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Who is your favorite monster of the Godzilla monsters

I am going to assume you mean other than Godzilla because that would be a given.

My absolute favorite is MechaGodzilla.

This robotic duplicate combines two of my favorite things. robot dinosaurs and Godzilla into the best late addition to the Showa series.  He’s also a weapon created by aliens to conquer the world.  Sure, that was a pretty hackneyed plot by the time his first movie came around with aliens using monsters such as King Ghidorah, Gigan and even Godzilla and the other Earth monsters under their control to try and do the same thing.  What set Mechagodzilla apart was that he was the first artificial monster and the first one based on Godzilla to show up.

Of course, he wasn’t the first mechanical copy of a monster to show up in Toho’s menagerie.  That title goes to Mechani-kong from King King Escapes.

The thing was, this mechanical copy of King Kong did not originate with Toho but in the 1966 animated series The King Kong Show.

So, Godzilla’s clone is the first original robotic double created by Toho.  

It also has some of the best weapons in the series with Finger missiles.

A rainbow beam from its eyes

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An electric ray from its chest

Even a force field generated by spinning its head.

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It probably has the biggest arsenal of any of Godzilla’s foes.  Oh and it can fly!

It proved so popular that it was reinvented twice for the Heisei and Millennium series. They did change the origin though, turning it from an alien invasion weapon into a human built weapon to defend Japan against Godzilla. Even though I really liked the 1993 movies, I wasn’t as fond of the design fro the 90s Mechagodzilla.  It was maybe a bit too rounded with a small head.

I much prefer to design used for the poster, which was more angular and aggressive looking with wings.

Finally, we come to the version from the 2000s, which I really liked. It was only really referred to as MechaGodzilla in the title and posters though as in the movies it was called Kiryu. Still, it’s an outstanding modernized design.

Heck, I like MechaGodzilla so much that it bleeds over into my other fandoms as well.  My favorite Transformer of all time is Trypticon:

And I absolutely adore Dragon Caesar from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

Thanks for the question!


Transformers: Titans Return trailer.


‪The trailer for Transformers: Titans Return has dropped! 🤘🏻Catch me returning as the voice of Megatron starting Nov. 14th on @go90.
Delighted to be back with fellow castmates Frank Todaro, Abby Trott, Lana McKissack Moore and names new to the Prime Wars Trilogy. It’s been a real honor!

Let’s talk about this lady. Stardrive is a pretty unique Cybertronian given that she was raised by the Solstar order. It was said that the Shining Armor story happens 175-180 years ago, which makes her pretty young to Cybertronian standards.

The problem is that her youth is fairly unique as well. While we don’t know how old the MTOs are, the lifespan of Cybertronians span in the millions. And the hot spots on Cybertron began to cool and fade before the war even started.

And we know from the writer, John Barber, that she comes from Caminus. But we still have a problem. The fact that it wasn’t entirely her that comes from Caminus, but rather just her spark.

Caminus has resource problems. As in they don’t have any. It is very unlikely that this is a problem that came about sometimes in the near-200 year span that separates Stardrive’s “birth” from today. Caminus’ culture is centered around the resource problem they have, with bladed weapons used instead of ranged weapons for instance, and Energon treatment to make it last as long as possible.

Which also involves just not expanding or exploring.

Except -

Why were they flying less than 200 years ago?

It’s no secret, they were carrying still-forming Camiens on their ship. But then we come down to the original problem. If Caminus has the sparks, but not the resources to make the body, where does it come from?

And why were the Autobots and the Decepticons making pre-fab bodies instead of using whatever source the Caminens use that result in forming protoforms?

To know why, we need to see what Caminus has that the Autobots and the Decepticons don’t.

The Cityspeakers are part of Camien culture. There is no other known Cityspeaker outside of them, those that can communicate with the Cybertronian Titans.

So, what does that have to do with it?

Titans can incubate sparks, making them form into protoforms. Camiens, cityspeakers, could possibly know about this particular physiology of the Titans.

And we know that there was a good number of them going around, not all of them creating colonies.


So Shin Godzilla has appeared in the transformers franchise! These are images from the pack-in Transformers Legends comics from Japan. This year Hasbro/Takara have released a gigantic new version of Trypticon/Dinosaurer(base). Sakamato, the artist and writer behind these comics, typically fills them to the brim with obscure references and homages that only the most obsessed fans notice at first glance.

Give Trypticon is a gigantic upright dinosaur with fins (admittedly less pronounced here than on the original toy), and the massive success of Shin Godzilla in Japan its unsurprising th hat this occurred. I’m unsure which happened first but photos of a “fan mode” (an alt mode undocumented in instructions or packaging) which uses the dinosaur mode legs and the general formation of the spaceship mode surfaces that was jokingly referred to as Kamata-kun mode. Welllll guess what’s fucking canon lads?

Gonna break down the images I’ve posted.

1. Comparison of the original Trypticon toy and the new 2017 version.

2. the FABLED Kumata-kun mode

3. Panel depicting Clouder and his tanks prepped for Trypticon arrival (which is similar in layout to the arrival of Sachiel in Evanelion)

4. Trypticon’s little minion or whatever, Full-tilt proclaims the arrival of the rebuilt Trypticon explicitly calling him Shin Trypticon (and yeah Shin has many meanings but look at the context)

5. Aerial view of something peculiar in Yokohama bay! Trypticon’s first form is a base rather than a tadpole/tail surfacing.

6. Waspinator and others reacting to the new form of Trypticon - Kamata -kun mode is his second form as well.

7. Trypticon rampaging and Fortress Maximus exclaiming that he shouldn’t be able to move (on land) on account of a reference to an injury he received in an old 80s episode of the cartoon. Also A Gendo-ish pose from Megatron.

8. Trypticon evolves again(form 3)! Everyone is shocked and Weirdwolf rants about his limitless potential!

9. Trypticon has reached its fourth form!

10. Persecution of the tiny robot masses!