My Girlfriend's An Idiot

Request: I was wondering if you could do a Jasper imagine, from twilight, where he and the reader are fighting because she’s human and he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but she does the thing regardless and someone accidentally hurts her and Jasper’s alter ego comes out and almost attacks the person so reader has to calm him down and it’s just really cute and fluffy… Sorry this is long.

Warnings: swearing, fluff

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“You know, for someone who’s seen me naked, I’m a little uncomfortable at how much you try to act like you’re my father.” You snapped, walking through your house, gathering the stuff you’d need for your day trip.  

“Y/N, you know I’d never try to control you. I’m just … worried about having you over there. Where I can’t reach you.” Jasper followed behind you. 

You sighed. Jessica had invited you to La Push for the day, and Jasper had basically asserted that you were not going to go. He was bothered by the fact that he couldn’t go with you and protect you. And probably slightly bothered by the fact that you’d be hanging out with boys from school. Mostly, though, he worried about the Quileute pack making an appearance.

“Bella’s going too, you and Edward can suffer together.” You said, throwing sun screen and a towel into your tote bag. You felt yourself calming down, and turned around. “Can you please not do that?”  

Jasper’s lips twitched. “It’s a habit.” 

“Well quit it. I’m angry at you. Take it like a man.” You said, a hint of humor in your voice as you turned around, making your way to the bathroom and shutting the door behind you so that you could change into a bathing suit. He was still standing there when you came out. 

“They’re animals.” Jasper said. “And even worse, they’re teenage boys.” 

You heard the dryness in his voice but you could see the worry in his expression. He truly didn’t want you to go. 

“Mostly, though, they’re just teenage boys. And I can handle those.” You said, grabbing his hands. “Jess and Angela and Bella are gonna be there too, okay? And Mike and Eric.” 

Jasper rolled his eyes. “Mike and Eric couldn’t protect you from a pack of guinea pigs.”  You snorted, but softened when he wrapped his arms around you from behind. “They’ll be able to smell me on you. If you got hurt, I don’t know what I would do.” 

You turned to face him, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to his. “I’ll be careful.” You said, putting one hand on his cheek, fingers brushing over his sharp jawline. “I’ll text you. I’ll stay with people I know. But I’m going.” 

He sighed, his hands rubbing absently over your hips. “I suppose I can’t stop you.” He smirked. “I mean, I could.” 

“But you won’t.” You said smugly, turning to pack the rest of your things. 

“Because my girlfriend carries a surprising amount of wrath in her fragile, mortal body?” He asked, hands still on your hips. 

“Yes.” You say, shouldering you bag. “And because you love her and would never dream of restricting her freedom for your own selfish reasons.”  

“I’m so glad we’re on the same page.” He said sarcastically, leaning in to kiss your lips, and then your jaw, and down your throat, before he stiffened and Jessica’s car honked from the street. 

“Guess that’s my ride.” You said. 

He nodded, no longer trying to conceal the worry in his eyes. “I’ll text you.” You said, and he nodded again, stiffly. “And I love you.” You said softly, with a smile. 

He was unable to stop the smile that answered yours, “Yeah, yeah. Sure you do.” He said softly, which was his way of saying it back. 

You kissed him again when he walked you to the door before you jumped into the backseat of Jessica’s convertible, where Bella was already seated with Angela in the front. Jessica cranked up the music on the radio before the four of you sped off to meet up with Mike and Eric and head to La Push. 

You spent the first couple of hours tossing around in the waves. You wrestled Mike to the ground for slapping you with a piece of sea weed until he finally gave up fighting you and apologized. You crawled onto the beach exhausted with the girls and sat in the sand, under the cool grey sky. Though you could tell Jasper was desperately trying not to check in too much, you made sure he knew you were okay every hour or two. 

The boys suggested, once it became too cold to swim, that they all take a hike up to the cliffs. Everyone was fairly rested up after swimming and agreed, so you all shrugged your clothes back on and set off up the narrow mountain trail that led to the cliffs above La Push beach. 

“And people jump off of these for fun?” Jessica asked skeptically, trying to stare over the cliffs but not daring to come within five feet of the edge. 

“That make you nervous?” Mike made like he was going to push her and earned a shriek and a smart punch in the arm in return.  

“Any of you ever jumped before?” All of them turned to see a group of three boys emerging onto the cliff, clad in normal clothes but clearly very muscular, and all with dark hair cropped short and dark eyes. You’d never seen the wolves in person but you knew that these had to be some of them, ripped with muscle though the oldest one couldn’t have been more than twenty.  

“No way, man.” Eric said. “I’m Eric. This is Mike, that’s Jessica, Y/N, Bella, and Angela.” 



“Paul.” Each of the boys introduced themselves. You noticed them glancing at you, and you realized Jasper must have been right. They could smell him on you. They all shared a glance and you tried your best not to notice, staring at your phone. 

They’re here. You texted Jasper. 

His reply was almost immediate: I will come get you. 

Do not cross that treaty line. You sent back. Under any circumstances.

You ground your teeth, looking up briefly. 

“Y/N, we’re headed back down to start a campfire. You coming?” Angela asked, frowning briefly your troubled expression and glancing at your phone. 

“I’ll be down in a minute.”  You said, and they left you alone. You looked back down at your phone.  

Who’s being selfish now? Jasper asked.

For keeping you from starting a war? You challenged. 

For risking your life because you’re too stubborn to admit you might be in danger.  He shot back.  

You shook your head, eyes completely focused on your phone when suddenly the ground fell out from under you and you screamed. 

The edge of the cliff. You’d wandered too close to the edge of the cliff. You were falling, eyes closed, and then, with a painful jerk of your arm, you weren’t anymore. Someone had caught you. The one named Sam had grabbed your wrist. 

“Grab the ledge.” He said, voice straining with the effort of holding your dead weight. You did and slowly, he hauled you back onto the rocky outcropping. You collapsed on your back on the hard ground, breathing heavily, your arm draped over your eyes. 

“Nice … catch.” You said between breaths, still reeling, adrenaline coursing like acid through your veins. 

“No problem.” Sam said, sitting beside you. His chest still heaved but he was catching his breath a lot easier than you were. “For future reference though, maybe don’t text on the edge of a cliff.” 

You let out a laugh, loud with relief as it dawned on you that you very well could have been killed just now and somehow remained relatively unscathed. “I’ll try to keep that in mind.” You said, bringing your phone up to look at it before you realized it was not in your hand. 

“Oh no.” You said, rolling onto your stomach and leaning up to look over the cliff before slapping your hand over your face. “Shit, shit, shit!”  

You jumped to your feet and found yourself dizzy. Sam steadied you. 

“Take it easy, what’s wrong?” He asked. 

“My phone!” You pointed to the cliff. “I was talking to-” You cut yourself off, realizing who you were talking to now, and just shook your head. “Um … I need to get ahold of someone. Do you have a cell phone?”  

He shook his head, “Sorry. I’m sure one of your friends does, though. We can walk down and …” His voice trailed off as you thought. Jasper was panicking. You just knew it. If you told him the wolves were here and then didn’t text him back … the longer you waited increased the likelihood that he was on his way here. It left you with one option. 

You turned to face Sam. “I need you to drive me to the treaty line.”  

Sam didn’t seem all that surprised that you knew what that was, but crossed his arms and looked you over. “Why?” 

“You know who my boyfriend is, I know you can smell it on me.” You said. He tilted his head up and watched you. “I was texting him about you being here. If he knows I was with you and then I don’t text back, he’ll try to come get me.”  

Sam’s eyebrows shot up. “And start a war?” 

“If he thinks I’m in danger.” You said. “You’re the leader, right? Sam Uley?” He watched you, but didn’t say anything. “This doesn’t have to end in a fight. Not if you can get me there in time.” 

Sam seemed to look over you, trying to decide if you were telling the truth, before he shook his head. “Get on.” 

He took off his shirt and doubled over and before you knew it a black wolf the size of a grizzly bear was standing in front of you. Get on, he’d said.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” You mumbled, before struggling onto his back. He let out a small growl which you guessed was wolf for ‘hold on’ and then took off at a run.

You’d been running with Jasper before, and were quite surprised to find that the wolf was just as fast, if not faster. Trees flew by you in a blur of darkness now that the sun had set and before you knew it, you’d reached the treaty line. You rolled off his back and doubled over, hands on knees, stomach churning. Though he was just as fast, Sam was not nearly as graceful. He looked at you warily before something in the woods caught his attention and he crouched into a more defensive position.

“Jasper?” You called out, knowing that’s the only one it could be, but Sam’s head was darting around, his lips curling back over huge canine teeth. There was more than one. “Emmett? Alice? Ed?” You guessed. “I’m fine, no one’s trying to hurt me.”

You glanced at the ground for something, perhaps, that marked where the actual treaty line was, but there was nothing, so you just glanced back at Sam and moved about ten feet forward, hoping that would put you in Cullen territory.

Emmet and Edward appeared just ten feet away, eyes trained on the wolf. Jasper was already in front of you.

“You smell like one of them, are you hurt?” He asked, voice stricken with tension.

“No, I lost my phone and-” You tried but he interrupted you.

“What’s this?” Jasper held up your bruised wrist and ignited a similar pain in your shoulder from where Sam had hauled you back over the cliff. You sucked air through your teeth and jerked your hand away from him instinctively.

What happened next happened very quickly. Edward, reading Jasper’s thoughts, said something along the lines of ‘grab him’ and before you knew it Emmet and Jasper were struggling behind you, Jasper trying to get to Sam, Emmett pouring all of his strength into keeping Jasper behind the treaty line. Sam was crouched and snarling, not attacking first but ready should Jasper get to him. Edward realized that Emmett may not be enough to hold him and grabbed Jasper’s other shoulder as Jasper kicked and snarled, as if all he wanted was to cross the treaty line. Before you really knew what you were doing, you were standing in front of Jasper.

“Y/N he’s not in control right now, you need to move.” Edward said seriously. He was not as strong as Emmett and his grip on Jasper’s arm kept slipping. You didn’t listen.

“Jasper look at me. Not him, me.” You said evenly. He didn’t listen until your hand touched his face. When he looked at you, you could tell it was not entirely Jasper staring back at you. Not your Jasper, anyway. “He didn’t hurt me, okay? You have to believe me, he didn’t. I lost my phone. He brought me here because I knew you’d be looking for me.” You said, your nails scratching in the hairs at the base of his neck.

He was still struggling but it seemed as if he was struggling away from you now, afraid he’d hurt you when he was not in control.

“Look at me.” You said again, forcing him to focus only on you.

“It’s working.” Edward said, looking at you. “Keep going.”

You looked back to Jasper and smiled. “Baby I’m fine. No one hurt me.” You said, your hands on either side of his face. “Listen, I’ll explain everything. But I need you to calm down.”

Jasper glanced back at Sam, and you did too.

“Thank you, Sam. For everything. You can go.” You said. Sam watched you for a second before he seemed to decide to trust you, and turned, loping off into the woods.

“He didn’t hurt you?” Jasper asked, his voice still laced with fury, but it was clear he was back in control.

“You can let him go.” You said to Emmett and Jasper, taking a breath.

“He saved her life.” Edward said, having apparently read Sam’s thoughts, “Apparently you were the one who almost killed her.” His voice was thick with amusement.

Jasper’s eyes widened and he straightened up. “What?” He asked.

You laughed in spite of yourself. “I may have been arguing with you and walked off a cliff.”

Jasper just watched you. “What.”

You broke into a fit of giggles and put your uninjured arm around him. “Let’s just go home. I have to go buy a new cellphone tomorrow.”

“My girlfriend’s an idiot.” Jasper put his arm around you, clearly pissed but amused as well.

“You love her.” You said smugly. His arm tightened around your waist.

BTS reaction to you crying because of their tour

anon:How BTS Reacts to You Crying Because They’re About to Leave For Tour  

It’s not the best thing that I had write but I still believe that you will like this^^ -admin Evv 


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Jin and you were sitting in car enjoing last minutes together before he would go to the plane. You couldn’t hold your emotions inside and started to cry, imagining how empty will be your life and house without him for next few months.  He would shower you with kisses and try to make you smile one more time before he leave. Jin was sad but not showing it to you to not make you more sad. He promise you that he’ll be giving you “suprises” to show you how he miss you. On tour everytime when he’ll get a chance Jin would “throw” kissed to camera for you, wondering that you’ll feel like he’s next to you.

“You can cry only know, okay? When I won’t be by your side you can’t cry. I’ll be always thinking about you and calling to you everytime when I can. Stay healthy and eat a lot.”


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You promise him that you won’t cry. You were always acting like women/man that is not crying because of small reason like tour. Yoongi knew your true feelings and that in real you’ll be miss him every day more than day before. Same like him. Seeing you crying would make him sad and now he realise how hard will be for him this separation. Yoongi would dry your tears with his thumb and sad expression. It would be hard leave you in airport crying. Everytime he would turn to you and looking if you are still crying and to appreciate his beautiful gf/bf. When he will turn to you for the last time,he would do aegyo to cheer you up, smile and send a kiss

“Now you’re making me more sad than I were. It’s only 1 month. We’ll see each other soon.I’m going to miss you more than you think.”


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It was foreseeable that Hobis’ tour will be hard for both of you. You and Hobi never spend more than 24hours far from eachother. Joint at the hip (like this two parrots-idk their name 😂) -everyone were saying like this about you two. So when you started to cry he would try hard to not cry with you. He hated to see you crying so he would try his best to make you smile even when it was sad moment for him too (maybe even more sad for him than you). Somehow this situation would make him a little bit happy because you love him that much that you don’t want to apart with him for few months. After long, tight hug Hobi would kiss you for goodbye and promise you to call you when plane with land

“ Don’t cry or I’ll start crying with you. Y/n, I’ll miss you so muuch. We’ll get through this. Time and distance doesn’t metter. ”


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You helped him to pack his luggage because he could forget about something (or broke). You were checking if you had pack everything for him. Namjoon without warning back hugged you and put his head on yours. Some tears fall from your eyes because you knew that for few months he won’t be by your side and that you won’t feel his touch at your skin. He saw that you’re crying but he let you cry. Of course Namjoon would try to calm you with his touch and soft words. It was hard for him to leave you too but someone have to be strong and don’t cry to upraise partner. Namjoon knew that it would be always hard for both of you to split up for a long time but he believed in your realtionship and he knew that you too.

“I know that you’re sad bby but tours are part of my job.When I’ll back we’ll spend together all day.”


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You couldn’t go to airport with him because of fans. They don’t know about your realtionship with Jimin. So you were in his dorm waiting when he’ll be redy to bid him goodbye. When you saw Jimin smiling face you hide your face in your hands and stared to cry.  Seeing you cry would broke his heart. He doesn’t want to leave you but he have to. He knew that it could be hard to contact sometimes and seeing you now crying make him worried how would you react when he can’t contact with you for a long time. Chim would hug you and telling quietly to you earn how he loves you and that he’ll back soon. With heavy heart he leave dorm. When he get in car he look at window where you were waving to him with smile and tears in your eyes. He smile to you and send you quick kiss, believe that you won’t cry anymore.

“I love you, Y/n. I don’t want to leave you. I’ll try to facetime you everyday. I promise. Please, stop cry”


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When Tae told you about his tour you said that you’re happy because of that “You won’t be getting in my way when I’ll be doing something and I’ll have peace and quiet.” That was what you told him. But the truth is that you don’t want to show him how you’ll be missing him and that you’re sad and scared that he could meet someone prettier and better. Who know what idea can pop into his head. Tae loves you and you know about this but still thought of loosing him scares you. So now, when both of you are standing last time together before tour and when you saw his smile you couldn’t hold tears. Tae was a little bit suprised because he remember what you had said. He hug you and tryied to calm you down. Tears would show on his eyes too but he dry it before you saw them. He would call you and talk with you till he walk into plane and assure you that there is no more precious person for him than you.

“woow. You told me that you’re happy that I’m leaving and now you’re crying. You’re making me confused. Goosh. I’ll miss you! Don’t cry and don’t be sad. I’ll be with you in your heart and you’ll be in mine.”


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You’re holding his hand like it can be last time. When time to say goodbye come you burst into tears. Jungkookie was sad seeing you like this. It was hard for him to leave you but he doesn’t show it because he knew that you’ll feel more down. So he smiled and told you that he’ll be calling you and there is no need to be sad. When he was going to plane, he turn to you, smiled and waved. His smile disappear when you couldn’t see him. Then he started to showing his sadness. He would still remembering how you cried and even if he was so happy to see his fans from all over the world, he would like to run to you, hug, stay with you and never let you out from his arms.

“It’s only 2 months, Y/n. You’ll be fine~ Stop crying. I want to see your smile before I’ll go. Don’t talk with other boys, think only about me like I’ll be thinking about you.”

Cole Sprouse Smut | Lights on

Count of words: 533

Warnings: sexual…  (I’m stupid lol but yeah it’s sexual)

A/N:sorry it’s short and horrible.. I tryied.. this is my first actuall smut ever so yeah….




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can you do a Cole Sprouse fluffyish smut? thanks!!


It was all the little details about her that Cole could never help but adore. The way her hips swayed unwillingly but smoothly, the way her lips met his, the way her eyes would never leave his, the way her skin felt against him.

He always said she looked wonderful fully clothed, even if it was a pair of old sweatpants and a random t-shirt she found in the pile of clothes laying in her room, but he would say it way more when she would be laying on bed with her body bare underneath him, letting him kiss the warm skin. He would never try to come up too strong whenever he said it but it was obvious that he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t hide how much he adored the way her dresses looked when she was walking or how her pj’s made her look adorable every time he saw her in the morning.

He would always take it slow, start kissing her softly and slowly moving his hands to all the right places. Each time the love they were making was all about exploring each other. He would roam his big delicate hands along her back and take in every single curve of it. Afterwards he would start kissing along her jaw towards her neck moving down do her sweet spot. He would stay there for a while slightly biting the soft skin till he saw that a purplish mark was showing. When he would be satisfied with his job he would move forward. Their clothing would suddenly become a burden and so it would find its way to the bedroom, or any room, floor. And then is when the fun would begin. He would slowly make his way down where she needed him the most but he wouldn’t miss on the opportunity to tease her. He could hold onto her hips, thumps pressed close to her core as he could carefully create the same purplish spots on her breasts as he would kiss the marks after he was done. Then he would move down to her stomach, never forgetting to remind her how beautiful she was with all her little imperfections. He would always smile when she would let out sweet noises that let him know he should stop with the teasing and move on to giving her pleasure.

He would slowly open her legs and position his body between them. He would start kissing her and then with a slow thrust he would enter inside of her. Slow thrusts were always the way to go, slightly torturing her as he would then slowly pick up his pace. Her eyes would close shut, her lips would be parted and her back ached as she would finally reach her high. A sincere smile would be plastered on Cole’s face as he would ride of her high, his following.

After the intense act between them, they would both lay on the bed, tangled with each other as her head would find its way on his chest listening to his heartbeat and his hand stroking her hair. Fast enough after that they would both be sleeping, there, in each others arms.


You: Keith cradling Lance in his arms after fighting Sendak

Me, an intellectual: That time in Voltron Force when Vince was so worried about Daniel fighting Lotor that he used their psychic link to temporarily swap their powers and consciousness, before proceeding to wreck Lotor’s ass for tryiing to hurt his boyfriend fellow cadet

  • *Fidgety Atsushi and Dazai alone in the office*
  • Dazai: You wanted to talk about something Atsushi?
  • Atsushi: W-well, I've always been grateful to you Dazai since that day you treated me to a bowl of tea on rice and I've always been watching you and I ju-st c-can't tell you how than-n-nkful I am for introducing me to the agency, for giving me a chance at life, for saving me. An-d-d *Atsushi shakes his head trying to catch is thought* the best part of it is getting to see you every day, hearing you laugh, smile. Even this moment with you is so precious to me and I guess what I'm tryi-in-ng to say is that I... I love you Dazai-san.
  • Dazai: Atsushi?
  • Atsushi: I mean I don't expect you to accept my feelings especially since you want a beautiful woman. I just wanted to tell you and...
  • Dazai: Atsushi, aren't we already dating?
  • Atsushi: ....Heh?

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you said youve been listening to podcasts - what are some good ones?

A lot of these were recommended to me by people on tumblr so for those who did that, thank you!

  • I can’t stop listening to You’re the Expert, because it’s lighthearted, fun, easy to stop and pick up again later, and I’m actually learning things. In this one, they have a scientific expert with a focus on a very particular field (like a biologist who studies penguin mating habits) and then have a panel of 3 comedians try to guess what they do & interview them. I love this podcast because it features SO MANY professional women (seriously, the vast majority of the experts they bring on are women, and there’s always at least one female comedian in the panel). It’s also awesome to see these women interact and support each other
  • Grammar Girl is my favorite to listen to before bed. It’s benign and a little boring, but I do learn things, and I really like the host’s voice. They’re also very short. This is a great one to drift off to sleep to. 
  • I’ve only listened to a few episodes of Food Non-Fiction, but I’m really into it! This one is very informative. Two grad students bring you wild historical information about food that you’ve probably never heard of before. I love history, I love food, this one is for me.
  • Sawbones is really popular, with good reason. A doctor and her husband talk about medical history, and debunk some crazy theories. I don’t like medical stuff so I thought I wouldn’t like this one, but I was charmed by how cute the couple is/they can also be very funny, and it wasn’t so graphic that I couldn’t enjoy it. Worth a try

I am also subscribed to Stuff You Missed in History Class (weird historical stories) & Lore (odd and often creepy folklore traditions), but I haven’t listened to enough of them to tell you my opinion yet. 

I’ll be your sky and your fire
And I will go much higher
I’ll stand up to the lightning, it’s time to turn the tide…at least i will try
I will be legendary
I will shine in your eyes
and you’ll see that I’m worthy to be in your spotlight
In Your Spotlight” ♪ Original Pokémon Song

I found this super cute song based on Popplio and i 
immediately thought at Will singing it for Dipper o(╥﹏╥)o 

(Yeah this is just a photo of a draw on my sketchbook so the quality isn’t really the best, i’m sorry)

true or not, this is how my mind works


This all really started in 2014, with the beards. Epic/Syco really brought the hammer down, trying to get rid of the Camren rumors, especially in the press. It started with Lauren, when she looked like she’d rather ride the tail of a Comet to an Alternate Universe, than be in a girl group. She had two that year, Louie and Brad. They also decided to pair Camila up with Austin.

The girls hated it, but as long as the guys were there, they got to interact more freely. The problem was, they were both miserable and jealous. Camila realized the whole guy thing wasn’t for her, and broke that shit off real quick. When Sinu said Camila cried for two weeks after they split, I think she meant to say, Camila cried the whole two weeks she had to pretend to be with him. Anyway, Lauren ended things with Brad, and they both became “separately single”.

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Arrow 5x22 - “Missing” - What We Know What We Hope

What We Know

Extended Promo


BLACK SIREN RETURNS — Black Siren (guest star Katie Cassidy) returns to help Chase (Josh Segarra). Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) organizes a birthday party for Oliver (Stephen Amell) while Lance (Paul Blackthorne) is furious after Rene (Rick Gonzalez) misses the custody hearing for his daughter.

Promo Stills

Cast on IMDB


Speed Weed & Oscar Balderrama

They never co-wrote together but they have written a lot of Arrow episodes

Speed Weed - 8 episodes

4x03 -  Restoration

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4x07 -  Brotherhood

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4x12 -  Unchained

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4x21 -  Monument Point

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5x02 -  The Recruits

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5x11 -  Second Chances

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5x15 -  Fighting Fire with Fire

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5x19 -  Dangerous Liaisons

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Oscar Balderrama - 9 episodes

3x20 -  The Fallen

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4x05 -  Haunted

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4x10 -  Blood Debts

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4x14 -  Code of Silence

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4x20 -  Genesis

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4x22 -  Lost in the Flood

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5x04 -  Penance

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5x05 -  Human Target

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5x12 -  Bratva

Originally posted by oliverxfelicity

I’m on board forgiving Oscar Balderrama for just about everything because of 3x20 but then I check the list. These two writers like to spring characters on either from other shows (Constantine, Human Target) or from Arrow (Roy, Sara, Noah).

There is a full Olicity episode while in the rest Olicity is reduced to moments.

There’s also the episode of the Wedding planning and the kidnaping of William.

So this all pretty much fits what I’m envisioning for this Episode: BS is getting into the show; Felicity is organizing Oliver’s birthday party; Oliver will finally find out Chase has William.

Billy Joel song 

“Close to the Borderline”

Blackout, heatwave, .44 caliber homicide
The buns drop dead and dogs go mad
In packs on the West Side
Young girl standing on a ledge looks like another suicide
She wants to hit those bricks
‘Cause the news at six gotta stick to a deadline
While the millionaires hide in Beekman Place
The bag ladies throw their bones in my face
I get attacked by a kid with stereo sound
I don’t want to hear it but he won’t turn it down
Life is tough but it’s just enough
To hold back the tears until it’s closing time
I survived, I’m still alive
But I’m getting close to the borderline
Close to the borderline

A buck three eighty
Won’t buy you much lately on the street these days
And when you can get gas
You know you can’t drive fast anymore on the parkways
Rich man, poor man, either way American
Shoved into the lost and found
The no nuke yell we’re gonna all go to hell
With the next big meltdown
I got remote control and a color T.V.
I don’t change channels so they must change me
I got real close friends that will get me high
They don’t know how to talk and they ain’t gonna try
I shouldn’t bitch, I shouldn’t cry
I’d start a revolution but I don’t have time
I don’t know why I’m still a nice guy
But I’m getting close to the borderline
Close to the borderline

I thought I’d sacrifice so many things
I thought I’d throw them all away
I didn’t think I needed anything
But you can’t afford to squander what you’re not prepared to pay

I need a doctor for my pressure pills
I need a lawyer for my medical bills
I need a banker to finance my home
I need security to back my loan
It isn’t new what I’m going through
But everybody knows you got to break sometime
Another night I fought the good fight
But I’m getting closer to the borderline
Closer to the borderline

Bruce Springsteen song

Missing by Bruce Springsteen

Woke up this morning, was a chill in the air
Went into the kitchen, your cigarettes were lying there
Your jacket hung on the chair where you left it last night
Everything was in place, everything was all right
But you were missing

Last night I dreamed the sky went black
You were drifting down and you couldn’t get back
You were lost and in trouble so far from home
I reached for you, my arms went to stone
I woke and you were missing

I searched for something to explain
In the whispering rain, the trembling leaves
Tell me baby where did you go
You were here just a moment ago

There’s nights I still hear your footsteps fall
Your key in the door, your voice in the hall
Your smell drifts through our bedroom
I wake, but I don’t move

Behind the screen pics

What we expect / hope

It’s Oliver’s birthday and two persons have special plans for him. Felicity and Chase.

Felicity planned a Surprise birthday party for him at the loft. But Oliver’s fighter mode is allways on alert and

Poor Curtis. 

The stills show Oliver happier than I ever seen him (on current timeline) this Season and a ravishing Felicity

I could just stay here watching these two for at least half an episode…

but Chase has other plans. The episode is called Missing and, even if the synopsis is really unhelpful, from the promo we can see Chase’s friend’s are taking Oliver’s friend’s:



Felicity and Diggle

I can be wrong but that woman in LoA like attire looks like Talia. I know Lexi is not listed on the Cast for the episode at IMDB but it wouldn’t be the first time people aren’t listed and show up.

Quentin Lance

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Poor Quentin, is in for another daugther shock when BS pretending to be LL shows up at his home. And he’s taken. Chained and locked inside a shipping container.

Thea Queen

We know Thea is taken, from the stills. Shes locked with Quentin inside the same Shipping container. Who get’s to her? Maybe BS, or maybe Malcolm. It really depends on which side Malcolm is. If it’s Prometheus’s side then he could be the one taking Thea.


Oliver will confront Chase about all this. Chase’s friends have not only taken Oliver’s friends but they also have orders to kill them all.

I can only imagine how Oliver is going to feel. Desperate, willing to do whatever to get them back. Exactly like in the song

It isn’t new what I’m going through
But everybody knows you got to break sometime
Another night I fought the good fight
But I’m getting closer to the borderline
Closer to the borderline

Oliver will be “Close to the borderline”. 

But Chase has something else up his sleeve.

I’m almost sure this video call will about William.

Oliver will be a wreck but also unstoppable. And even if ARGUS agents look to be blocking Oliver’s path, I think that that still is from before Oliver get’s to Chase. After all their friends are taken I don’t think Lyla will stop Oliver, Diggle is in danger, probably the opposite will happen.

This will set up the finale perfectly. By the end of the episode we will have the opposite situation of what we had on the pilot. Oliver will be alone in Starling City; his family and friends will be at Lian Yu.

This is going to hurt so bad

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Meanwhile in Flashbacks. Anatoly is arranging the boat to get Oliver out of the Island but Oliver is in serious risk of missing it. Kovar is torturing him.

I’m all for shirtless Oliver but the torture thing kind of ruins my buzz. Oliver had enough torture this Season already, Kovar want revenge. I get it. But I’m guessing something else is going on on that Island that has Kovar interested in being there.

Nevertheless the delaying of Oliver’s arrival to light the bonfire is mute because we know he get’s there. We know he gets there in time. The only question now is if Oliver kills Kovar or not.

Personaly I would love to know Dolph can pop up anytime but some how I doubt he’s still alive in present time.

This will set up the Pilot perfectly and with a kudos to the writers I’m pretty sure that knowing how things are going to end is not going to help us any. It’s going to be painful just the same.

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There were some official spoilers  and non official BTS for this episode, find them under the cut.

Side note:

I’m so looking forward to this

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