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Hi! I’m opening commissions!  

*~ info~*

  • email me at hatepotionart@gmail.com
  • include anything you think I might need for the drawing! (pose, description, personality, references) so I can have the most accurate idea of what you want
  • BUST: +character: $5
  • HALF BODY: +character: $7
  • FULL BODY: +character $10
  • BACKGROUND: Flat colour or simple shape for free, $10 for actual bg
  • I won’t draw gore, NSFW, animals or heavy machinery. If you have any doubts, just ask me!
  • more examples of my drawings here

hey can ppl stop attacking actual PoC for the way they draw fictional characters

can we stop prioritizing fictional characters over actual real PoC

like yeah, internalized racism is a thing, and being a person of colour doesn’t stop anyone from having harmful opinions – i recommend watching the student produced film A Girl Like Me for a really good look at this issue, as presented by young African American women (warning for use of slurs, iirc in a context of quoting smth said by a person not present in the video, and also warning because you might cry at part of it) – but nobody is going to get anywhere by attacking the real people who are affected by racism in real life for how they draw fictional characters. that’s just gonna make those real people feel real bad. and we don’t need to be making already marginalized people feel isolated or attacked, and especially not now.

like if you wanna have a real conversation w/ somebody abt possible racism in media, internalized or not, or why they made certain choices, it’s one thing, but at the end of the day, experience and studies both show: if someone feels attacked, if they feel like they are being told they are “wrong”, they will cling even  more fiercely to their previous decisions, and they will not change their mind. TL:DR - online arguments have no winners. save your anger for, idk, fighting the current potus & his fascist supporters.

“sam this sounds awfully specific”

“naw it’s just general i swe”

sam this sounds awfully specific


specifically i’m talking about frisk, who is presented in game with simpsons yellow skin, can we stop telling people they’re wrong for drawing frisk with a skintone that doesn’t meet some arbitrary standard, because simpsons yellow does not translate well to a natural skin colour. very few artists are able to use simpsons yellow effectively. for most people, the choices are either to desaturate or to move to a different hue, and adjust from there. you cannot match it.

but like, i saw someone tell a chinese person that they were wrong for drawing frisk as a light skinned chinese character. are you really gonna do that?

like yeah, personally, i’m gonna raise my eyebrows if someone’s frisk looks about the same colour as, idk, milk, but as long as they’re a different colour than chara, that’s really the only standard you can hold fanart to, as based on the in-game sprites. (which are, officially, the only canon materials.)

I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.
I do not think that they will sing to me.

                       T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

March is coming, so here’s one of the last illustrations we prepared for Cartoomics. Today, pencil and some colour touches only.


I loved God. More than anything. And then He created you.

the whole lucifer and cas dynamic is so interesting
the angel who hated humanity and the angel who loved it all too much

My secret santa drawing for Armellin whose art is absolutely jaw dropping, I hope you enjoy this and happy holidays to you and your loved ones. ;u;


As requested! character breakdowns :)  Explaining the features I focus on when trying to nail a likeness.  Hopefully this is helpful to someone somewhere? 

Basically I started with the same base for all of them, and set up the features accordingly?  I am terrible explaining things lol.

References found via google.

I’m no expert, but I am always willing to help out artist friends if I can.  Also this was fun to do!  Profiles are my favorite!

so i originally posted this to snapchat and some people wanted it posted on here with a little more explanation so I figured, why not

this is basically how I learn to draw characters in my own style, that still resemble the actor themselves. and just a disclaimer, I wasn’t doing this purposely as a tutorial originally, so it’s very shitty and my handwriting is atrocious sorry about that

okay so first step is that I draw directly from reference. you can do this with a TON of different photos from many different angles and expressions, but since this was more of a warm up excersize for me, I just did very neutral, fully facing photos, and very quick sketches

like i said, they don’t have to be exact haha. just try and nail down the basics.

and step two is outlining those basics, and making a note of some of the most distinct features

now step three is to keep all those little mental notes in mind and EXAGGERATE them in your own style. To what extent you change their features is up to you, but if you have a very styleized look to your art, I’d maybe suggest breaking this part into multiple steps, going through transformations. my style is pretty straightforward, just slightly cartoony. you can see what i choose to exaggerate and hilight below:

step four is just practice practice practice drawing the characters in your own style with a bunch of different expressions. i’m working on more TFA fanart now, but I don’t have too many examples of more doodles and drawings of these guys yet! This was my first go at trying to nail their faces, which I haven’t had to do in a while cuz most fandom art I’ve been doing for years and have had plenty of practice. It helps that these three have very interesting and expressive faces and are a lot of fun to mess around with! sorry i don’t have more examples of them in my style

and just to recap: this is how they went from my first, more realistic reference drawings, to completely free-handed in my style:

hope this maybe helped anyone? lol shittiest tutorial ever i know