A él me acerqué en septiembre,
creo que lo conocía del marzo anterior…
Diciembre trajo la soledad y su ausencia,
pero octubre fue lo más bonito a su lado,
No hubo febrero y cartas,
ni julio o marzo de abrazos con hojas…
Pasó noviembre de su sonrisa diaria,
y en enero lo pensaba más que nunca.
Mayo vendrá y la cicatriz alguna vez,
Y yo le pensaré tanto, incluso con la lluvia de agosto,
incluso con su santoral en abril…
Pese a que no llegamos ni a junio ni a nada…
—  Clara Ajc

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FUN FACT: I save all of your Yuuri on ice drawings to my phone bc i get into depressive moods and ur art literally makes me so happy i feel better almost instantly I have like an album on my phone of just your drawings bc they that good 👌💙💕🖒

;v; !!!!


Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean underestimates your fighting skills.

Warnings: Brief cursing and sparring.

A/N: Hope you all enjoy this cute little idea I had :)

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“But Sam…” Dean groans, sticking out his bottom lip.

Sam rolls his eyes. “No buts. Our hand to hand combat is rusty and we need to practice.”

“Can I watch?” Your soft, timid voice appears from the doorway. You’re a hunter, but you prefer to stick your head in countless books than get your hands dirty.

“Sure. You can watch me kick Sammy’s ass”, Dean boasts, flexing his arm muscles. You giggle as Sam’s expression turns into annoyance.

The two brothers square off, hands raised in position. You know Sam has an advantage- he’s taller, bigger, and more fit. But, Dean is clever and fast. It’s a pretty even match.

Dean, being as cocky as he is, charges first, trying to knock his younger brother on his back. Sam seems to predict this, and moves out of the way, causing Dean to stumble. After what seems like hours, Dean has Sam pinned underneath him.

Dean’s eyes proudly meet yours, giving you his signature wink.

Grumbling, Sam pushes his brother off of him. Dean hits the floor with an ‘oomf!’ and you can’t help but laugh. Dean stands up and brushes himself off before teasing Sam on his loss.

In the midst of taunting his brother, Dean almost doesn’t hear your soft voice.

“Can I try next?”

Both Sam and Dean look at you in disbelief. You’re over a foot shorter than either of the brothers and not muscularly built like them. Besides, you don’t ever take cases, and they take cases almost regularly.

Dean walks over to you, easily towering over you. “Alright, pipsqueak”, you narrow your eyes when he mentions the nickname, “who do you want to take on?”

“You.” Your answer seems to surprise him, after all, he did just beat Sam. 

“Well alright sweetheart.” Dean allows you to get in position, a cocky smile on his lips. This will be a piece of cake (or pie, in Dean’s terms).

Sam signals you two to begin. Of course, Dean tries to use his much larger body and weight against you, and immediately charges you. You quickly duck and move out of the way, chuckling as Dean almost runs into a wall. 

Anger fills Dean’s veins as he tries to land a punch on your jaw, but you simply dodge the hit. With Dean distracted, you land an uppercut on his lower jaw, crumpling him to the ground. You pin your weight against him, making sure to hold his arms and legs still. 

“Looks like you lost, Deano.” Teasingly, you place a soft kiss where a bruise was forming from your hit before standing up, ignoring Sam’s open mouth stare as you walk out. 

Sam looks over to Dean with wide eyes. He’s sitting up now, gently rubbing his swollen jaw with an awe stricken and admiring look in his eyes. 

“Damn”, is all he can whisper out, feeling the mark tingle (and he knows its not just from the punch).

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I’ve gotten increasingly interested in Henry’s past since you mentioned he’s a WWII veteran and that he quit before getting drafted into WWII. What happened to make Henry quit? I’m pretty sure (unless I’ve got it wrong, which is a possibility) that the weird stuff with the ink machine and insanity and evil magic started after he left. Was Joey just a really bad boss, even then (this actually parallels Walt a bit, because I’ve heard he was hard to work with)? Or did they have a falling out? Or was it something else entirely? 

When he was working with Joey, what was his position? The fact that Joey remembers him at all after all these years suggests that Henry was of some significance, but this could be for a number of different reasons. It could be he was actually higher up in the studio, like one of the original animators that Joey brought with him when starting the company or even one of the ones that helped come up with the idea of Bendy. It could also be that he was just one of the run of the mill animators in the studio, and Joey just remembers him because they never had a very large staff. 

This also begs the question of how Bendy knew about Henry. The vibe I got from Breaking the Spell was that Bendy recognized/knew about Henry. Which is odd considering Henry (1) quit 30 years ago, and (2) wasn’t around at all for the few years Bendy has physically existed. If he does know about Henry, then what would he even make of Henry coming back after all these years? If I’m wrong and he doesn’t actually know about Henry, how does he make the leap from “this is a random stranger” to “it’s one of the animators”?

That aside, do you have any concrete dates for Henry’s time in the airforce? When was he drafted? When did he crash and get sent to that POW camp? I know at least that he would have been released around April 29, 1945 because I looked it up. Did his family think he was dead after he crashed, at least for a little while (since the wiki also said items were sent to the prisoners from their family)? If not then, did they think he died during that long march that started the January before his release? 

Henry thankfully got out of being drafted for the Vietnam war, but do you know (as the omnipotent authors) what would have happened to him if he had been sent to Vietnam? Would he have died? 

What does Bendy think about all this when he finds out about it? I’m sure he’s found out that Susan’s dad died in the Vietnam war. And besides the terrifying idea that Henry might have died in either conflict, there’s the fact that if Henry had died, Bendy would probably still be with Joey. 

Lastly, where exactly did Henry get a job at after WWII? Does he still work there? Do any of the animation studios we know (like Walt Disney) exist in this world? If Walt Disney doesn’t exist, who took his place on chancing industry changing innovations (like the first cartoon with sound timed to it and the first full length animated film)? 

Sorry this ask is so long. I understand if any of this is in spoiler territory, but is there any of it you can answer? 


Okay well, I asked for this, so I’ll try to answer these in order.

Joey was not a great boss before he went crazy, simply because he was a micromanaging prideful prick. Like some creepy 50s B Movie scientist but with cartoons. But he payed his workers well, he did some pretty wicked things with their contracts, and the show was popular, so he got away with being an overcontrolling douchebag for quite some time even BEFORE things got…concerning. Henry wasn’t the only one to quit, but it was surprisingly rare, simply because of said murderous contracts and well, he signed the checks quite well.

All of the animators were only Animators– Joey was the sole supervisor and head of the department and the main storyboarder, which is why everything started grinding to a halt when he did. Henry was one of the very first animators, from before the Hays Code, and had a lot of ideas that helped bolster the early show, but Joey refused to acknowledge that they were Henry’s ideas and this combined with his over-controlling nature meant Henry was willing to take the punch that came with breaking his work contract and left.

The reason Bendy knows Henry is a spoiler, sorry!

I do not have any super concrete dates regarding that, mostly since I prefer to keep the dates vague and my options open. The family did think he was dead briefly, until the letter came in. Darlene definitely cried and tackled him once he finally got home.

He probably would’ve died, yeah. Vietnam was awful.

Oooh, there’s a thought. Bendy cartoons did have some War Propoganda going on, but it all seemed so distant, so that’d be one heck of a nauseating moment for Bendy, all things considered. As for Vietnam, Bendy doesn’t like talking about death in general, so it’s possible he doesn’t know how John died, and both girls do their best to avoid news on the war.

Henry is an animation supervisor now! Bendy thinks this is awesome.

That’s all I can think of. @squigglydigglydoo AY YO SQUIGGLY DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO ADD??