“Chess,” read aloud for you all and dedicated to Sarah. :)

trymyinterests replied to your post: trymyinterests replied to your post: I’ve dropped…

Lol. Jesus I was picturing a bunch of fish falling down your shirt (not in sensual perverted way) and was like, “why does she have all these fish? why does she have them out of water? This must feel weird.” But I caught on……………

Dear god I am laughing so hard. I’m weird, but I’m not that weird. One, that’s just mean to do that to a fish. Two, who would put live goldfish down their shirt for fun?! Glad you finally caught on though.(: Lol

I told Sarah that when I was little I used to want and cry in front of everyone with a banana in my mouth so they’d feel bad and now she won’t stop making fun of me

rude ass bitch

And with that, I conclude my face-spam. Thank you to all who put up with me this evening/night/morning/wtfeveritiswhereyoulive. I know it was probably difficult, and possibly annoying.

But, my followers are pretty awesome, just saying.

also…. she keeps liking my pictures, she’s so prettyyyyyyy ohmygoddddd. ahhhhh. ahh. it’s totally a compliment, guys. it has to be. right? right…

okay, I’m going now because I’m sleep deprived and kind’ve don’t have any filter at the moment.

trymyinterests replied to your post: FUCK THIS.

“this is horse shit” HAHAHAH. Hm, maybe the beep is a dying smoke detector thing? I used to hear shit in my old house too.

IT IS HORSE SHIT. I’m scared for my life right now. XD I thought it was a smoke detector at first too, but smoke detectors beep one constant loud noise in how ever long intervals. It was random and just got louder. It wouldn’t even be that bad if it wasn’t for the fact this is only my third night here. Lolol.