ive got friends who ball
ive got friends who write
ive got friends who make music
ive got friends who sing
but i dont think i have enough artsy friends
i dont think i have enough friends who talk about politics
i dont think i have enough friends who talk about history
i dont think i have enough friends who are all about the facts
i dont have enough carefree friends in my circle
i dont have enough people in my circle
all types of people bring out the best of me
to that hood nigga who fought all his life
to the girl who everybody thinks talk too much
to the shy kid who sat in the back of the class
i was all of these people and i need yall to help me bring out all of me
friends are very important to me
im tryna play some webbie while i read the daily newspaper
im tryna listen to jazz as you roll that blunt 
im tryna tell white people who ignorant they sound then turn around and tell the guy next to me whats up my nigga
im tryna let shorty know i love her for her mind but ill still fuck the shit out of her
im tryna bring the best out of me
im tryna be carefree af
im tryna make as many artsy, intellectual, caring, humble, ratchet friends i can

omg I was looking though my photos and came across these gems

so last summer i was trying to be all artsy blowing this danelion

but instead i look so weird and awkward

what was i so angry about??