. You’re absolutely right. I think that, however “progressive” the news media (or even Hollywood) claim to be, they have in the past and still often minimize stories involving black and brown people. That isn’t to undermine the great strides that have been made today or the great people who have made news or have had Hollywood success in the past, but the bias can still be there, even if you don’t notice it at first.

But that brings me to my next point. While you think it’s one bias and not the other, I wholeheartedly believe that an anti-Christian and an anti-black and brown people bias, specifically in non-western countries as well, coexist

I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of Christian voices out there still or that we haven’t been louder in older days of America. But what I am saying is that in much of mainstream media, there is a very strong but often hard to notice anti-Christian bias. And in the case with Christians being repeatedly put to death in certain Middle Eastern countries, it’s a combination of anti-Christian and anti-black and brown people from non-western countries.

You’re absolutely right; there are hundreds of mass-killings that happen all the time in non-western countries that aren’t given the time of day in Western news. Not even in a low-key article. But you’re not understanding the difference that separates this tragedy from the others, even by just a little.

This specific event is being done repeatedly and has gone on for years now. You wanna know when I first start hearing about Christians being beheaded, crucified, or shot in groups at a time, specifically for their faith, often by the same group of people? I think it was at least 3-5 years ago. And every time I looked to mainstream news media to tell me more about it, I heard about suicide bombers in the Middle East (another specific event that’s been happening for years now) and nothing more.

So what else could it be? It has to be a brown and black, non-Western people bias, but there has to be an anti-Christian bias here as well. Tragedies like suicide bombings are mentioned because they’re relevant to the terrorism threat and fear we have in the West right now. Tragedies like mass shootings, whether they are in churches or in schools, are mentioned because they’re also relevant to the fear and violence we have in America right now. Some events, even if they theoretically wanted to, cannot be ignored by the news media. 

Christians in the Middle East who are repeatedly being killed are not mentioned in the news media because of a bias against Christian, non-Western, black and brown people.

I feel like asexuals would make great sidekicks for pansexuals. Or pansexuals would make great sidekicks for asexuals. Really, the pansexuals could go either way.


If you’re free my wife and I would love to have you for dinner.


- Furuya-kun pitched well.
- Yeah, he pitched like a true ace.

Happy Asexual Awareness Week! Here are some of my favorite ace!Cas, Dean/Cas fics in order of word count:

An Angel’s (Lack of) Desire

1,100 words

He had hoped that it was an “angel thing”, despite overwhelming evidence on the contrary (See: Gabriel, Anna), but Castiel’s grace was gone, and he was still as asexual as a human as he was as an angel.

Feather Bed

1,200 words
Major character death

Castiel has taken to sleeping in Dean’s bed.

Ace of Hearts

4,200 words
College au

Castiel is different. He’s known that for years and he has accepted that no one will ever want to be with him. Then Dean Winchester happens.


5,000 words
(Personal favorite)

He tries to explain.

The State of My Heart

5,500 words
High school au

Castiel learns something about his sexuality, and things get complicated.

Music Be the Food

9,700 words
Major character death
Sam/Gabriel side pairing

karass - a group of people who, often unknowingly, are working together to do God’s will.

duprass- a karass composed of only two persons. A duprass “is a valuable instrument for gaining and developing, in the privacy of an interminable love affair, insights that are queer but true.” It “is also a sweetly conceited establishment.” [ 55 ]

― from Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle

How many slams in an old screen door?

15,700 words
College theater au

In which Castiel is a theatre major terrible at first impressions; Dean is a set designer who likes Cas anyway; and the most chaotic production of Les Miserables in history somehow manages to go off without a hitch. Or, just as you should never give a moose a muffin (because he’ll want some jam to go with it), you should never give a blank check to a university theatre department. (Please read the notes)

Of Shampoo and Fruit Flies

17,600 words
Roommate au

Dean’s roommate is not what anyone would call ordinary. Cas is asexual, and autistic, and he frustrates other people with his unrelentingly ‘childish’ ways – but it’s different with Dean: they have an exceptional bond, something truly profound. Dean figures Cas wouldn’t respond to the idea of a crush the way most people would, so he has no intention of telling him he’s been harbouring non-platonic feelings for him for years. Then one night everything falls to pieces: Cas overhears something he wasn’t meant to hear. Things were never normal between the two of them, but now they might never be comfortable again.

In Our Nature

62,200 words
Work in progress
Omega verse

It’s said that when you meet your truemate, every other person dims around them. There’s nothing like it, that base connection, that inescapable, magnetic pull. It’s the ideal, the thing fairy tales and romance novels are built on.

The day Dean Winchester meets Castiel Novak, he’s sure he’s never met someone so far from that ideal.

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TS are getting older. Most people their ages are starting to settle down, getting married and having babies. They' ll be 29 and 30 after Olympic! TS are aware of this, yet still continued to commit to each other. Even though it's been 20YEARS, they're still not sick of each other, love spending time together, and keep finding their way back to each other--that's incredible after ALL the time they've spent together, making me think this time around there is a good chance they're a couple

Finding their way back to each other. I love that. So much.

no but i wanna know about the disabled community in the wizarding world, did they oppose the instant ‘fixes’ of disabled people who weren’t hurt by magic, or did it depend on the impairment

did they advocate for the installation of ramps or lifts in hogwarts

did they campaign for nonverbal spells to be taught to nonverbal kids at a young age

what was their view of St. Mungo’s, did they cry out for community care solutions

what was the disabled movement like, when did it start, did they achieve any success, I have so many questions

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i finally thought of a prompt!!! dean know cas is ace and he's 100% fine with it but one day cas is acting a little flustered around dean and dean can't figure out why (it's because he's getting chubby) so then they have the whole 'i don't like sex but i have this kink' talk (((because kinky ace people deserve attention too)))

“Cas, what’s up with you lately?”

“I have no idea what you’re referring to, Dean.”

“Really? You mean it’s my imagination how weird you’ve been around me lately?”


Dean sits at the kitchen table and gestures for Cas to sit across from him. “You’ve been looking at me weird. Like you–I don’t know, like you’re ready to jump my bones or something.”

Cas squints. “I don’t understand what that–”

“Sex, Cas. You look like you want to have sex with me.”

“Oh. No, I’ve never desired that. We’ve had this con–”

“Then what’s the deal?”

Cas blushes and looks down at the table, and Dean is so fucking confused. “It’s not–it’s not a sexual attraction, but…”

“But what?”

“You’re gaining weight.”

What. “Come again?”

“In the past month or so, you’ve started gaining weight–quite rapidly, I might add–and I…it pleases me. It’s very, um, pleasurable to watch.”

Dean stares open-mouthed at Cas for several long seconds.

“I don’t know why. Apparently I am aesthetically attracted to fat or something.”

Dean can tell Cas is embarrassed, more embarrassed than when he explained how he doesn’t feel sexual attraction, so he decides to take this seriously. “It’s OK, Cas. Not the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Are you–what do you want to do about it?”

Cas looks back up at Dean and tilts his head. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you said it’s–pleasurable or whatever. But are you comfortable with that? I mean, you’ve been acting kind of awkward, so I’ll go on a diet if it–”

“No! I mean. I’ve been acting strange because I didn’t want to tell you. I definitely do not want you to lose the weight you’ve gained.”

Dean can feel his cheeks heating up. Talking about how he’s porked out recently isn’t exactly the most fun conversation. But hey, if Cas likes it then who the fuck cares. The more junk food the better. “Would you like me to…keep gaining weight?”

Now Cas’ cheeks are reddening. “You may do as you please, Dean, but it would make me very happy if you continued to gain weight.”

“How much?”

“Whatever you feel comfortable with.”

Dean smiles sheepishly at Cas and says, “You’ve been pushing me to eat more lately, haven’t you?”

“I–yes, perhaps I have. I would, um, I would love to feed you by hand sometime.”

Dean’s only a little bit confused when his dick twitches at the idea. He simply nods at Cas, and that’s the end of the conversation.

There’s a fundamental shift in their relationship after that, though. Cas stops being awkward and starts being more inappropriate than he probably realizes.

Cas has never really wanted more physical contact than just a touch to the shoulder or the hand, but now he wraps Dean in his arms and grabs at his belly any chance he can get. After particularly big meals, he reaches over and shoves his hand up under Dean’s shirts without warning. He pinches Dean’s ass and hips when they pass by each other, and he curls against Dean’s side at night and presses the heel of his hand all over Dean’s stomach until they both fall asleep. And none of that even compares to the times Cas has fed Dean and stuffed him so full of food that he can’t move.

Sure, Dean’s had to buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate his growing waistline, but it’s fucking awesome. He’s never gotten this much attention in his life, and, well, to be honest, being well fed is better than having sex.

I think it would be really cool if in Taylor’s next music video the love interest wasn’t just a straight, white, cisnormative, able-bodied male. Like, imagine how cool we could get with diversity and the messages which Taylor’s sending out. With someone who is non-white, we can stop the bullshit rumours that Taylor is “racist” going around. Or someone who is trans or not able-bodied? Imagine how awesome that would be. It would provide actors who are discriminated against roles, and would also help to show all the support which Taylor provides. It would also be a chance for Taylor to turn around and say “you know what, I’m not going with society’s ideas about who should be cast for roles”.

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Another thing with the whole dancer situation is that even if TS was aware of the dancers leaving then there's a very high probability that she never would have hired them b/c, despite what some think, T is a very successful business woman &from a business POV it would be ridiculous to hire people you know would be leaving before the end of tour. It just wouldn't make sense to hire someone that couldn't fulfill a contract. It would be much more logical to hire people who could go until the end🤷

Agree. And to simplify it even more if she knew they were leaving then she wouldn’t have been so upset and feeling like Katy tried to disrupt her tour. This whole dancer thing would be a nonissue. Clearly she was taken unaware and was unprepared for them to leave the way they did.

♚ My aromantic story for Aromantic Awarness Week ♚

when i was a kid, life was easy. i had a lot of friends, we laughed and played together.

when i was 11, my best friend told me that she has a crush on a boy. i didn’t know what “crush” really means, but in this moment i felt she’s going somewhere where i can’t follow, so i said “me too”

(i still didn’t understand crushes, but we could talk about the boy together, drew hearts in notebooks and write cheesy poems about him. it was our shared secret, so i guessed it’s just another fun thing to do with your friend)

when i was 13, i met a girl. she was my perfect friend, realization of my dreams. we were together all the time, we held hands while walking streets, we spent many nights lying awake in the bed together just talking about everything and nothing. she had many boyfriends, but i wasn’t jealous, she said she doesn’t love them like she loves me

(many years later, she met a guy, married him and moved with him to another country. i’m still not jealous, but there’s a void in my heart that cannot be filled)

when i was 15, most of my friends already were in romantic relationships. i still didn’t know what being in love is like. but i could talk about people being hot and wanting to have sex with them, so i could fit into conversations about love intrests

(sometimes they’d ask me why i’m still single, and i’d half-jokingly say “maybe i’m just emotionally cold”, even if i knew that there’s sun burning in my heart and waves of passion flowing through my mind)

when i was 17, i gained another friend, and there was something special about him. i wanted to be as close to him as humanly possible, to touch his skin and his soul. we started to date. it was uncomfortable and felt unnatural, but if it was for him, i could endure it. in the end, he broke up with me and all i felt was quiet relief

(since then i tried to date couple of times but finally decided that i’m done with it, because i didn’t enjoy breaking people’s hearts or being accused of leading someone on just because i couldn’t see them in romantic light)

when i was 19, i started to wonder if there’s something wrong with me. my friends started to move in with their partners, planning marriages and lives together, and i still was irked by any romantic notion

(i had to explain myself to friends and family more and more often, especially since i started to be sexually active. “i just don’t feel like settling down yet” i’d say. “don’t worry, you just have to find the right person” they’d comfort me. i’d nod and smile, even if the smile was as fake as their concern)

when i was 21, i stumbled accross the world “aromantic” and suddenly everything made sense.

i’m not broken.

i’m not freak.

i’m myself and i love so many things and people, and my love isn’t less valid than romantic love.

i still have to deal with amatonormativity, with not always positive reactions to coming out, with people questioning my orientation and with negative labels.

it didn’t suddenly got all better.

but i know who i am and i learn everyday how to accept myself.


The Adventures of Harold the Elephant, chapter 2
Part 2 of the Seeking Friendship ‘Verse

In honor of Asexual Awareness Week

“You’re only 23 years old! How could you possibly think you’re mature enough to get married? And where are you going to do it legally, huh? Out in fucking California?”

“Well, gee, Dad, that is where I live. Seems like the logical fucking place to do it, doesn’t it? You don’t have to come, you know. It’s not like I’m inviting you anyway.”

Cas sighs and drops his head into his hands. He feels a strong hand on his back a second later.

“It’s OK, Cas, we expected this, right?”

He lifts his head and sees Sam’s chest, so he lifts his head some more in order to see his pitying smile. He’s grown a lot since Cas saw him six months ago. “Yes, Sam, we did. I just wish I was in there with him.”

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A documentary I made about the real struggles that kids with Tourette Syndrome go through. Please reblog and help spread awareness!