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(1/2 Needles) I have a character (pro-athlete, male, 22, super healthy) who is found stabbed and unconscious; he needs surgery for a small bowel resection. The kicker here is, he's extremely trypanophobic (afraid of needles). The doctor working on him knows of the fear and that he would most likely refuse treatment if he were aware; however, he has not created any sort of medical directive or set any specific instructions because he has panic attacks whenever anybody tries to push him to do so.

(2/2 Needles) What are the ethics of treating him when it’s fairly well known he wouldn’t want it but isn’t able to deny it? Would he be kept sedated through the period of time when he would need to be fed intravenously due to his fear of needles? How would pain management be handled for him if he reacts badly to swallowing pills? Thanks for the help! You are a life saver (both literally and figuratively!) when it comes to character trauma :)

Hey there @mari-lwyd ! Thanks for your ask! 

Content Warnings: Needles, spiders.

Frankly, your character’s fear of needles is a distant, tertiary concern once his life is at stake. I, as his fictitious medical provider, couldn’t give a crap what he’s afraid of. I care that he’s dying

Look, I’m afraid of spiders. I’m not phobic, but they make me really uncomfortable. But if I were stabbed and dying, but you had to put a magical healing spider on my unconscious face to save my life because Reasons™ , it would be desperately unethical of you not to put the spider on my face. Yes, I’m afraid of them. But I also shouldn’t die because of a fear. 

So your character is getting whatever care he needs, and fear can be managed later. The doctrine is called implied consent, where the general idea is that if someone is unable to make decisions for themselves, they’re assumed to consent to care that will save their lives. 

He’s going to be getting IVs (yes, more than one), probably a breathing tube, and surgery to repair the trauma. 

Now, as for IVs. Most people are afraid of needles, not the IV that comes after. It’s not pleasant, but from what I’ve seen it’s not usually triggering. IVs haven’t had needles left in them in quite some time; these days, the lines are just a small plastic tube that’s left behind and the needle itself is withdrawn. So he may be able to tolerate the IVs regardless of his trypanophobia. 

What’s going to be a pain in the ass for both him and his poor nurse is the frequency with which they will need to draw bloods after he wakes up. Hospitals tend to draw blood 3-4 times a day in admitted patients, especially ICU patients and post-op patients, to make sure a) he’s getting enough nutrition/electrolytes, and b) that he’s not continuing to bleed internally after his surgery or getting an infection. 

As for sedation… it depends on the point to which the character is afraid of needles. He’ll be on pain management after the surgery, which will help keep him calm, but it’s also not the same thing as sedation. 

Sometimes we have to face what we fear to get what we need. In this case, his IVs will literally keep him alive. It sucks, it’s no fun, but it’s necessary. 

Hope this helps! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Umm, can I ask a hc with Aizawa, Tamaki and Fatgum with an s/o who's Trypanophobic? (literally someone who's afraid of getting a shot) I got a shot for something about preventing virus or some shit and literally broke down in front of the nurse, skin pale and feeling anxious all of the sudden, I was so embarrassed.... What will our beloved heroes do? Sorry for the long words, I love your blog and keep it up!

Naw sweetie! I can relate so much to this because what do you know? I am terrified of needles as well! Shots, drawing blood, it’s pointy and going in me? I heckin’ hate it! So I tried to make this request especially sweet for you my lil’ sapling! Have a heckin’ amazing day and also…be glad you weren’t a 20 year old adult that instinctively bit the doctor trying to give me a needle…

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱


🕶️ “Your fear is irrational, I don’t understand why you’re scared of such a small thing. It’s helping you.” – Shouta doesn’t sugar coat his words, if he thinks this is stupid, he’s going to say it.

🕶️ After seeing your dirty look, he lets out a deep sigh before moving his head to yours, kissing you slowly, distracting you with his somewhat chapped lips, his facial hair tickling you slightly.

🕶️ His hand is on yours, rubbing it gently and causing your eyes to slide shut, enjoying the kiss too much to notice the nurse approach with the dreaded needle.

🕶️ Once Shouta pulls back, the nurse is putting a bandaid on your arm, smiling comfortingly at you.

🕶️ Shouta just rolls his eyes with a shrug when you look at him, your mouth hanging open as if you were a fish out of water – “You wanted to be distracted didn’t you?”


🐙 This shy lil’ octopus completely understands how you feel! Well, not quite, he understands the horrible feeling of anxiety though and he does the exact same thing you do when he needs help; he comforts you.

🐙 “I-It’s going to be okay…I’m here…w-with you right…it’s going to be okay…I promise…” – He doesn’t like promises, they link him to things he doesn’t think he can handle for the most of it, so hearing him promise you that nothing bad would happen greatly helps your nerves.

🐙 His hand is rubbing yours affectionately while his lips shyly brush against your shoulder, his nerves might not allow him to kiss you in front of a stranger but his affections are easily received through the action.

🐙 He’ll talk quietly about what he wants to do after you get your shot, avoiding any words that would make you aware of the needle going into your arm like the plague.

🐙 “Y-You like sweet things right? We…could go out for ice-cream…b-before my sh-shift” – Giving you something to look forward to after the shot really helps you, especially since he offers you ice-cream.


🍬 Since you warned him about your fear of getting a shot, he was more than prepared for what was to come and since he helps (tries to) Tamaki at the office, he sees himself ready to help you!

🍬 The moment you start to go pale and fidget from your anxious feelings, he’s in action, taking your hand and showering it and your arm with kisses, cute lil’ whispers of love in your ear when he decided you needed them.

🍬 With the hand that isn’t holding yours, he motions to the nurse to do the shot, quickly kissing you as it happens, somehow managing to distract you from the feeling of the shot.

🍬 “That wasn’t so bad now was it? Ow, hey, don’t smack me, you told me to be there for you!” – You don’t actually hurt him with your light smacks, he just likes to watch you laugh after.

🍬 “You shouldn’t be so good at it!”

Trypanophonic. Help? Valium? Does it work?

I went to the gynecologist a month back to get a prescription for birth control. Not because I plan on ever having sex, but because my periods don’t seem to understand that they’re not supposed to hurt me. Anyways… They asked me if I had gotten that lousy-ass gardasil shot.

I have been putting that stupid injection off for… Hmm… Six years now? My doctor keeps telling me about it’s importance but I say FUCK THAT. Besides. Why would they want to bother? It takes 3 to 6 nurses to hold me down.

Anyways, my mom did research and guess what? I get to go back to the gyneo to get a shot. And you know what makes this story EVEN FUCKING BETTER? If I don’t like it the first time, I get to do it again… And again… and again! I’m so fucking excited guys. Just… I’M PUMPED. WOO.

Okay enough fucking sarcasm. Back to the point.

I have Trypanophobia. Needles freak me out to the point that when they’re introduced… I don’t even feel like myself. Some other person takes over and will literally hit, kick, and scream whenever I just hear the WORD injection. My parents tell me to just GET OVER IT. But I can’t. It’s a psychological thing. I mean, I know it won’t hurt THAT bad. I’ve had eight needles in total shoved through my ears and nose and I’ve never had an issue with it. But… Injections… Whole different story. I don’t know why but it fucking sucks, guys. Really fucking sucks.

On the bright side, that doctor did prescribe me one Valium of some sort. Have any of you guys ever tried taking it before an injection? Does it work? I can’t see how it’ll work so… I’m thinking about calling them up and cancelling… As stupid as I probably am…. I don’t care. I really… I just REALLY don’t want to do this. I don’t even WANT to have sex. I don’t even WANT to get married for fucks sake. Just kill me now, okay?


It wasn’t her fault.

She’d gotten shots before. Lots of them. They’d never bothered her. Orochimaru-sensei had always been taking her blood and injecting her with stuff too and she hadn’t expected a routine vaccination before a mission–the first one the village was willing to let her take part in since Shimura-sensei had taken her in–to be any different.

She didn’t know what’d happened, exactly, just that she’d seen the needle and kinda completely freaked out. She was pretty sure she remembered kicking somebody, and biting somebody else, and then she’d been running. One of the medics had chased after her but she was fast and lost the guy as soon as she got outside, dodging into the streets and disappearing among the people there just like she’d learned how to do after Mom died.

The panicky feeling was a lot harder to shake, though, and she was completely winded by the time she got to Shimura-sensei’s house. She let herself in, terrified of the medics finding her if she stayed outside long enough for him to come to the door. Turned out he wasn’t even there anyway, but his house still felt like him and it helped her calm down enough to breathe right again. Still, she couldn’t seem to stop shaking; she ended up hiding in his study, huddled under his desk where the light didn’t really reach, focused on regulating her breathing and chakra signature just in case the medics really did come looking.