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Tony as an Artist Headcanon

I know everyone talks about how Steve is an artist and went to art school but I truly believe that Tony is an artist too. I’m not talking about artist in a creator sense but as a designing and drawing kind of way.

I mean does one look at how wonderfully drawn the Mark-1 designs are in IM1? They are so detailed and intricate and the only person who could have drawn them is him. To validate that Yinsen asks Tony what all the papers are and he puts them together to show Yinsen the Mark-1 suit.

Plus he probably needed a way to design and create the objects in his head as a genius kid and might not have all the tools yet so he took to pen and paper and taught himself the skill to draw out intricate designs and learn how art, perspectives and proportions work so that he can create a base idea of how the invention is going to look.

So we fast forward to when the Avengers all live in the tower together and Steve visits Tony everyday and sketches or does paperwork while just being in the presence of the genius. Tony always asks to see Steve’s art with great enthusiasm. Steve always obliges because who is he to deny Tony anything really.

It became routine that Steve was the artist and Tony the inventor but one day when Steve falls asleep on the couch. Tony gets a bit of a roadblock in his inventing and needs a bit of stress relief. Trying to stay away from bad habits and is a bit tired of playing with his bots (daddy needs some alone time okay?) he notices Steve’s sketchbook laying on his chest. Carefully Tony plucks the book from Steve and opens to a new page and begins to doodle in the notebook. Once he finishes he doesn’t think to remove the sketches because it’s Steve he knows everything and Tony doesn’t really think about it much after putting the sketchbook back where he got it from.

Later Steve is going through his pad to find a page filled with art sketches that are completely in a different style than his own making him sure that he was not the one to draw this. He begins to wonder who in the world took his pad to draw in when he realized that all the sketches were of the workshop and there is only one other person who knows the place so intricately as him: Tony Stark. At this point he is flabbergasted at the fact that not only is Tony an outstanding artist but also the fact that it never occurred to him that Tony might be when he was a genius creator and inventor.

Steve carefully extracts the sketches from his notebook and finds a frame to put them in and hangs it in his room. He thinks it’s special and he wants to cherish it but he’s also possessive and selfish enough to not want to share this part of Tony with anyone.

It was in that moment when he finally placed the sketches on his wall besides his window that he wants to be with Tony. That this man was perfect for him. They already do what most couples do except the romantic parts of the relationship and Steve could imagine waking up in the morning and drawing a naked sleeping Tony tangled in their bedsheets.

So after getting a pep talk from both Sam and Natasha, because those two have been smacking him around to actually go ask the other man out, Steve asks Tony to go to a paint session with him in his art studio one flow above the workshop and order take-in.

They spend their first date painting each other Tony deciding to go more abstract while Steve goes more literal and having fun while drinking expensive wine (Tony drinks cranberry juice because he wants to get alcohol out of his life) and just having fun.

At the end they reveal the paintings and Steve loved the painting Tony did of him and vise versa but this is the first time Tony has ever actually showcased his art skills and is taken aback at how positively happy Steve is with his piece. He tries to down play it but Steve just glares at Tony hotly before deciding to hang it up on the wall of his favorite art pieces.

Tony placed Steve’s next to it and that is how art Thursdays become a monthly thing for them.

Bonus: on their wedding day they made everyone including themselves wear white and started a paint war completely ruining their suits but later after they have come back from their honey moon they find them encased in glass in Steve’s studio with a plank on each one says:


Theory time.........

There was something about this whole narrative, that wasn’t adding up for me. I was having a hard time putting my finger on it, then Camila released that description about her album, and it started making more sense.

They want us to believe, this whole narrative took place in 2016, but when you remember back and realize, the 2016 narrative was just a revamped version of the 2015 narrative, it all begins to fall into place.

Everyone latched on to that July 4 2016 Brazil snap, of her alone, writing in a hotel bathroom, while the girls were out celebrating together, as the time she began writing “I have questions”. That’s exactly what Management hoped you’d do. If one paid attention though, you would see that the more important snap happened back in October 2016. She snapped a photo of her writing in a bathroom, with the caption ”destroyed”. First, July - October does not equal 6 months, no matter how crappy your math is. Second, the 7/27 tour was coming to an end, and with that caption, I actually think, that is when she finished writing “I have questions”.

The only tour date they had in early 2016, was Dubai. So, unless she started writing it in a Dubai potty, the rest of early 2016 was spent promoting WFH. She stated she started writing that song, “a little over a year ago” while on tour. I think her “a little over a year ago” means the last few months of 2015, September-November. That she eventually had to face her problems, and she finally went back to the lyrics she started from the year before, and finished the song, then wrote a sad song every day until she got sick of writing sad shit. That song seems to be a catalyst for her, and I’m thinking it probably  “destroyed” her to finally finish it.

Camila was asked recently, in an interview, when her anxiety showed itself and started becoming a real problem for her. Her answer was, 2015. Everything started in 2015. Her anxiety, the fucking narrative, the division, EVERYTHING!!

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i know this may seem like a very simple message to give, and it is, but it’s also one of the hardest ones to understand.

 i’m in a very good place in my life and i’m definitely better than i was 3 years ago, but this is still something i have to remind myself every day, and when i find it hard to believe, sometimes i look for things that i know that can cheer me up, like playing with my dog, hugging my mom, listening a song i used to love but forgot and watching funny videos, between those there are Thomas Sander’s videos, who are always so fun and positive. today i watched his “reasons to smile today” and honestly i felt my mood improved dramatically, so i thought maybe if you’re in a bad place mentally right now, or know someone who is in one, you could watch some of his videos if you don’t know them. and remember this message. 

also, this is the quote i found:

“There is too much good happening and I firmly believe you will contribute to that good. You’re allowed to feel sadness. You’re allowed to feel fear. Many people are going through things I could never even possibly understand. And I hope to be there to try to understand as best as I can, and I hope the we will all do that. But the important thing to keep in mind is… You’re also allowed to feel happiness. You all deserve happiness.” - Thomas Sanders. ( @thatsthat24 )


My finals are over so I’m opening commissions again!!!

*~ info~*

  • email me at hatepotionart@gmail.com
  • include anything you think I might need for the drawing! (pose, description, personality, references) so I can have the most accurate idea of what you want
  • BUST: +character: $5
  • HALF BODY: +character: $7
  • FULL BODY: +character $10
  • BACKGROUND: Flat colour or simple shape for free, $10 for actual bg
  • I won’t draw gore, NSFW, animals or heavy machinery. If you have any doubts, just ask me!
  • more examples of my drawings here

Tumblr’s gonna ruin the quality but here’s the piece I teased yesterday (click please!)

Just a big fuckin dragon curled into a ring

This is actually what the Wyrms look like in Triple Star. The Wyrms are basically classic western dragons covered in spikes and with massive clunky bodies. They weren’t very good fliers which is probably one of the reasons they’ve gone extinct, and also, they were incredibly territorial and hardly ever tolerated each other for long enough to produce offspring

Artist help needed!

Ok so I normally don’t ask these things, but I need help creating art for a couple of my fics. One of them – Shared My Body and My Mind With You (That’s All Over Now) – was supposed to have an artist since it was part of 2016′s Olicity Fic Bang, but that fell through a couple of times. I would totally make graphics myself but I don’t have access to PS anymore, boo. :(

I’m also focusing back on another WIP called This is the Way You’ll Remember Me, which is an Olicity P&P AU. I haven’t updated it in a long time, but I’m writing the latest chapter as of this moment, and hope to devote my time to this story now. 

If you’re an artist and would like to make a graphic that I can put on my stories (or one of them, doesn’t matter), that would seriously make me the happiest person in the world. I totally understand if these stories are too long and not your cup of tea, but anyway, please message me if you’re interested!

anonymous asked:

Do you know how insulting it is for "all artist" to use an eye drop tool. Do you guys even have any art talent or what? If you don't like someone else's style, fine, but don't insult people who spent time drawing something that isn't intended for you. Make your own art and stop acting like brats because you didn't get what you wanted.

1) using the eye drop tool has nothing to do in regards to how a person draws. you can use the correct skin tone and still have your art style

2) we’ve literally… never…. insulted anyone… for how they draw. we’ve said this multiple times (in one of the last asks actually thanks for reading) and i guess i’ll reiterate it: we would never insult anyone’s art style/how they draw. it’s always been about whitewashing.

3) um we do actually make our own art. all of us mods actually. in fact, this is mod keith’s art blog (incredible… they DONT whitewash… almost as if… its possible)

thanks so much for the feedback, the brat pack appreciates it

-mod hunk


I loved God. More than anything. And then He created you.

the whole lucifer and cas dynamic is so interesting
the angel who hated humanity and the angel who loved it all too much


Beetles WIP

Here is something different from the things I usually make: beetles! I was in town last week and saw these wooden boxes and suddenly got the idea to make beetles and put them in those boxes for display.
I was of course inspired by Animal Crossing to make just these and people who have played the game will recognize them (hopefully) as the Goliath Beetle, the Rainbow Stag and the Hercules Beetle! They are as you can see not in real life size, because they are made to fit into the boxes I bought. 

The legs are sculpted with black Fimo Soft and the body is roughly sculpted with white Sculpey III over a wire armature. Please note that I have never in my life sculpted bugs before and that I’m only making these for fun.

My secret santa drawing for Armellin whose art is absolutely jaw dropping, I hope you enjoy this and happy holidays to you and your loved ones. ;u;