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Pranks and Princes

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To the anon who requested a one-shot where the reader doesn’t know Loki likes her! 

It had all started that morning.

“LADY Y/N! COME HAVE BREAKFAST WITH LOKI AND I!” Thor yelled bursting through your room. You had jumped disturbed from reading your book as a hand maiden braided your long H/C hair. The maiden giggled as she twisted your hair for the last time and then tied it off.  You had always made sure to look your best because you may have had a crush on the younger prince.

“Thank You Dagmar.” You patted her hand and gathered your skirts to join Thor and Loki. You had to admit, you really did not want to accompany Thor because he was too loud. You didn’t have much of a problem with Loki though. He was usually quiet and reserved or so you thought.  You made your way down the halls and into the dining hall. Nobody was present except for Thor, Loki, and the warriors three.

As you approached the table you went to sit down next to Loki when suddenly your butt hit the stone floor beneath it as your heart calmed itself from the mini heart attack you were experiencing.  Laughter permeated the air around you as tears stung your eyes the heat of embarrassment creeping up your cheeks.

“LADY Y/N ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” Thor asked around a chuckle. You were dumbfounded until you heard a small chuckle come from your left. Your eyes landed on Loki. You should have known with his mischievous nature. You jumped up, brushed your ass off and proceeded down the hall.

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“Where are you going?” Volstagg asked with a mouthful of food. “Breakfast has only started.”

“I um. I really need to go I forgot that Frigga requested my help with something.” You muttered twisting your braid around your finger.  In reality you had bee-lined for your room once again. You rushed through the door and into your personal rest room to hide.  You recovered after an hour or so after burying your embarrassment in a book. Thor had requested you spar with him and the warriors, and despite your embarrassment you felt the need to show your face.

You changed your dress to a more appropriate sparring outfit and so you headed out to the field in which the warriors liked to spend their time rough housing or training. You couldn’t help feeling your stomach sink when you spotted the raven haired prince from afar. A scoff tore its way out of your throat.

~2 hours later~

Fandral grunted as he hit the ground beneath him as you kicked his legs out from underneath him. You giggled as you offered your hand. You couldn’t hide it you found Fandral very attractive, and he had been open flirting with him all day.

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“I think I’m done having my ass handed to me.” He said as you helped him to his feet.

“I’ll fight her.” Loki offered. You rolled your eyes but weren’t going to back off. Within minutes you were circling Loki.

“You see Fandral the key is to surprise your opponent.” He said when suddenly he lunged past you. You swung around to find Loki holding his knife and something else, something long and twisted. Then it dawned on you. You ran your fingers through your hair. Nope. No hair. It had been severed completely short. Tears stung your eyes as clones of Loki surrounded you laughing holding replicas of your hair. Within seconds your sorrow turned into rage. You spun around tackling the prince to the ground causing all clones to disappear.

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“Why are you such a prick!” You yelled feeling your hair falling around your face. Loki was stunned for a moment. That is until he pushed you off of him and straddled you himself. You struggled for a moment until the look on his face rendered you motionless. He leaned down beside you.

“You look gorgeous with your new haircut.” He whispered and then kissed your cheek. By this time the warriors had grown bored with the sparring and it was only you two left on the field.

“I like you Y/N, and I have no other way of showing it. I apologize.” He said eyes softening losing the mischievious glint.

“Shut up and kiss me.”

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anonymous asked:

hi, so i love destiel, but it really bothers me how they're trying to vote destiel over a canon f/f ship that recently faced a huge blow. i really do feel that clexa needs this victory to show how the creators have hurt the lgbtq fans and queerbaited us (also because it's a CANON ship you know), all i'm asking is that maybe just for once, the spn fandom backs down and lets a canon, revolutionary f/f queer ship have the representation it deserves over a noncanon ship. do you get what i mean?


“All i’m asking is that maybe just for once, the spn fandom backs down and lets a canon, revolutionary f/f queer ship have the representation it deserves over a noncanon ship”

 Whoa, let me stop you right there. 

See here’s the thing; I watch the 100. I love Clexa. In fact, I’d pick Clexa over any other ship on the 100 any day. I personally think that it’s fucking rude, how Jason R handled this; there were other ways to go about it even if the actress won’t be available in the near future. I have all the respect in the world for this ship, and if Clexa wins the poll, I think it would be well deserved. 

But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to fight for our own ship. You wanna talk queerbaiting? Yes, let’s!

“The ship being canon’ aside, the Destiel fandom has had its fair share of it. Writers knowing what they’re doing to play Lgtb+ fans and leave them hanging, and knowing exactly how to do it. And they’ve done it for years with Destiel. 

Using romantic tropes for them, adding millions of ‘almost’ moments and tons of subtext, but never quite going there. Everybody knows what the fuck is going on: show runners, writers, fans, popular media sites have called the show out on it in lengthy articles. Yet they never deliver. 

Some of the most blatant examples:

( Misha played Cas feeling like a jilted lover, as asked by Jeremy Carver)

Or this, writers leading you on:

Or this, the exact same lines and tropes being used for a heterosexual couple on the exact same show:

Which brings me to this:

Or this because ‘hAHA’, everyone knows:

Or this:


Or this, even the actors exactly knowing what’s going on, even if it’s only ‘implied’:


Not to mention that ‘boner scene’ where Cas was viewed the way any love interest would:

Not to mention all of the other ridiculous unnecessary stares that were in no way platonic:

Besides, as I’ve explained before, the kind of queer baiting that’s going on with Destiel is so subtle but so very much there: [x]

Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t said a bad word about Clexa (I enjoy the ship, actually) and I wouldn’t do anything to sabotage them, but please don’t make people feel guilty for sticking up for their own ship. 

And I get it, the Clexa fandom is suffering right now (and with good reason) but even though Rothenberg was a dick about how he ended it, at least you guys got the confirmation that Clarke/Lexa had those kind of romantic feelings for each other, got an actual on screen kiss and a sex scene, whereas the Lgtb+ fans who’ve been loyal to SPN for years are still being called insane for seeing Destiel even after all of the above shit (and much more) has been happening for over freaking 8 years now. 

I’m not saying we have it worse, I’m not saying anyone has it worse. I’m just saying that, with all due respect, we are all fighting for our own ships and own representation. Sadly, Lgtb+ ships are still treated terribly in almost every fandom, but I think no one has to ‘back down’ from things that they’re passionate about. 

Clexa fans should vote for Clexa, Destiel fans should vote for Destiel, and I’m sorry if you disagree. 

*is still deliriously re-watching season 9 and regrets never flailing publicly about 9x18*

It’s been a year, let’s rewatch the trainwreck that turned me into this shipper mess with some serious hindsight goggles. Fair warning I’m only watching at all because I’m ill and exhausted and it’s making me weird so as always the read more is optional when I’m like this, unless you expressly followed me because my delirious ramblings amused you. :P

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